Rit Color Remover Product Review

rit color remover

If you have a garment or fabric that you'd like to be lighter in color, Rit Color Remover can help you change the look. It's also handy when you want to re-dye something so the colors won't clash. And for those who didn't mean to make all of their underwear pink, it safely removes most dye transfer stains on whites that have accidentally been washed with colored items.

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Rit Color Remover

Rit Color Remover is the perfect companion product to Rit Dye. It was developed to remove color from home or commercially dyed fabric. It will also remove stains and pretreat fabric so that dye will adhere more evenly especially if the fabric is faded in some areas. Starting with an even palette will give the best dye results.

Rit Color Remover is a powdered product that can be used in the washer, in a sink or on the stovetop. It is best used in the hottest water suitable for the fabric. The strength of the solution depends on how many items are being treated and whether you are attempting to remove all the color or just stains and discoloration. To remove all the color from small load of clothes in a washer, it will take two packages of Rit Color Remover. The length of time needed to remove the dye can be from ten to thirty minutes depending on the darkness of the original color.

Package instructions are available in English and Spanish.

Rit Color Remover is safe for all fabrics that can be washed in hot water. Do not use on blue denim, dry clean only fabrics or metallic fibers. Some dyes - especially on print fabrics - cannot be remove completely. You will be able to lighten the pattern.

Never combine Rit Color Remover with any other bleach or detergent product. Avoid eye contact and do not breathe in the product.

Listed package ingredients:

  • Sodium Hydrosulfite
  • Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous

In addition to purposefully removing color from a fabric, Rit Color Remover can be used to remove dye that has accidentally transferred to white garments. In removing the dye, it will also whiten clothes that have yellowed and remove stains like fruit juice, mustard and tea that have transferred stains to fabric.

The World of Rit

The Rit Dye Company began in Chicago, Illinois with an entrepreneur, Charles C. Huffman. Mr. Huffman created a formula of dye and soap that would color fabrics and wash them at the same time. The name came from his friend, Louis Rittenhouse, who invested in the company and became its first vice-president. In 1917, the company opened with the slogan: "Never Say Dye...Say Rit!" As America went through the Great Depression, Rit Dye was there to help women extend the life of clothes and household goods.

In the 1940s new fabrics were hitting the marketplace and Rit developed a new all-purpose formula that would dye nylon and other synthetic fabrics as well as natural fibers.

The 1960s signaled the hey-day of fabric dye as tie-dyed fabrics become the uniform of the counter-culture movement. Rit Dye is now popular in crafting circles for use on fabric, paper, wood and plastics.

Additional laundry treatments like Rit Brightener & Whitener, Rit Super Stain Remover, Rit Dye Fixative and Rit White-Wash have been added to the basic line of dye products.

Rit is a product brand of Phoenix Brands, LLC based in Stamford, Connecticut.

Product Review and Laundry Recommendations

I gave Rit Color Remover a try for two different projects. First, I attempted to remove the color from two medium green blouses. One was cotton (100 percent) and one was a cotton/polyester blend (60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester). The cotton blouse lightened significantly to the palest of green.

The color removal was even and I was pleased with the new color. The cotton/polyester blend blouse lightened significantly but not evenly. It had a heather look - not unpleasant but not even. This is because of the different types of fibers and how they react to the product.

I also used Rit Color Remover to whiten some dishtowels that had become stained and yellowed. It worked very well and they came out brighter and stain-free.

I would not recommend Rit Color Remover as a product to use with every load of white colors and never for stain removal on colored clothing. But it is a very effective tool in whitening heavily stained or yellowed clothes and in creating new colors for fashion, home furnishings and crafts.

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