13 Stunning Home Addition Ideas of All Sizes

Home addition with ceiling to floor windows next to couch and Moroccan pouf in center

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If you need more space in your house, consider an addition rather than searching for a larger home. For many homeowners, it is a smart investment that increases livable square footage while boosting a home's value. Even if you intend to sell your home shortly, you'll likely recoup around 60 percent of your renovation costs, according to Remodeling's 2020 Cost Vs. Value Report.

Additions can be grand, such as building on second additions or two-story spaces, but they don't need to be. From bump-outs to micro-additions, there are plenty of smaller ways that will greatly impact your home's comfort while optimizing your floor plan. For example, enhance an addition with small tricks like installing a glass wall to take an otherwise boxy annex from dark and closed to bright and airy.

Here are 13 small, large, and unexpected home additions to inspire your renovation plans.

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    Addition With Glass Walls

    New home addition with glass walls

    Alisberg Parker

    This spectacular home addition by Alisberg Parker Architects features floor-to-ceiling windows. The new glass box-like room is anchored to the much older house using matching stone veneer on the outside of the addition (see the introduction image above with flagstone steps). The new space is equipped with a folding glass wall system that opens for a full 10-foot by 20-foot aperture to the exterior. A floating polished stainless-steel fireplace marks the visual center of the room, but its design is minimized so the view and streaming natural light remain the focal point in the space.

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    Addition to Welcome Guests

    Bedroom addition to a vintage home
    James Judge

    Phoenix-based designer and real estate broker James Judge added walls to the home's original covered patio to create a third bedroom in this house constructed in 1956. Luckily, the existing roof was able to be used in the renovation so the house could retain its unique midcentury modern structure. The finished space gives house guests easy access to the outdoor area. The large sliding glass doors also fill the room with natural light during the day.

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    Major Renovation to Add Square Footage

    spacious family room bump out
    The English Contractor & Remodeling Services

    The talented building experts at The English Contractor & Remodeling Services added more than 1,000 square feet to this home, which included a second story. The extra square footage made room for a bigger kitchen, a more spacious mudroom, and as shown here, a sizable family room with attractive built-in storage. Lots of traditional six-over-six windows make the space cozy and inviting.

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    Second Floor Bathroom Addition

    Bathroom new addition
    The English Contractor & Remodeling Services

    The newly added second story made room for a luxurious primary bathroom with gorgeous marble features and a stellar free-standing tub. The wood-like floors are actually durable and water-resistant porcelain. This project by The English Contractor & Remodeling Services made significant changes to the interior and exterior of the home. 

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    Kitchen Bump-Out

    micro addition to expand kitchen
    Blue Stem Construction

    A micro-addition, also called a bump-out, which typically adds around 100 square feet, is a small update that can have a tremendous impact on a home's footprint. Bluestem Construction made room for an eat-in counter in this kitchen with a little 12-foot-wide by 3-foot-deep bump-out. The smart renovation also allowed for the addition of a more spacious U-shaped cabinetry setup.

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    New Mudroom

    mudroom addition
    Blue Stem Construction

    Not having a mudroom can be an inconvenience to many homeowners living in a wet, muddy, and snowy four-season region. Bluestem Construction solved the problem for one client without the need to add a new foundation. The builders simply enclosed the existing rear porch, which meant zero changes to the home's original footprint. As an unexpected bonus, the new mudroom's window and glass back door brighten up the adjacent kitchen with natural light.

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    New Enclosed Porch

    back porch addition on traditional home

    Elite Construction

    Protecting your home's architectural integrity both inside and out is something to consider before splurging on an addition. When Elite Construction installed this new enclosed back porch, they kept the home's original lines and exterior style top of mind. The result is a fully functioning living space that does not appear jarring or out of place from the outside.

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    Micro-Addition With Outdoor Space

    top of building home addition

    Dierendonckblancke Architects

    This dramatic addition to a home in Belgium by Dierendonckblancke Architects creates just enough square footage for a teeny apartment that also has easy roof access. The back of the red structure conceals a spiral staircase to the apartment building's top floor. The addition's design gives the rooftop a highly functional indoor and outdoor space.

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    Gutted House

    gut renovation new living room addition
    Gina Rachelle Design

    Gina Gutierrez, the lead designer and founder of Gina Rachelle Design, gutted an entire house to add 2,455 square feet. She impressively preserved the charm of the bungalow built in the 1950s. The living room still has its period fireplace while other spots in the abode like the kitchen are outfitted with jaw-dropping modern features.

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    Addition of a Small Deck

    master bedroom with new patio addition
    New England Design + Construction

    Adding a small deck to an addition can deliver functionality to adjacent interior and exterior spaces. A deck was added to the design of this second-story primary bedroom suite addition by New England Design + Construction. The deck fills otherwise wasted space and offers the homeowner another destination right outside the bedroom. The best part? When it is time to sell, this homeowner can recoup about 72 percent of the deck's cost, according to Remodeling's 2020 Cost Vs. Value Report

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

    Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge to make The Spruce a site where all feel welcome.

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    Primary Bedroom Addition Connects to the Deck

    master bedroom addition
    New England Design + Construction

    This rustic primary bedroom by New England Design + Construction has high vaulted ceilings covered in wood panels and a sizable glass door that offers multiple functions. The natural materials masterfully connect the room to the outdoors while the oversized door joins to the deck, allowing sunlight to fill the room every morning.

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    Small Double-Decker Addition

    new family room addition with basement below
    New England Design + Construction

    Having a place to kick back with your family at home is guaranteed to create beautiful memories. This small den addition by New England Design + Construction makes the most of natural light with traditional six-over-six windows. The renovation includes a basement for extra storage.

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    Sunroom With a View

    Back home addition with view of a lake

    Vanguard North

    Take a vacation home to the next level with a stunning addition that maximizes a beautiful view. The builders at Vanguard North did just that when updating this lake house. The finished result turned the entire first floor into a large sunroom the whole family could enjoy.

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