How to Request a Free What on Earth Gift Catalog

The Cover of the Holiday 2016 What on Earth Catalog
What on Earth

The What on Earth catalog is a free gift catalog that's filled with interesting gifts that are sure to delight anyone who receives one. The What on Earth catalog will contain gifts to wear, collect, play, decorate, entertain, and give.

Requesting a Free Catalog

If you'd like to have a What on Earth catalog mailed to your house, you'll need to visit the Request a What on Earth Catalog page on the What on Earth website to fill out the catalog request form.

On the form, fill out your personal information and full mailing address, including both your first and last name and your ​email address.

When you're finished, hit the Continue button to send in your request for the free What on Earth catalog. You should receive it in the mail in at least two weeks.

If the form isn't working for you, you might be able to request a free catalog by calling What on Earth customer service instead, at 1-800-945-2552, or emailing them.


What on Earth catalogs are only mailed to those who live in the United States.

Other Free Catalogs Like the What on Earth Catalog

Do you like the What on Earth catalog? If so, you may also like the free gift catalogs you can get from Current, LTD Commodities, The Lakeside Collection, Collections Etc., and ​Miles Kimball.

Other Ways to Shop at What on Earth

If you already have a What on Earth catalog, you can easily find the items you like on the What on Earth website by entering the item number into the space provided on That way you can add things from the catalog right into your shopping cart and submit orders from their website.

Another way to order from What on Earth is by calling 1-844-250-3401. That line is open 24/7.

If you don't have a What on Earth catalog or prefer to browse through their products online, you can still shop on their website by using the menus at the top of the What on Earth site. These menus organize all of the products into sections called T-Shirts, Clothing, Home, Accessories/Jewelry, Kitchen & Bar, Personalized and Recreation/Fun.

Inside each of those menus are submenus to further divide the What on Earth products. They can be used to find things like purses, barware, tabletops, garden and outdoor supplies, clocks, doormats, shirts, aprons, costume shirts, collectibles, t-shirts, mugs, watches, and lots more.

There's also a menu dedicated just to new arrivals and clearance items. The Clearance by Price page is a great way to find things within a certain price range, like just those products that fall under $20.

When you're looking through a list of products on What on Earth's website, it's easy to find things you might be interested in because you can sort the lists by best sellers, price, and newest first, as well as filter the results by price range and size, depending on the type of things you're looking at.