Review of RSVP Endurance Double Boiler (1 quart)

RSVP Endurance Double Boiler

This 1-quart double boiler from RSVP International is the ideal size for melting chocolate or cooking custards, and the base pan makes a handy small saucepan.

Every time I attempt to fit a metal mixing bowl into one of my saucepans to melt chocolate, I kick myself that I don’t have a real double boiler (also called a bain-marie). I finally broke down and bought the Endurance 1-quart Double Boiler. In my testing and use, it’s proven to be a useful tool in the kitchen, even moreso since the base pot can be used on its own as a 1-quart saucepan.

About the Endurance Double Boiler

The Endurance Double Boiler comes in a 1-quart and a 2-quart size. I reviewed the 1-quart size since it’s the ideal size for melting a cup or two of chocolate or making a small batch of cream sauce.

It is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel, with a heatproof tempered glass lid. The insert pan is rounded, to allow for a more thorough stirring motion, while the base pan has a heavy clad bottom. The insert fits securely into the base pan, thanks to a lip around the perimeter of the double boiler, which lets it sit snugly on the pan. The handles are not riveted like higher-end cookware, and are made of stainless steel that’s been folded to form a rounded handle.

The Endurance Double Boiler to the Test

The 1-quart double boiler is destined to become a frequently used pan in my kitchen. It’s the perfect size for melting chocolate (I can’t think of an instance where I’d need much more than what would comfortably fit in the pot) or for making a batch of hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict.

But it’s the base that I’ve found myself reaching for again and again: it is just the size to melt some butter, heat a can of soup or boil an egg or two. The tempered glass lid isn’t something that I would find myself using for a double boiler, but I love that it fits on the base pan.

The snug fit of the double boiler onto the base pan means that the heat and steam from the simmering water can be concentrated on heating the contents of the double boiler, without escaping to scorch the cook.

The glass lid also fits nicely with a tight seal, and has a raised metal handle.

I found that chocolate melted efficiently in the pan, and it was easy to stir since the spoon can sweep along the rounded base to incorporate all the boiler’s contents evenly. A custard, too, cooked evenly without scorching. I used the base pan plenty on its own, as well. The heavy, encapsulated base meant that it heated quickly and retained heat, ideal for simmering small amounts of soup or oatmeal, for instance.

In the area of room for improvement: I wished there was a mark on the inside of the base pan to indicate the water fill line; it’s hard to tell how much you can fill the base pan so that the simmering water won’t touch the bottom of the insert. I also didn’t like how hot the handles got; I needed an oven mitt in order to touch them if they were on the stove for even a short amount of time. Their construction (a piece of metal that was folded under to make the handles round) leaves sharp edges on the underside of the handle. And finally, the lip that holds the double boiler so securely on the base pan, also means there’s a groove on the inside of the double boiler, which collects food and makes it difficult to clean.

Still, this double boiler is less expensive than many others on the market, and even if it has some minor design flaws, it serves its purpose well.


  • Rounded shape of insert allows for an effective stirring motion
  • Base pan is ideal to use on its own
  • Great size for melting chocolate or making small batches of sauce


  • Handles get very hot and have a sharp underside
  • Wish there were water marks on the underside
  • Food collects in the groove in the double boiler


  • Made of 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • 1 quart capacity
  • Tempered glass lid fits both insert and base pot
  • Dishwasher Safe

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