Resource Furniture Has Created a Disappearing Kitchen

This clever cabinet system can make your kitchen seemingly vanish in thin air

I like cooking. But I don't want my kitchen to be the focal point in my teeny apartment.

That’s why I am not a fan of small spaces with open floor plans. You are always stuck looking at your kitchen.

Resource Furniture’s Stealth Kitchen System is a whiz-bang idea that fixes that problem. It conceals everything you would find in an average small kitchen behind a wall of cabinetry, so it makes any feature in your kitchen, like your refrigerator or sink visible only when needed. 

Even better,...MORE it's equipped with plenty of storage space. 


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    The Stealth Kitchen is Modular

    The Stealth Kitchen System Closed. Photo courtesy of Resource Furnitire

    The Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture blends seamlessly into its surrounding when closed. This can instantly transform a single room into a double duty space.

    FYI:  The cabinet system is U.L. Listed. That means it's been tested for product safety.


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    The Stealth Kitchen Packs Plenty of Function in a Small Space

    The Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture
    The basic Stealth Kitchen System. Photo courtesy of Resource Furniture

    The basic kitchen system fits into a 6-foot-wide space. It is loaded with the following kitchen necessities:

    • Undercounter fridge
    • Undercounter freezer
    • Oven
    • Cooktop
    • Microwave
    • Dishwasher
    • Sink
    • Countertop
    • Storage

    FYI: If you live in NYC, this system has been approved by the Department of Buildings.

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    The Stealth Kitchen is Customizable

    Additional Stealth Modules are available. Photo courtesy of Resource Furniture

    Since the system is modular, it's customizable. Additional Stealth Modules can be added to include more appliances and bonus workspace. Some of the additional features you can consider include:

    • Full-sized refrigerator
    • Foldout desk
    • Pantry
    • Washer and dryer
    • Double overs
    • Dry/wet bars
    • Island unit
    • Additional storage

    FYI: Want to get a better look at Resource Furniture's Stealth Kitchen System? Check out the video on my Pinterest page.

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    The Stealth Kitchen is Green

    Resource furniture-Stealth-kitchen-Light-Wood
    Resource Furniture

    Yuppers, the Stealth Kitchen has a low carbon footprint.  It's made from eco-friendly materials including:

    • Locally-sourced hardwood
    • Formaldehyde-free plywood
    • CARB2-compliant materials

    FYI: If you're building a green certified home, the Stealth Kitchen System meets qualifications set by the LEED rating system.


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    Where You Can See the Stealth Kitchen

    Resource Furniture

    Here's more about Resource Furniture:

    • You can visit one of their showrooms. Their flagship showroom is in New York, NY,  and they have a location in Los Angeles, CA.
    • Additional showroom locations include: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.
    • You can get more details about the Stealth Kitchen System and request a quote here.
    • You can also contact the retailer here.


...the Stealth Kitchen is expensive. The cabinetry alone costs around $16,000. Do I think it's worth it? Sure, if it's in your price range. It's a clever idea that makes a tiny abode feel like a larger home.