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Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

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About the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

With its sleek and colorful design, the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker (Model DGY001) by Storebound brings a sense of fun to the art of making homemade yogurt.

You can make two different sized batches in this yogurt maker. The larger BPA-free plastic insert container holds 7.5 cups and the smaller one holds 6.75 cups, with a plastic storage lid that will fit either container.

A translucent domed lid covers either of the containers while they’re in the heated yogurt maker.

There is also a fine mesh strainer that fits into the containers. It is used to strain the whey from yogurt to thicken it for Greek yogurt or yogurt cheese.

The LCD display counts down the time of the incubating cycle, and a push-button control panel around it increases or decreases the cooking time in 30 minute increments, and starts or stops the cycle. The “set” button enables you to create a custom cooking time for making multiple batches of yogurt.

The Dash Greek Yogurt Maker to the Test

Thanks to well-illustrated, straightforward instructions, using the Dash Greek Yogurt maker is a breeze. It tells you what you need (any kind of milk and a yogurt containing live cultures), how to prepare the yogurt maker (sterilize all the containers and warm up the yogurt maker for five minutes), and then walks you through each step.

It’s an easy process (check out our step by step instructions to see how to make homemade yogurt), but, as the instruction manual cautions, might require some experimentation to come up with a yogurt that has the flavor and consistency you like. As the instructions explain, you heat milk to a certain temperature, then let it cool and stir in the starter yogurt.

The mixture is added to one of the containers and put in the yogurt maker. Set the timer and let it do its thing (this yogurt maker beeps and shuts off when it’s done). The instructions direct how the yogurt can be chilled, then strained with the included strainer for several hours to thicken it to a Greek yogurt consistency.

I did have to make a few batches of yogurt before I mastered it, but the final result was delicious: not too tart, and it had a creamy, light consistency, almost like a mousse.

I liked the instruction manual a lot, it explains some of the things that could affect your yogurt’s flavor or texture: for instance, my yogurt turned out a bit curdled but the troubleshooting part of the manual indicated that the milk may have been overheated. The manual also explains that the yogurt will get more tart the longer it is in the machine.

The manual includes recipes for flavored yogurt, yogurt parfaits, and recipes that use yogurt, such as pancakes, deviled eggs, smoothies, and dips. And a separate “quick start” information wheel tells you all the basics you need to know to make yogurt from various types of milk. The card is handy to refer to when you don’t want to flip through the whole manual.

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Having two containers is convenient, and not just for the option of making different batch sizes. It’s helpful to use one container to make the yogurt, and the other one to strain it, and you can also be storing a batch of yogurt while making another one. There’s only one lid to go with both containers, but you can always just use plastic wrap if both containers are being used.

I liked the idea of being able to set and store a custom cooking time so that I can make making multiple batches of the same kind of yogurt without having to set up the timer every time. But the custom time is only saved as long as the yogurt maker is plugged in – once you unplug it, the memory is erased.

The Dash Greek Yogurt Maker is an affordable, easy to use machine. If you’re a yogurt fan, you will enjoy experimenting with the types of milks, starter yogurts, and variables that this basic machine affords you, such as how long to incubate it and how long to strain the finished yogurt.


  • Comes with two batch size containers.
  • In addition to a detailed instruction manual and recipe guide, a “quick start” information wheel gives basic formulas for different kinds of milk, as well as instructions.
  • Everything nests within the yogurt maker for storage.


  • Custom time setting is a great idea, but it is erased when the yogurt maker is unplugged.


  • Comes with two different sized containers, a storage lid, and a fine mesh strainer
  • Uses 20 watts of energy
  • LCD display with push button controls
  • Available in blue, bright pink, and white
  • Measures 7 inches diameter by 9.5 inches tall
  • Cord wraps underneath for storage
  • 1 year limited warranty


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