28 Retro Kitchens That Will Make You Want to Redecorate

A retro kitchen with a gallery wall

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Retro kitchens are all the rage—we've come across many of these delightful spaces and are eager to share them with you if you, too, can't resist good, old-fashioned retro style. But let's take a step back first—what exactly constitutes a retro kitchen after all? "When people talk about retro kitchens, they’re often referring to mid-century kitchens, which were famous for metal cabinets or cottage style wooden cabinets, formica countertops, and vintage appliances," explains Alessandra Wood, VP of Style at Modsy.

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Alessandra Wood is the Vice President of Style at Modsy, an online interior decorating service.

But if you live in a newer space, you can still achieve the retro look. "One way to design and decorate retro kitchens is to start with your favorite colorful appliance and create a color palette around it," designer Christine Turknett shares. "If it becomes too bold, you can also incorporate different shades and tones of the color as well. You can also maintain the bright retro feel by selectively emphasizing places like the wallpaper, appliances, and backsplash tile."

Keep reading for 28 of our favorite retro kitchens below.

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    Awesome Appliance

    blue retro inspired fridge

    @elleatshalford / Instagram

    Have fun with your appliances. Retro-inspired fridges can be spotted in many different homes today—everyone is enjoying taking a cue from decades past and going beyond the traditional white or stainless steel fridge. With so many colors to choose from, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to retro refrigerators.

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    Rad Shelves

    retro colored kitchen shelves

    @pied_a_terre74a / Instagram

    What's more fun than bright and colorful shelving? If you need to increase storage space in your kitchen, you may as well do it in a fun, retro-inspired way. If you share a space with roommates, you could even divvy up shelves by color so that everyone remembers whose is whose.

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    Diner-Like Dining Table

    red vintage table and chairs

    @kristengubbins / Instagram

    There's nothing more retro than a table and chair set that looks pulled straight from your favorite diner. What could make sharing a meal with friends and family feel more cozy?

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    Vintage Accents

    vintage woven potholders

    @mycolorfulvintageheart / Instagram

    Don't miss a single detail when it comes to decorating in retro style—even your kitchen accessories can have some fun vintage flair. These crocheted potholders immediately take us back to the 1970s thanks to their colorful, woven design. A vintage fan and clock above the fridge keep the theme going, too.

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    Walls That Talk

    vintage wall signs

    @rockcreek5gfarms / Instagram

    Your kitchen isn't just about appliances and other cooking essentials. Don't forget to incorporate wall art that tells a story. These wall hangings are reminiscent of vintage advertisements and signs that would hang in restaurants and look fabulous in at-home dining spaces, too.

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    Orange Everywhere

    orange kitchen essentials

    @lisalovesorange / Instagram

    Orange you glad you didn't opt for boring kitchen appliances? Pick a bold color for all of your day to day essentials and commit to it. A retro orange hue is bound to put a pep in your step each and every morning.

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    Back in Black

    black retro fridge

    @nikogwendo_interiordesign / Instagram

    This black retro fridge is perfect for a smaller kitchen and adds a moody touch. It also leaves plenty of room left for what is the clear priority in this space—a full blown coffee bar.

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    Flower Power

    black and white floral print

    @dori_juni / Instagram

    Have fun with floral.! Embrace the power of the flower in your kitchen with a fun print that will add some whimsy. The black and white design pairs wonderfully with the red kitchen backsplash, too.

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    Disco Days

    disco ball in kitchen

    @ohsorented / Instagram

    Love to dance while you do the dishes? Add a disco ball to the kitchen and let the magic happen. You'll love watching light flicker around your space throughout the day, too.

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    Wall Whimsy

    plate wall in kitchen

    @retro_millennial / Instagram

    Another way to jazz up empty walls while sticking to a retro theme is by hanging up thrifted plates. Take your favorites out of the cupboard where they've just been collecting dust and allow them to shine every day.

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    Bright and Bold

    bright gallery wall in kitchen

    @boho_moe / Instagram

    Can't stop at just one gallery wall in your home? Go on, add one to the kitchen. This setup is full of bright colors and positive feelings galore.

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    Throwback Touches

    light green kitchen

    @angelola_vintage / Instagram

    Go green. This calming hue will make you happy even while washing that hundredth dish of the week. Add some vintage accents like a wire fruit holder and printed lampshade and you're all set.

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    Color Play

    pink and turquoise kitchen

    @hardcastletowers / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to majorly contrast colors in your retro kitchen. Pink paired with turquoise walls? Why not!

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    Tea Time

    pink kitchen cart

    @tudorrosecottage / Instagram

    What's more fun than a cute cart? You don't need to set up a bar station in your kitchen if you'd rather set up a little tea area. This one couldn't be more darling.

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    Maximalist Shelves

    colorful kitchen cabinets

    @missshermette / Instagram

    Could these cabinets be cuter? Filled with bright colored treats and accent pieces, they prove that maximalist kitchen shelving can most certainly have its moment.

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    Make It Match

    coordinating retro kitchen

    70s House Manchester

    Get matchy matchy. Coordinate your countertops (contact paper will help) to your towels to your artwork for a retro kitchen that looks ripped out of the pages of a magazine.

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    Darling Dishes

    retro bakeware in kitchen

    @thekitchenmagpie / Instagram

    Have a collection of retro cookware? Don't let it hide. We love this rainbow-colored stack of retro baking dishes on display here.

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    The Little Things

    retro design tea towel

    @renovatingthepinkhouse / Instagram

    It's all about the little things! A retro tea towel will make drying dishes feel a bit more festive, right?

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    Retro Rental

    small green appliances

    @ourwilfordno.30 / Instagram

    Unable to make major cosmetic changes to your kitchen? No problem. Renters can still add retro flair to their kitchens by opting for bright appliances or including other touches like removable wallpaper and backsplash decals.

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    Bright Light

    bright light in kitchen

    @mylifeinmulticolor / Instagram

    You spend all hours of the day in the kitchen, so you'll want to have sufficient lighting. Why not make your fixtures both fun and functional? A sunny yellow pendant complements this retro fridge and serves as the focal point of the room.

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    Nostalgic Marigold

    marigold yellow fridge

    @geist_ehfahrer / Instagram

    Oh hello, marigold! The warm hue is a '70s favorite and makes for a happy choice for any retro appliance.

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    Cool Cane

    cane chairs in kitchen

    @homewithhelenandco / Instagram

    Cane chairs are a retro classic that continue to be ultra popular into the 21st century. They can run on the pricier side but can also be sourced at thrift stores and via online resale sites if you keep an eye out. The woven pattern was a major favorite in the 1970s and can lean classic or boho-chic depending on how it's styled.

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    Peppy Curtains

    bold patterned curtains

    @redizain / Instagram

    Don't forget about your kitchen curtains—these can be an excellent way to add an artful touch to the space. We love how this bold textile pattern complements the dishware on display so nicely.

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    Bright Backsplash

    geometric backsplash tiles

    @ellashausofcolor / Instagram

    Have fun with your backsplash tiles—there's no need to opt for something neutral or stick to a pattern that plays it safe if you're looking to think outside the box. This geometric design adds a bright touch.

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    Checker Lover

    black and white checkered floor

    @jaynespoodles / Instagram

    There's nothing more retro than a black and white checkered floor in the kitchen. If you're fortunate enough to have one, be sure to let it shine. If you don't have one but are hoping to achieve the look on a budget, you certainly can do so—there are plenty of peel and stick floor tiles in fun checkered patterns that can easily be removed when your lease is up.

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    Brilliant Black and White

    checkered backsplash tile

    @the.m.s.lifestyle.x / Instagram

    Feel like taking things to the next level? Continue your black and white checker print when it comes to the backsplash tile, if you wish. Groovy!

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    Peaceful Pastels

    pastel colors in kitchen

    @annesretro / Instagram

    Yes, you can mix black and white with pastels. Soft, muted shades bring a sense of calm to this retro kitchen, taking us back to simpler times.

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    Funky Checkers

    gray and yellow checkered floor

    @splendidvintage / Instagram

    Not feeling black and white flooring? Try another kind of checkered pattern—how about gray and yellow?