15 Spaces That Have Mastered the Retro Halloween Aesthetic

Living room is just one room decorated with retro items.


What’s old is new again, even when it comes to Halloween. People all across the country can’t get enough of retro decorations and popular replicas, from ceramic ghosts and witches to expressive black cats with big eyes and sharp teeth. On Pinterest, searches for a "retro Halloween aesthetic" were up 76-fold. Instagram is awash in spooky displays from days gone by. Here are some of the most impressive collections and well-curated scenes.

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    Pumpkins and Pyrex

    Wall cabinet full of retro decor and Pyrex.


    Sometimes, you have to go big. Jennie Elizarrez beautifully arranged this wall of Halloween cheer, which mixes retro pumpkin and other figurines and vintage Pyrex cookware.

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    Candle Kitties

    Cat candles


    These smiling little cats will just melt your heart. The retro details from the witch hat to the little pumpkin have us over the moon, too. Thanks to 2 Travelin Sisters for this adorable look. And watch out for those bottles behind them: One might be sweet but two could be witches’ brew.

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    Just Like The Real Thing

    Retro inspired decor


    Instagram user @tntatomicvintage mixed a few old books with new retro-chic figurines from Target for a vintage-inspired display that might just make any bookworm squirm.

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    A Happy Halloween

    Shelves of retro pumpkins, cats and more.


    Sasha has filled her shelves with throwback happy cats, smiling pumpkins and a very stern owl. She says a member of her household isn’t into the scary thing, so these cute retro decorations do the trick.

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    Layers of Scares

    Tablescape of retro decor.


    Shiela Cherish has a load of retro pieces and loves to bring them out each October and spread them around the house. Here, she has filled a tiered platter with skeletons, cats and more old-school haunts and is using the ensemble as a centerpiece at the dining table.

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    Bowls Full of Boo

    Retro decor with cereal boxes.


    Denise Rodriguez is living the childhood dream with boxes of sugary Halloween-themed cereals she was denied in her younger years, outfitted in retro boxes and surrounding her vintage Halloween cat. Maybe she left a little leftover milk in one bowl for the kitty?

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    Put a Spell on You

    Antique spelling blocks.


    These adorable vintage blocks from deep in the attic of Samantha Taylor are letter-perfect for the mantel. The blocks are in excellent shape for retro decor.

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    Fancy Faces

    Cabinet display of pumpkins and more.


    Jen put out a portion of her retro regalia, filling a cabinet with pumpkins and other strange objects to celebrate the spooky season. Alas, the rest had to be put up so as not to scare potential home buyers!

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    Countdown to Fun

    Retro Halloween decor.


    Only days to go until Halloween! Lori Lynn has her retro pieces all set up and ready to go. Her symmetrical setup includes a couple of countdown pieces so she can keep track of just how close the holiday really is.

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    Livin’ the Dream

    Living room is just one room decorated with retro items.


    Old and new mix in this retro-styled living room of Thrifted Inheritance. Musical cats and lots of bats. What could be better? This IG user didn’t stop with the living room. Check out their page to see rooms upon rooms of retro decor and vintage kitchenware.

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    Paper Party

    Papier-mache retro Halloween decor.


    All of these decorations in the office of Cindy and Frank Sherman are made of papier-mache, some from childhood and some more modern. The mix of somber, scary and silly faces makes for an interesting display.

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    No Chickens Here

    Old chicken shelf with retro Halloween decor.


    Monica Lopez upcycled a chicken shelf into a rustic display cabinet and used it to show off her collection of vintage pumpkins and other trinkets.

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    Witchy Business

    Retro witches and new, retro-inspired clay treat buckets.


    These retro witches are all smiles about the clay vintage-inspired treat buckets made by Sara. If you look closely, you can see the smiles might be because someone just hit a “Bingo”!

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    Get Rattled

    Retro Halloween noisemakers.


    These retro noisemakers add a little joyful noise to Halloween. Horror-enthusiast Amber paired the old items with a sporty Salem witch banner for a winning display.

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    Tuned In

    Vintage AM radio and retro Halloween items.


    Jennifer keeps it nostalgic with this vignette that pairs a fabulous vintage AM radio with two very cheerful retro pumpkins.

A big part of the fun of Halloween is dressing up. Sure, kids and adults like to find the perfect costumes, but why stop with yourself? Homes like to show off, too. And when it comes to Halloween decorations, having the past come back to haunt you isn’t just a good thing, it is the point of it all!