9 Decorating Tips for a Romantic Bedroom

Real photo of a romantic bedroom interior with a big bed, red blanket, rose and commode

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Adding a romantic flair to your bedroom doesn’t have to mean an excess of ruffles or pink (unless that is your ideal for a romantic look), but it does mean soft textures, ornate touches, and an overall luxurious vibe.

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    Ornate Ceiling Fixture

    Grey blanket on bed against the wall with black posters in bedroom interior with clock.
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    One way to add instant romance to your bedroom is with a gorgeous, ornate ceiling fixture, such as the gold colored chandelier shown here. Using pendant lights, drum-shaped shades, and lovely bedside lamps are other ways to add a romantic glow to your bedroom. If your overhead light has a dimmer switch, that’s even better—after all, the romantic style is all about sharing romantic moments with your partner.

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    Pink or Red Accents

    Simple poster hanging above bed with many cushions and green blanket standing in bedroom interior with golden furniture
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    Although too much red turns a bedroom gaudy and too much pink can be saccharine sweet,  a touch of red, pink or both adds romance to an otherwise neutral color scheme. Look for a few accents in rose red or lipstick pink—throw pillows, toss blankets, small furnishings, flowers, or lampshades are all options. 

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    Color It Romantic

    Simple feminine bedroom interior with designer copper lamp and abstract painting on white wall
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    While there is no clearly defined romantic color scheme, you’ll generally want to stick with soft colors and a fairly limited palette. Creamy white, blush pink, whispery gray, and pastel peach are commonly used in romantic rooms, although you are always free to substitute or add your favorite colors. Still, very bright or dark hues aren’t the best match for romantic style, so if those are the colors that call to you, use them as accents, not as your bedroom’s main palette.

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    Romantic Bedding

    Bed with frilly bedding
    Dovetail Furniture

    A romantic bedroom is a soft bedroom, and nowhere is that more evident than on the bed. A ruffled bed skirt, thick comforter or duvet, soft sheets, and plenty of shams, pillows, and throw pillows turn your bed into a romantic paradise for two. For proof, just take a look at the lovely bed shown here. Soft, welcoming and just a bit overdone: perfectly romantic.

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    Gorgeous Headboard

    Luxury bed in romantic style bedroom
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    If you want to add just one romantic touch to your bedroom, make it an ornate headboard. Plush upholstery, lavish design, standout color, and glamorous style make the headboard shown here a winner, but there are nearly endless options available. Just remember that your romantic headboard should make a statement; a simple wooden headboard works for many other decorating styles, but not this one.

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    Canopy Bed

    Cozy airy bedroom with blue pillows
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    Few things say romance like a canopy bed. Whether you prefer a full canopy that encloses your entire bed, or just a hint of canopy such the one shown here, there’s something undeniably sensuous about silky fabric draped around your sleeping quarters. You can even make your own simple canopy—just suspend a large embroidery hoop from the ceiling over the head of your bed, then attach a gauzy fabric to the hoop with staples or clips. Arrange the fabric in graceful drapes around your bed’s headboard, and voila, you have the lovely look shown here.

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    Antique bedroom
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    You don’t have to decorate your entire room in antiques for a romantic style, and you don’t even have to use genuine antiques, but you’ll want at least a piece or two with undeniably old-style, ornate charm. Go with a gorgeously carved bed like the one shown here, or choose an antique side table or dresser to give your bedroom a romantic vibe.

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    String Lights

    Beautiful string lights above the bed
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    String lights aren’t only for the holidays. You wouldn’t want to wrap your bedroom in bright colors or blinking bulbs, but a single string of white lights is quite romantic. Wrap the lights around your footboard or headboard or weave them over the curtain rod, the doorframe, or even across the ceiling over your bed. You’ll get a soft glow similar to candlelight without the need to worry about flames or fumes. Very pretty.

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    Sheepskin Throw

    Irresistibly comfy and bright bedroom
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    Take a look at the bed shown here to see just how sensuous and inviting a touch of sheepskin, real or faux, can be. Thick and oh-so-soft against your skin; when you lay a sheepskin over your bed or across the floor, there is no doubt that your bedroom is a place of romance.