A Review of the Best Cheap Toilets

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Man running to the toilet. Peter Cade/Getty Images
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    Affordable Two-Piece Toilets

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    If you are thinking about replacing a toilet, it can be tricky to compare brands and models. Here's a review of five of the best cheap two-piece toilets. They all have parts that are readily available at most home improvement or hardware stores if the unit every needs servicing. After all, who wants to wait for a manufacturer to send you parts when a toilet is on the fritz? 

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    Jacuzzi Perfecta Toilet

    Jacuzzi is actually a toilet brand; it's not like a jacuzzi tub, so it doesn't have jets! This is a very inexpensive yet high-quality toilet. It uses 1.6 gallons per flush, so it is not quite as conservative as a lot of the toilets out there, but it has a great flush. The Perfecta toilet has a round front style seat and comes complete in a box with a plastic seat and wax ring. The toilet trapway size is 2⅛” which is larger than the standard and helps prevent blockages. It's a tall toilet and meets ADA requirements.

    Inside the tank: The flapper is 3” which is easily found and replaced. The fill valve is not a name brand but can easily be changed out to any universal fill valve. The toilet handle is Neo-angle, meaning it comes out on the angle between the front and left side of the toilet. This type of handle is a little harder to match up by the angle, but you can still find replacements at your local home improvement store.

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    American Standard Mainstream

    This a very competitive name brand toilet priced right for most anyone on a budget. This toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush but has plenty of flushing power. The trapway size is the average 2”. The mainstream toilet comes complete in a box with a plastic toilet seat and wax ring seal. This is a tall toilet which is ADA compliant. The AS Mainstream is a round front toilet for those people that do not have the room for or don’t like the elongated seat.

    Inside the tank: This is a standard size flapper which is the easiest of all to find. The fill valve can easily be switched out if something ever goes wrong because it's a basic valve. Also, the handle on the American Standard Mainstream is Neo-angle like the Jacuzzi and can be replaced easily. 

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    Kohler Wellworth

    The Wellworth is the basic toilet from Kohler. It's a standard height toilet with a round front toilet seat. This is a great toilet for anyone who does not like a taller toilet or elongated seat. The Kohler Wellworth comes complete in a kit with a high-quality plastic seat and wax ring. The trapway size on the Wellworth is 2-⅛" which is larger than standard. Kohler makes toilets that flush very well and even though this is not even close to their best flushing toilets, it is a great bang for the buck unit. 

    Inside the tank: The fill valve is a Fluidmaster quality fill valve. The tank is bolted to the bowl with a three bolt system for added support. This Wellworth toilet has the canister system flush valve, allowing for a quick 360 degrees of water. This is almost the same system as the new Cimmaron (see the last page), but it’s not quite as good because it's the older technology and not quite as refined. The handle is a Neo-angle handle. Overall this is a great quality toilet inside and out.

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    American Standard Champion 4

    The American Standard Champion 4 has amazing flushing power and is affordable at the same time. Yes, you will spend over $200 for this toilet but you can almost guarantee that this toilet will not stop up. I have seen videos of the bucket of golf balls in a single flush and that's just the beginning. American Standard also puts something on their porcelain to deter the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.

    The Champion 4 toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush and has an elongated seat. These toilets come with a high-quality plastic seat and also a bowl wax so they are complete in the box. The trapway size on the toilet is extra large at  which is why it resists clogs like no other toilet. The Champion 4 is a taller toilet that is ADA compliant.

    Inside the tank: The fill valve on these is standard; it comes with a Fluidmaster fill valve which is long lasting and easy to repair or replace, if necessary. Two standard bolts are used to attach the tank to the bowl. The flapper is special; it is a 4” round flat disc that is fairly easy to replace. The handle is Neo-angle; it's not standard so it's probably the hardest part to replace, but you can usually find it at your home improvement store. 

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    Kohler Cimarron

    The Cimarron by Kohler is a very good toilet that is on the higher end for quality two-piece toilets. This is a 1.28 gallon per flush toilet, so it provides great water savings. The Cimarron comes in round regular height and a taller elongated version (the picture shows the elongated taller version). This toilet at both Home Depot and Lowes so it is easy to find. The trapway size for the Cimarron is 2-⅛” which is larger that standard and helps prevent blockages.

    Inside the tank: The Kohler Cimarron toilet uses a dry lock system. This means that no bolts go through the tank to hold it to the bowl, so there will be no leaking bolts down the road. The bolts actually clip into a bracket that is attached to the bottom of the tank; from there you use the nuts to attach it to the bowl. The fill valve is a high-quality Fluidmaster fill valve. Instead of the flapper, this toilet has a canister that is lifted up when you press on the handle. The Cimarron uses the upgraded canister that Kohler redesigned, so it's even better. This is where the toilet gets all of its flushing power because the water escapes quickly from 360 degrees into a large flush valve all at once. Lastly, the handle is Neo-angle.