DIY Roll-up Knitting Needle Case

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    Gather Your Supplies

    Knitting Needle Case Fabric
    The fabric pieces for a sewn roll-up knitting needle case. (c) Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

    A roll-up knitting needle case is an easy sewing project and a great way to store a bunch of needles in one compact place. This case has 24 pockets for needles of different lengths and easily rolls up and ties shut with a length of coordinating ribbon.

    Even if your sewing skills aren't advanced this is an easy project, if you don't have a sewing machine this can be hand sewn in a few hours.

    Supplies you will need:

    • Two pieces of coordinating fabric, 25 inches wide and 17 inches long (or use...MORE two pieces of the same fabric)
    • Two pieces of another fabric, one 25 inches wide and 8 inches tall, the other 25 inches wide and 11 inches tall.
    • Thread that matches your fabric 
    • One yard of ribbon
    • Sewing machine, pins, iron and ironing board

    Cut your fabric to size and press if needed.

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    Pressing the Seam Allowances

    Preparing the Fabric
    Fabric for the roll-up needle case with seam allowances pressed to the back. (c) Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

    On the two large pieces of fabric, press a half-inch seam allowance on all sides to the back of the work.

    On the smaller pieces, the raw edges won't be sandwiched in the work like those on the large pieces, you may want to zig-zag around all the edges before pressing those seam allowances (one inch all around) to the back side as well. And on the long side that will be the top of the pockets, press the seam allowance in half after pressing the one-inch allowance, so that you can make a nice...MORE finished edge at the top.

    The picture shows how the pieces will stack up to be sewn: the piece that will be the outside is face down on the table, the inside piece is face up, with the taller pockets and then the smaller pockets facing up on top of that.

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    Sewing the First Seams

    Sewing Knitting Needle Case
    The pocket pieces and ribbon are pinned to the backing fabric, ready to be sewn. (c) Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

    Now that the seam allowances are all pressed under, sew the two large pieces of fabric to each other, with wrong sides together, close enough to the edge that you're sure to catch the seam allowance.

    Next, sew the top edges of the pocket fabric, making sure that the seam stays double-folded so the raw edge is on the inside and that you sew close enough to the edge to catch all layers of fabric.

    Then stack the pocket fabric pieces, with the shorter one on top and pin them to the larger pieces,...MORE lining up the sides and the bottom edge. Take your piece of ribbon and pin it underneath the pocket fabric, centered on the side of the longer pieces.

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    Sewing the Pockets

    Sewing the Pockets
    The finished knitting needle case, with the pocket stitching worked. (c) Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

    Next, sew the pockets and the ribbon to the backing fabric, making sure that you're working through all the layers as you go. The ribbon needs to be long enough to wrap around the completed project but can be made longer to fit your preference. 

    Once all the pieces are together, use pins to roughly mark a spot on the bottom edge of the piece about every 2 inches. These will be your guides (take them out before you start sewing) to stitch the individual pockets.

    It doesn't matter what order...MORE you sew these lines in. Stitching the middle line all the way up the piece can add a bit more stability, but the rest of the lines can be stitched just to the edge of the top pocket. You can do this any way you like, and use decorative stitching to add more flair to your project.

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    Using the Needle Case

    Using the sewn roll-up knitting needle case. © Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

    You're finished now, except for loading the knitting needle case up with all your knitting needles. This case will hold up to 24 pairs of varying sized knitting needles.

    The shorter pockets are perfect for short, 10-inch needles, while the larger pockets are great for your 14-inchers.

    If you have a bunch of double-pointed knitting needles that you'd like to store, you can make the shorter pocket a little shorter for easier access to short needles, or, if your sewing machine can take it,...MORE you could even add a third pocket.

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    Rolling up the Case

    Finished Knitting Needle Case
    The finished, filled and rolled up knitting needle case. (c) Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

    Now that your case is full of knitting needles, just roll it up so that the end with the ribbon is on the outside. Wrap the ribbon around the bundle once or twice depending on length, then tie it closed.