Reuse Old Linens to Decorate Your Home

7 Uses for Old Sheets

Jill Ferry Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

What do you do with your old sheets and other bed linens when they get worn out or you just get tired of them? Instead of getting rid of them or tearing them up for rags, you can reuse and transform your old sheets, comforters, and bedspreads into unique home decor.
You can also pick up old sheets and bed linens at thrift stores and garage sales, but sometimes that may not be the most sanitary thing to do. Instead of passing up on a good deal (or a great fabric), transform your unique, vintage or high-quality used bed linens into your own DIY home decor or use to refurbish other items in your home.

No-Sew Curtains

Turn old plain colored or unique vintage sheets into easy no-sew curtains. Depending on your existing decorating scheme, these cheap and easy curtains can help accentuate and provide privacy to common rooms, such as a laundry room, office, basement or bathroom. Reuse leftover holiday or package ribbon to create colorful tie backs for curtains you hang in a living room area, along with French or sliding glass doors or in your kitchen.


If you're in need of decorating your dining room table or a side table in a guest room, transform colorful or solid colored old sheets into a tablecloth. When it gets dirty, just toss it in the washing machine. Even better - you can easily dry it in the dryer or on the clothesline!

Pet Beds for Your Dog or Cat

With an old pillow or piece of memory foam and an old sheet or pillow case, make your dog, cat or other special pet a new pet bed. You can also attach snaps or velcro to an old pillowcase to create your very own removable cover for an existing pet bed. When the cover gets messy or dirty, simply remove from the pet bed and toss in the washing machine.

Pillow Covers

Looking to spice up your throw pillows or need an easy and inexpensive pillow cover? Turn old pillowcases into simple and easily removable (and cleanable) pillow covers for your decorative throw pillows. This is a great way to cover your decorative pillows when having a party or during holiday celebrations. Creating an easily removable pillow cover helps keep your decorative pillows clean and safe from dirt and stains. If you're on a budget and in need of throw pillows for your living room or a bedroom, create quick and easy throw pillows from an old sheet, pillowcase, comforter or bedspread.

Chair Covers

Fabric chair cushions get easily damaged and stained from heavy use, time and the occasional food or drink spill. Instead of forking over a bunch of money to have your chairs recovered or buying fabric to recover them yourself, recover your chair cushions and seats with old sheets.

Holiday Decor

Old sheets make great fabric for holiday decorations. Tear and/or cut pieces of a holiday-colored or themed sheet to make a holiday scrap fabric wreath. If you need a quick and easy yard decoration for Halloween, reuse old white sheets to make your very own spooky ghosts to scare your neighbors and trick or treaters.


Need a place for guests to wipe their feet? With some time and patience, create a unique braided rug from torn and ratted sheets in a size of your choice. This project is also a great way to reuse any scrap pieces from sheets you reused to make other home decor items.