26 Ways to Reuse Your Empty Wine Bottles

Wine bottle used as a planter for succulents

Succulents and Sunshine

Instead of tossing your old wine bottles—remove their labels, wash them well, and turn them into one of these stunning creations! We've gathered our favorite ways to creatively repurpose bottles to give them a new life, whether it's by using them in a centerpiece or as a succulent planter, or by turning them into a unique light fixture or bird feeder. Read on to gain inspiration for fun ways to upcycle your old wine bottles.

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    Message in a Bottle

    Bottled filled with a rolled up message and sand

    Sadie Seasongoods

    Recreate this adorable message in a bottle craft from Sadie Seasongoods using old wine bottles. Fill the bottles with sand, small pebbles, or seashells. Then, roll up a page from an old book with a piece of twine to create a weathered message. Pop the cork back on and you have a beautiful coastal-style decorative accent for your bookshelf or console table.

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    Candy Corn Bottles

    Three bottles spray painted to look like candy corn with fall decor around them


    Repurpose wine bottles into these candy corn-inspired fall vases from Brit+Co. Take off any labels and ensure the bottles are nice and clean, then create the yellow, orange, and white ombre effect using spray paint. Group the bottles together or dot them around your home—add some leafy branches and you have a quick and inexpensive seasonal centerpiece for your home.

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    Succulent Planter

    Wine bottle used as a planter for succulents

    Succulents and Sunshine

    Turn an empty wine bottle into a unique planter for succulents following this tutorial from Succulents and Sunshine. All you need is a bottle, soil, dressing, and an interesting mix of succulents in different sizes and colors to create a stunning statement centerpiece.

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    Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

    Wooden bird feeder with feed in a bottle

    How To Specialist

    Follow this detailed step-by-step tutorial from How To Specialist to build your own bird feeder using an old wine bottle filled with bird seeds that fit into a wooden frame. The whole project only costs about $10, is a fun weekend activity, and is a great way to reuse an old bottle. Best of all, it'll provide food for all the birds in your backyard!

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    Painted Wine Bottle

    Blue painted bottle with gold floral decal

    Domestic Heights

    Get artsy and use old wine bottles like a canvas to create a beautiful decorative accent or centerpiece such as this blue and gold bottle by Domestic Heights. You can use spray paint, chalk paint, acrylic paint, or stick-on decals—the possibilities are endless.

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    Wine Bottle With 3D Paper Orchids

    Bottle painted purple with cut out flowers attached to it for a 3D effect

    Domestic Heights

    Domestic Heights takes painting old bottles a step further by embellishing them with these ombre paper orchids for a great 3D effect. Paint the bottles using a wide paintbrush or sponge depending on the finish you want to achieve, and attach decorative details such as these flowers using double-sided tape or hot glue.

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    Hanging Bird Feeder

    Bird feeder made out of a wine bottle

    ohrahhr / Getty Images

    For a different style of a bird feeder, repurpose a wine bottle by hanging it from a branch and attaching a small plate to serve as the feeder base. Remove the bottle base and fill it with birdseed that can overflow into the attached plate.

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    Pendant Lights From Repurposed Bottles

    colorful bottles with lightbulbs in them turned into pendant lights hanging from drift wood on the ceiling

    gorgeouspic / Getty Images

    Create a stunning light fixture by using different colored bottles as pendant lights. Remove all labels, clean the bottles, place a lightbulb into its socket, and thread the cord through the bottle—you'll have a unique light that'll add cozy warmth and ambiance to any space.

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    Etched Bottles

    Etched wine bottles

    Chica Circle

    Be inspired by this fun craft from Chica Circle and use an etching kit to add a message to your wine bottles. It could be anything from a table number at a party, a cute saying, or a thematic element if you're throwing a themed party and using these bottles as centerpieces.

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    Repurposed Bottle Tree

    Christmas tree on the beach made out of bottles with lights inside them

    Created by MaryAnne Nelson / Getty Images

    Use empty wine bottles to build a bottle tree to add a unique sculptural element to your outdoor space. You will need to construct or buy a wooden or metal tree, dig a hole large and deep enough to anchor it, and depending on its size, pour concrete around the base to keep it stable. Place wine bottles of different shapes and sizes on the tree "branches" and wrap twinkle lights around them for an extra festive look.

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    Hanging Bottle Planters

    Bottles hung on the wall with succulents growing inside them

    Zummolo / Getty Images

    Turn bottles into hanging wall planters such as these. Not only will they look cool hung on a wall, the bottle neck serves as a built-in drainage hole to ensure that your plants have a healthy growth environment.

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    Wine Bottle Candlesticks

    Etched wine bottles used as candle sticks on an outdoor table

    Chica Circle

    Another way to use these etched bottles from Chica Circle is to place taper candles inside them for handmade candlesticks. Use them for an alfresco dinner and they'll be an instant conversation piece.

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    Bottle Garden Lights

    Bottles with twinkle lights in them used as garden lights in grass

    More Organics

    Add a magical touch to your backyard with these bottled garden lights from More Organics. All you need are label-free and clean wine bottles, outdoor string lights, and sticks to stake into the ground for a charming glow that'll add an enchanted garden feel to your outdoor space.

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    Colorful Bottle Chandelier

    Colorful bottles used to make a chandelier

    Mod Podge Rocks

    Follow this guide from Mod Podge Rocks to build your own colorful bottle chandelier. Use one or multiple colors to paint your bottles depending on the look you're going for and use a pendant light kit to install the lighting portion of the chandelier.

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    Wine Bottle Grouping Centerpiece

    Wine bottles with different colored roses in them

    Uncommon Designs

    For a simple yet effective centerpiece, group together a couple of wine bottles like Uncommon Designs did. Add a single rose stem into each bottle for an elegant and inexpensive floral table decoration that adds height, color, and visual interest without breaking the bank.

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    Macrame Bottle Holder

    Wine bottle with purple flowers in it in a macrame holder

    Single Girl's DIY

    Use this step-by-step tutorial from Single Girl's DIY to make a DIY macrame holder for wine bottles. Not only is it a great way to hang the bottle inside or outside for a unique alternative to a vase, but it would also make for a fun way to gift an actual bottle of wine to someone instead of using a wine bottle gift bag.

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    Wine Bottle Table Number

    Twine wrapped bottle as part of a table centerpiece

    Joshuaraineyphotography / Getty Images

    Repurpose an old wine bottle to serve as a table number (or letter in this case) for a party or event. Wrap the bottle with rope or twine, starting at the base, secure it with hot glue and work your way up the bottleneck. Hang a number, letter, or another identifying element from the bottle to use as a table marker.

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    Chalk Painted Bottles

    Chalkboard painted bottles with a chalk letter and flowers in them


    Paint old wine bottles with chalk paint like bell'alimento did and use them as a centerpiece or a creative way to write a message to someone. Add a table number if you're using them for a party, or fill each bottle with flowers and write people's names on them to give them away as handmade favors.

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    Melted Bottle Cheese Tray

    Melted glass bottles on a wood table

    Carlina Teteris / Getty Images

    For a slightly more elaborate way to recycle old wine bottles, melt them down and turn them into a beautiful tray that can be used as a decorative accent or charcuterie board. This requires a kiln that will melt the glass and cause it to slump into this sunken shape. You can then paint the bottle once it has fully cooled down or leave it its original color.

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    Painted Bottle Light Fixture

    Lights inside hanging bottles

    Dushyant Thakur Photography / Getty Images

    Paint colorful designs on clear wine bottles and use a pendant light kit to turn a grouping of bottles into a statement light fixture. As you turn the light on, it will create a beautiful effect while shining through the colorful painted shapes and designs, casting lovely shadows for a cozy atmosphere.

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    Lace-Wrapped Bottles

    Centerpiece made up of bottles wrapped in lace and twine and filled with greenery

    puhimec / Getty Images

    Gather different shaped and sized bottles to put together a sweet centerpiece such as this one. Use lace, twine, and ribbon to decorate the bottles and fill each with simple greenery such as eucalyptus or baby's breath for a simple, pretty, and inexpensive table decoration.

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    Repurposed Wine Bottle Wall Sconce

    Wine bottle used as a sconce on a brick wall

    Photo by A. Vallecillos / Getty Images

    Turn an old bottle into a wall sconce using a store-bought sconce holder and attach a bottle to it. Remove the bottle base and place a tea light (real or flameless) inside it for a rustic light fixture.

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    Twinkle Light Holiday Bottles

    Wine bottles filled with lit up twinkle lights

    Helin Look-Tomson / Getty Images

    Remove bottle labels and stuff small twinkle lights inside them for a beautiful and simple holiday (or year-round) decoration for your home. These lit-up bottles would look lovely inside a fireplace, on your mantel, or even outside if you're hosting an outdoor dinner party.

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    Lit Up Bottles Turned Vases

    Wine bottles with twinkle lights filled with branches

    Helin Loik-Tomson / Getty Images

    Instead of just filling old bottles with twinkle lights, get extra festive and add frosted berry branches, greenery, or glittered twigs to add a decorative holiday accent to your window sill or dining table.

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    Bottles as Porch Decor

    Bottles hanging from porch ceiling

    Christina Reichel Photography / Getty Images

    Hang variously sized, shaped, and colored bottles from your outdoor porch ceiling for a decorative accent. Fill them with lights or add a couple of flower stems for a fun way to add some color to your porch.

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    Bottle Garden Edging

    Bottles used to edge a garden

    Picture Partners / Getty Images

    Reuse old wine bottles by inserting them into the ground bottleneck down to create decorative edging in your garden. Use them to line a pathway, as an accent for a flower bed, or to create fun-shaped designs in the ground for an in-ground sculptural detail.