Review: Wagner Electric Paint Sprayer

Wagner Paint Sprayer
Wagner Paint Sprayer. Copyright/Courtesy Wagner


This Wagner paint sprayer is a reasonably adequate entry-level paint sprayer if you only have very basic needs, such as painting a limited number of walls or furniture items. Really, this is more appropriate for such smaller items (furniture or even hobby and crafts) than for full-blown renovation projects.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Electric - No Separate Compressor Needed
  • Paint Sprayer Will Even Pull Paint Straight from Can


  • Not Good for Non-Vertical Surfaces
  • Slow Coverage
  • Minimal Cleaning Needed After Use


  • Better for hobbies and crafts than wall painting.
  • Difficult to handle and get smooth coverage.
  • The 1-quart cup means frequent refilling of paint.
  • Reminder: paint must be thinned before using with the ¬†sprayer.
  • Not bad when you're spraying a liquid that is already thinned: stain, for example.
  • A 5-foot suction set is included, so you can draw straight from the can.
  • Direct electrical connection. For more power, use the sprayer with a compressor.

You'll find the Wagner paint sprayer on the shelf of just about any hardware or home improvement store. Popularity isn't necessarily a badge of recommendation, though. This model of Wagner paint sprayer will serve you well if you're painting small to medium items. It's not meant for any kind of house painting. The 5.4 gallon per minute volume means slow coverage.

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