Romantic Decorating Ideas

Romantic Decorating Ideas That Will Last Long After Valentine's Day

Romantic Decorating Ideas
Romantic living room with crystal chandelier. Caiaimage/Tom Merton / Getty Images

There’s more to decorating for Valentine’s Day than sticking a few construction paper hearts on the windows and lighting some candles. If you really want to up the romance in your home try some of these romantic decorating ideas. When done right, they'll ensure the romance stays in your home long past Valentine's Day.

Romantic Lighting

The most important factor in creating a romantic atmosphere is, without a doubt, lighting. Nothing says sexy like dim, romantic, mood lighting – it’s atmospheric and flattering (both to the room and the people in it).  Stay away from harsh fluorescents and high wattages and make sure you have a mix of overhead lighting, table and floor lamps, and wall sconces. And of course the number one tip is to install dimmer switches on every light. When you control the amount of light with a dimmer you can up the romance immediately by dimming the lights with the flick of a switch.

Soft, Luxurious Textures

Softness is key to adding romance to a room, so get rid of coarse fabrics like sisal and canvas and opt instead for luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk. Everything should be soft to the touch. And the more the better! Imagine luxurious velvet drapes puddling on the floor, silk pillows tossed on the sofa, and cashmere throws draped over the sides of armchairs. 

Curvy Silhouettes

When it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere it’s best to stay away from boxy or severe furniture with sharp edges. For instance, when it comes to sofas think about choosing camel back or William Birch style rather than tuxedo style. As far as side chairs go, look for round backs and curved arms (Louis XV or Queen Anne Style) rather than square backs. That said, keep in mind that regular decorating rules still apply and you’ll need to create some contrast when it comes to shape. A few square shapes amidst the curves won’t ruin the romantic vibe.


A lit fire, either wood burning or gas, adds a cozy, romantic quality that can’t be beat. If you have one, use it, and if you’re renovating consider installing one. If neither one is an option, you can always look into electric fireplaces. While it’s not quite the same, the quality of these stand alone units keeps getting better and they can still add a romantic element. And since all you have to do is plug them into an outlet they can go pretty much anywhere.

Soft Colors

Any color can be made romantic, but historically the best colors have been shades of lilac, mauve, blush and pink. But if these colors aren’t for you don’t worry – other soft pastels such as blue and green can be just as romantic when combined with all the above ideas.

Crystal & Gilt

For classic romance add some crystal and gilt accessories. Crystal, particularly faceted crystal, is great because it reflects light and adds sparkle. So think about including a crystal chandelier, or even something as simple as a crystal bowl or some candlesticks. When it comes to gilt think about a gilt-framed mirror, or gilt wall sconces. A little goes a long way so a piece or two should do it.


The easiest way to add an instant dash of romance is with flowers. Not only do they symbolize love and friendship, they add instant color and life to any room. So if you want a quick romantic pick me up add a sweet flower arrangement to a coffee table, fireplace mantle or dining table.