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Chances are, if you're making candles or soap, you're making enough for your own family AND other people. You may have even branched into selling your candles and soaps. If so, you've had to figure out how to label them. I've compiled a list of resources, supplies, vendors and tips for creating the most professional labels possible.

If you're labeling soap or cosmetics, the first place to do, before you ever print your first label, is understand the requirements for labeling...MORE soaps and cosmetics.

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    Soap Labels
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    The first part of getting labels - is understanding just what and how to label them. Here is information on just what to do to properly label your soap.

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    Lightning Labels is America's first all-digital custom label printer. They print high-quality custom labels and stickers in small quantities at an affordable price. Great for special batches, seasonal craft fairs, or special gifts!

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    If you want to print your own labels, is a great place to buy a great variety of practically any size label you would need. The also have a Free Soap & Candle Labels Biz-Starter Kit available on their site.

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    Blue Aspen Originals has this great article about making easy cigar band labels for your soap. They're simple to make, protect the soap while still allowing you to see and smell it, and allow for the soap to "breathe." Many beginning ​soap makers use cigar band labels as their first.

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    If you're making soap or other toiletries, it's important to understand the FDA rules!

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    A great (though a bit dry) history of just how those candle warning labels came about. An interesting partnership!

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    Another good option to get your own custom labels made.

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    A collection of packaging and label links from "Craft and Fabric Links."