Request a Free Miles Kimball Catalog

How to Get a Free "Miles Kimball" Home Decor & Gift Catalog

The Easter 2018 Miles Kimball catalog
Miles Kimball 

The Miles Kimball catalog is a home decor catalog that sells bedding, pillows, clocks, curtains, throws, decorative accents, rugs, and storage solutions.

Besides items for your home, Miles Kimball is a gift catalog, carrying books, holiday decorations, clothing, jewelry, and items for children and pets.

How to Request a Miles Kimball Catalog

If you'd like to have a free Miles Kimball catalog mailed to you, then you'll need to visit the Miles Kimball website and fill out the form on their Catalog Request page.

Start by choosing the catalogs you want to be mailed out to you. Your options are the Miles Kimball, Miles Kimball Cards, and Miles Kimball's Candy Shoppe catalogs.

Next, enter your first and last name, the full mailing address for where the catalog should be shipped, and your email address. Your email address is only used for the order confirmation and shipment notification.

At the bottom of the catalog request form is the option to sign up for product alerts and special offers from Miles Kimball. You can uncheck that option if you'd rather opt out. Unchecking that box won't disqualify you from getting their free catalogs.

When you're done with the form, just click the Submit button to send in your request for the selected Miles Kimball catalogs. You should expect the catalog to arrive in up to two weeks.

If you prefer, you can probably order a free Miles Kimball catalog by calling their customer service team at 1-855-202-7394.

Miles Kimball Catalog Restrictions

Only residents of the United States and United States territories can request a free Miles Kimball catalog through the form from above.

If you live outside the United States, you can request a catalog by emailing Miles Kimball at the email address you see below the catalog request form.

Other Catalogs Like Miles Kimball Catalog

If you like Miles Kimball Catalog, you might also be interested in getting a free gift catalog from Current, Lakeside Collection, Collections Etc., LTD Commodities, and What on Earth.

Also check out the free home decor catalogs from Grandin Road, Ballard Designs, Crate & BarrelFrontgate, Brylane Home, Blair, and Garnet Hill.

Other Ways to Shop at Miles Kimball

The Miles Kimball catalog isn't the only way you can shop for their products, for you can also order the same things online at However, if you find something in a Miles Kimball catalog that you want to order online, you can do so by accessing their website and entering in the item number at the top of the website.

On the Miles Kimball website are several categories where you can browse through their products, like Kitchen, Home & Office, Apparel & Accessories, Occasion, Outdoor, Kids, Health & Beauty, and others. Within those categories are even more categories that help further divide things like t-shirts, rugs, holiday-themed items, hair products, doormats, wallets, and all sorts of other products.

There's also a Sale menu on Miles Kimball's website that lists all the discounted items in all the relevant categories. There's also a New Arrivals page to find all the newest Miles Kimball products, as well as a Web Exclusives section for things you won't find in the print catalog.