5 Retro Wallpapers That Take Your Home Back in Time

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    Vintage Wallpaper Inspiration

    Orange Retro Geometric Rectangles Wallpaper 1960s
    The Wallpaper Company

    There's wallpaper, and then there's retro wallpaper.

    Wallpaper alone has been around for ages, and it's not always been used purely as a design element. Homeowners first used wallpaper as a cheap substitute for more expensive wallcoverings like wood or leather. Wallpaper also has a long and storied history as a quick way to cover up nasty, cracked walls.

    If you're trying for a 1940s through 1970s look in your house, there is no quicker way to achieve this image than with retro wallpaper.

    Retro vs. Historically Accurate

    Keep in mind that not all retro wallpaper can necessarily be called historically accurate. Retro is often more about how you imagine things should have been, than the way they really were.

    1960s Geometric Patterned Wallpaper

    Case in point, this orange geometric 1960s retro wallpaper. The Wallpaper Company makes no bones about the fact that it evokes a feeling of the 1960s without duplicating an actual style found in the Sixties.

    This is such a bold pattern and color (read: overpowering) that you could easily leave this as an ​accent wall, rather than papering all four walls.

    What isn't retro, thank goodness is the modern "breathable paper-fiber material [that] inhibits mold and mildew" and the pre-pasted backing that requires no messy paste or adhesives.

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    Floral Retro Wallpaper

    Blue and Cream Large Scale Retro Floral Trail Wallpaper
    The Wallpaper Company

    Want to renovate your house so that it looks like a period piece from the 1940s or early 1950s? This retro wallpaper has a gentle floral theme in light blues and grays.

    This pre-pasted wallpaper can be washed with a damp cloth.

    You'll find that this and other retro wallpapers do not come cheap. No doubt about it—you pay for the style.

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    Leaf Pattern Retro Wallpaper

    Orange and Grey Retro Modern Leaf Stripe Wallpaper
    The Wallpaper Company

    Here is another flashback to the 1960s with an orange and gray leaf-patterned retro wallpaper.

    Not a vinyl wallcovering, this is authentic paper wallpaper—yet still is washable with a damp sponge.

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    Aqua Modern Geometric Retro Wallpaper

    Aqua Modern Graphic Rectangle Print Retro Wallpaper
    The Wallpaper Company

    It's the same pattern as our earlier orange geometric wallpaper—except in aqua.

    It's an assembly of geometric shapes strongly evocative of the Jet Age.

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    Burgundy, Beige, and Brown Wallpaper

    Stripe Retro Wallpaper Burgundy Beige Brown
    DY Home Decor

    Maybe it's the fact that burgundy is one of the colors in this retro wallpaper, but we can easily imagine this paper in Ron Burgundy's luxurious bachelor pad, where the smell of Sex Panther cologne hangs heavily in the air.

    Or maybe not. This beige, brown, and burgundy striped retro wallpaper can evoke whatever mood you want, as long as it's between 1968 and 1972. This is a washable, strippable, and prepasted vinyl wallcovering from Three Sisters Studio. Available through DY Home Decor.