Robin Bickerstaff Glover

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Robin is committed to excellence in living and in everything she attempts. Her goal is to always put her best foot forward. She believes etiquette is a way of life, not just something you study or do, its who you are--your personal style.


Described as a perfectionist who pursues excellence in everything, Robin has been driven to do things well since childhood. Growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana she attended public and private Christian schools where she was always a "go-to" friend and confidante. A 'Powers Girl', she is a graduate of the John Robert Powers School of Modeling and Finishing. The consummate All-American girl who was honored as Prom and Homecoming Queen, she played sports and the violin and competed as a solo vocalist during high school. She continued her love of music, arts and theater during her college years and has worked as an extra in several films and television programs. Robin loves to write, sing, photograph and teach others. She is a homeschooling mother to four daughters and wife to her missionary husband and best friend, Steven. Robin is also the co-founder/owner of Christian Graces, LLC a Bible-based finishing and etiquette academy in Ohio. She freelances as a writer for several online sites.


Robin's educational background is in Journalism, Theater, Religion and Interpersonal & Public Communications. She is an Alumni of George Washington University (Mount Vernon College) in the District of Columbia, Bowling Green State University in Ohio and Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Robin Bickerstaff Glover

As a life-long learner I love to learn and I love to teach. I am intrigued by beauty expressed by gracious and glorious living. I want to see others living victoriously and powerfully through the power of their personal presentation and humble spirit. Life is to be lived well, enjoyed often and shared gratuitously; I hope you find mine doing such here. Welcome.

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