Resources for Newly Single Moms and Dads

What a Newly Single Parent Needs to Know

As a newly single mom or dad, you may feel overwhelmed by the changes that are going on your life. Use the following resources to get the support and help you need for the days ahead.

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    Do you need help but you don't know where to turn? When you've been told you don't qualify for federal programs, there may be alternative programs for single parents in your community. Here is where to look for help including parenting support, financial help, food assistance, and more.

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    If you've just gone through a divorce or break-up, you may want emotional support. Here are six questions to consider before joining a single parent support group to make sure they are a good fit. Consider what you're hoping to get out of the meetings and what you are willing to give. Use this checklist of questions to help you choose the right group.

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    You may worry about the effects of divorce on your children. When parents work together to intentionally to help their children manage the effects, they can often come through the divorce as stronger, more resilient individuals. These practices can help your kids heal.

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    Are you preparing for a move or has your relationship with your child's other parent ended? Kids going through transition need love and support. They are likely to be experiencing feelings of being powerless and vulnerable. Here's what they need from you to help them through this scary time.

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    There is more involved in filing for child support than simply filling out forms. See what you need to do to ensure the best for all parties, including what to do if you don't know where the other parent is currently.

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    Some states require a legally-binding co-parenting plan, while others don't, but you should write one regardless of the requirement. Working together with your ex on written guidelines and expectations will provide a foundation for the future of your children.

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    Start now to develop routines that will be consistent for your children between two residences. You don't have to do things exactly the same way, but you should collaborate to be more consistent and provide a solid family framework for the kids.

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    When you're newly single, it is likely you still have issues with your ex over the factors that led to your breakup. You must communicate to coordinate your co-parenting duties, but you may find those interactions turning into heated arguments stone-cold grudges. Fortunately, though, you have the power to put an end to this negative way of relating and the anxiety that goes along with it, by changing how you respond. See the steps you need to take.

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    Do you find yourself now in need of an after-school program to care for your child until you can pick her up after work? Here are where to find those resources.

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    Single fathers' rights, while essentially the same as those of single mothers, can be harder to enforce. Many factors can interfere with single fathers' rights, so you need to know what they are and how to use them.