The Rice Baby Shower Pins Game

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    Gathering the Supplies for the Game

    preparing the game

    If you are looking for a really fun, but not embarrassing or too goofy game for a baby shower, the rice game is perfect. This is actually a lot harder than it looks, which leads to a lot of laughter because everyone assumes that they will be much better at it than they really are when it comes to their turn.

    The rice baby shower game is a traditional game for most ages. (Due to the small parts, it's not appropriate for small children who put things in their mouths.) You can play this at just about any baby shower, even the coed baby showers.

    What you'll need to get started with this baby shower game is:

    • one gallon size sealable bag, like a zip lock
    • 2 lbs of rice (long grain preferred)
    • one package of safety pins (preferably small sized)
    • watch or timer
    • blindfold (optional)
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    Preparing the Rice

    Bag of Rice
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    When you go to buy rice at your local grocery store, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. The first is that you will not be able to reuse this rice. People will have their hands all over it and you will have safety pins stuck throughout. So when you buy your rice, choose inexpensive rice. I prefer to use simple long grain rice, generic rice is fine. You can use other ​types of rice, but this is the least expensive. You will need a decent amount of rice.

    Take the two pounds of rice and place it in the gallon-sized sealable bag. Then seal it while you complete the other steps.

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    Preparing the Safety Pins

    Sort the Safety Pins
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    A large package of safety pins should include about 100 or more safety pins. This will be plenty. You can choose whatever size safety pins you would like to use. The key to selection depends on how hard you want the game to be for your shower guests. The smaller the safety pins, the harder the game. But if you would like to have a fun and medium difficulty level, choose a random assortment of safety pins. This random assortment of pins is key to making it more difficult. You can even limit the number of larger pins or have different bags for different skill levels.​

    Open the packet of safety pins and sort through them. Look for open safety pins. Then close them up. This is also where you would pull out various sizes if you wanted to use only smaller or larger safety pins.

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    Mixing the Safety Pins and Rice

    Add the Rice and Safety Pins
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    You need to really mix the rice with the safety pins. If you don't mix it enough, then it becomes too easy to find the pins. The fastest way to do it is to simply add the safety pins to the bag. Seal the bag up, be sure to double check the seal. Then shake the bag, ensuring that all the safety pins are well mixed into the rice. You might even double bag it to be extra sure that you're not going to spray the room with rice and safety pins.

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    Playing the Baby Shower Rice Game

    Playing the Rice Baby Shower Game
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    Have each player be blindfolded when it is their turn. (You can also do it on the honor system and have them close their eyes or not look down at the bag of rice and safety pins. Set the timer for one minute and let them use their hands to pull out as many safety pins from the rice as they can. (Try it, it is much harder than it looks!)

    When one player is done, count the safety pins and give them a score. Then add the safety pins back into the rice and mix well. Repeat this until everyone in the room has had a turn. The winner is the player who was able to pull out the most safety pins.

    Note: You can also do this without a bag and simply use a bowl instead. The problem with using a bowl is that it tends to be messier. This may result in you spilling rice all over the place, which is messy.

    For fun try the Coed Version or this Dad Knows Best game instead.