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Room Addition Exposed Beams
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    Room Additions From Builders, Contractors, and Designers

    Family Room Addition Picture
    Pioneer Craftsmen

    This family room addition has loads of perceived space, due to the vaulted ceiling, a large number of windows, French door, and the choice of neutral paint color to further reflect light.

    Distressed exposed beams lend character to this family room.

    Pioneer Craftsmen is a design, build, renovate firm based in Kitchener, Ontario.

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    Room Addition Pictures and Ideas

    Small Room Addition
    Buckley Exteriors LLC

    Room additions sometimes start small and economical within the homeowner's mind, before mushrooming into a monster. Knowing in advance that home additions are expensive, homeowners often begin by saying, "All I want is a simple 200 sq. ft., no bath, no extra HVAC, no plumbing, few electrical needs." Then you start thinking: "Well...I'm already grading the area and laying down a foundation. How much more could it be to add a guest bathroom." A slippery slope indeed.

    These...MORE start small and end small, merging seamlessly with the back of the house. The owners were probably able to pay for it in cash--no second mortgages looming over their heads. Nice work. See the finished addition here.

    Ohio-based Buckley Exteriors services the Northeast area of the state.

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    Small Room Addition Photo: Finished Product

    Room Addition Picture Exterior
    Room Addition: Exterior. Buckley Exteriors LLC

    After laying the foundation and framing the walls, Buckley Exteriors punched in windows, skylight, and added a window AC. This is a very efficient, economical, small yet stylish room addition.

    Ohio-based Buckley Exteriors services Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Summit County, Cuyahoga County, Stark County, Medina County, and the Northeast area of the state.

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    Room Addition: Sunroom or Conservatory?

    Room Addition Sunroom or Conservatory
    Pioneer Craftsmen

    At what point does a mere room addition become a sunroom or conservatory? Let's use this picture as an example.

    On the one hand, it's got the solid trappings of a "real" room addition: fireplace; wood framing, not aluminum; power.

    On the other hand: giant windows; vaulting ceiling; roof composed of skylights.

    This photo from Pioneer Craftsmen definitely blurs the line between home addition and sunroom/conservatory.

    Pioneer Craftsmen is a design, build, renovate firm based in...MORE Kitchener, Ontario.



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    Room Addition: Modular Octagon

    Pre-Fab Room Addition
    Pre-Fab Room Addition. Topsider

    This is one of the more unique room addition pictures I've seen. This intriguing octagon is separate from the main house, yet attached with an enclosed walkway. This modular (pre-fab additions) can be connected in any number of ways. 

    North Carolina-based Topsider Homes has been making pre-fabricated post-and-beam homes and additions since 1968.



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    Modular Room Addition Plans

    Home Addition Modular Plans
    Modular Home Addition Plans. This is Topsider's 530 Sq. Ft. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Addition. Topsider Homes

    See how these modular additions look from the top (8-sided) and how they attach to the house. These modular additions run from the pictured 530 sq. ft. up to 1,300 sq. ft. (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, laundry, and garage).

    Topsider displays all of these plans on their website; I recommend you take a look, even if you're not interested in modular room additions. While these are not actionable plans, they do provide a fairly detailed look at how the addition would be built.

    North...MORE Carolina-based Topsider Homes has been making pre-fabricated post-and-beam homes and additions since 1968.


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    Room Addition: Vaulted Ceiling

    Room Addition Exposed Beams
    Bergen County Builders & Home Renovations

    A solid, Craftsman-like room addition to a home, with a fireplace, open shelving, soaring ceiling, and tons of windows.

    Headquartered in Hackensack, New Jersey, Bergen County Builders & Home Renovations has well over a half-century of experience in home renovation, additions, expansions, dormers, and more, in the northern New Jersey (U.S.) area.

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    Family Room Addition

    Family Room Addition
    Anthony Graves Construction

    A comfortable family room addition. Note the unique ceiling and the fireplace hearth that extends the width of the addition.

    Anthony Graves Construction was begun in 1973 in the Sacramento area by Bob Graves. When Bob retired in 2004, his son Anthony took over the business and turned it into the active company it is today.