7 Romantic Martinis for Valentine's Day

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    Manhattan Love Story

    Tuthilltown Spirits' Manhattan Love Story Cocktail Recipe
    A simple twist on a favorite whiskey cocktail, the Manhattan Love Story features a fine whiskey, sake, and ginger liqueur. Jonathan Kantor/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    This particular Manhattan Love Story is the one in which whiskey and sake come together in perfect harmony and it is a true delight. Backed by hints of ginger and bitters, this is a flavorful cocktail that is perfect for sharing with your valentine.

    Manhattan Love Story recipe

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    Marriage of Figaro

    Judy Bronson's The Marriage of Figaro Cocktail
    Judy Bronson's The Marriage of Figaro Cocktail is a very unique cocktail that features a fig-infused bourbon. Sheri L Giblin / Photodisc / Getty Images

    It is time to infuse some whiskey with fig and create this unique, very impressive cocktail. The fig is a natural aphrodisiac, and we all know about the effects of alcohol, so the Marriage of Figaro really is a winner when it comes to sparking romance. Beyond the fig-infused bourbon, the drink requires straight bourbon, Cardamaro, and allspice dram and the end result is simply lovely.

    Marriage of Figaro recipe

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    Bed of Roses

    Jagermeister's Bed of Roses Cocktail
    Jagermeister has a surprisingly softer side and this Bed of Roses cocktail is proof. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

    It may still surprise some, but Jagermeister is actually a great liquor when mixed right and this Bed of Roses is just one of the recipes that prove that. The luscious liquid mixes the herbal liqueur with sweet grenadine and a bit of citrus to create a lovely little cocktail.

    Bed of Roses recipe

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    Passion Cocktail

    Passion Cocktail
    A recipe for two, the Passion Cocktail is perfect for those who want to bring the Cosmo into the wonderful world of tequila. Matthew Wakem / Photodisc / Getty Images

    Sometimes you want to get a little spicy and Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse, so we're bringing the Cosmo over to world of tequila with the Passion Cocktail. Just as with its inspiration, don't skip on quality here. Instead, splurge on a great tequila, all-natural cranberry juice, fresh lime, and be sure your liqueur is at least equal to the very fine Grand Marnier.

    Passion Cocktail recipe

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    The Chrysanthemum

    Chrysanthemum Cocktail
    The Chrysanthemum is an absinthe-laced brandy martini that's quite interesting. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

    The Chrysanthemum is a cocktail that breaks away from the sweet and pink drinks that are typically associated with Valentine's Day and it is a perfect aperitif for romantic dinners. The mix is simple, just a quick, delightful twist on the brandy Metropolitan; switching to dry vermouth and adding a hint of absinthe for depth.

    The Chrysanthemum recipe

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    Passion Pearl

    Colleen Graham's Passion Pearl Cocktail
    A fun and easy mix of rum and passion fruit vodka to create the lively Passion Pearl cocktail. Rob Palmer / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    Simple, yet lovely. This cocktail sparks feelings of those first days you fell in love and it is so very easy to create. All you need is your favorite rum, a passion fruit vodka, triple sec, fresh lemon, and bitters and Voila! a romantic cocktail is born.

    Passion Pearl recipe

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    Soul Kiss

    Classic Soul Kiss Cocktail Recipe
    An elegant cocktail, the Soul Kiss is a gentile whiskey drink that is a lovely taste of the past. Rob Palmer / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    The sentiment of the Soul Kiss is quite lovely and this classic cocktail will make a lovely addition to your Valentine's Day. The mix is quite simple - whiskey, dry vermouth, orange juice, and Dubonnet - and it has a wonderful, enlightening profile you will enjoy sharing.

    Soul Kiss recipe

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