Review: Puppy Bumpers Safety Collars

Keep Pups Safe Inside Fences with Puppy Bumpers

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Puppy Bumpers® are soft stuffed fabric cervical collars that attach to existing collars. They are designed to keep the pet from wriggling between the rails of a fence, balcony, deck or gate. The Puppy Bumpers® come in a variety of fashion colors and patterns and are sized for small to medium-size pets. Even when pet parents provide fencing or other confinement to keep pets safe, puppies and small dogs are notorious for finding ways to escape, and this product can (and does!) save lives.


  • Award winning product
  • Three Sizes available
  • Light weight, doesn’t limit movement or sight
  • Some sizing flexibility for growing pups
  • Easy to use
  • Washable


  • Pups with necks over 16” won't fit
  • Best used with supervision
  • Pups may outgrow


  • Soft stuffed fabric collar, ribbon collar loops and has a front snap
  • 100% cotton fabric outer, polyester fiber fill
  • Three sizes to fit necks up to 10", 10"-13", and 13"-16"
  • 10 Standard Colors/Patterns
  • Rainy Day water resistant option
  • Ultra style for rougher wear
  • Washable
  • $24.95 to $32.50

Review: Puppy Bumpers Safety Collars

Safety is one of the biggest concerns pet owners have and puppies are trouble magnets able to find and get into fixes in the blink of an eye. Escaping the safety of your yard through the fence puts puppies at risk for dangerous encounters with cars or other animals. You can't count on him returning when you call him to come. Squeezing through balcony or deck railings may result in deadly falls.

Puppies could even stick their heads through the rungs of chairs and become hung, choke or be severely injured.

Fences that do well to contain adult dogs may not be adequate for tiny pups able to wriggle through narrow openings. Pet owners unable to afford to upgrade existing containment systems must instead keep the baby dog on a leash and that's no fun for the pup that wants to race around and play.

Puppy Bumpers offer another choice.

Puppy Bumpers are not only attractive—in a wide assortment of fun colors and patterns—they are practical. The doughnut-shaped collar slips over the pup’s head and fits directly behind his ears so it doesn’t interfere with movement or sight lines. Puppies can still run and play and even eat and drink while wearing the collar.

It is fastened securely by running the puppy’s existing collar through attached ribbons or cords, putting the collar back on the pup, and then snapping the front fastener. The company recommends you have a second collar for the pup that you always use with the Puppy Bumper so you don’t have to worry about taking it on and off.

Fitting is important for comfort and effectiveness. It is done by measuring the neck girth where the collar naturally rests. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers beneath the measuring tape and the pup’s neck.

Contact the manufacturer for help fitting neck sizes under 4 inches. If your pup is at the top of the size-limit or an 'in-between' size, go larger—chances are your baby dog will grow into the next larger size depending on his age. Puppies that are used to wearing a collar probably won’t even notice much difference when wearing Puppy Bumpers—except they can’t get through the fence.

Because they’re made of 100% cotton with polyester fiberfill Puppy Bumpers are washable (gentle cycle) and can be tumble dry on low heat. That’s very important since growing pups tend to get very grubby and need bathing, and so will the collar.

For roughneck pups, you can choose the Ultra style. It doesn’t come in as many color patterns but is made from a more durable material that stands up to the heavy play some pups indulge. There also are a couple of styles in water-resistant fabric for rainy days.

Even the larger breed dogs while puppies may benefit from wearing Puppy Bumpers (while they fit!) until they grow up enough for your standard size fence to contain them. Know your dog, though. Some of the large breed pups have the potential to try to remove the safety collar, and puppies left alone together might even decide to play “tug” on each others' Puppy Bumper.

While most dogs don’t object to wearing Puppy Bumpers it’s best to supervise your pup’s antics. The product is designed specifically for small to medium size dogs. Most puppies fall into the size range at least early in life and Puppy Bumpers can potentially save your baby dog’s life by keeping him inside your containment system. That's peace of mind worth a great deal!


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