40 Room Organization Ideas

Organized living room

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Organizing every room in your home may feel like a lofty goal, but with the right strategy your entire home can be organized in 2020. First, allow yourself time to accomplish this goal. Oftentimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves to finish everything quickly or feel guilty for rooms not yet completed. Organizing your entire home is a huge project, so enjoy this undertaking and have confidence that by following these steps, you will have a beautifully organized home at the end of your journey.

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    List Every Room In Your Home

    woman writing with a pencil
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    Before starting your organizing project, make a list of every room in your home, as well as each space to organize within that room. For example:

    • Kitchen
      - Utensil drawer
      - Everyday drawer
      - Pantry
      - Pots and pans drawer 
    • Master Bedroom
      - Closet
      - End table
      - Vanity 
    • Living Room
      - Coffee table
      - Armoire 

    Trying to remember every space that needs work will cause mental clutter. By taking all that information and transferring it to pen and paper or a digital to-do list on your phone or computer, you begin to create a plan to tackle all the clutter. 

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    Transform Your Junk Drawer Into an Everyday Drawer

    Organized Junk Drawer
    Christina Giaquinto

    Instead of calling it a junk drawer, think of it as an every day necessity drawer. A mix of items typically end up in this drawer like batteries, paper clips, scissors, tape, and other odds and ends. The phrase junk drawer insinuates the drawer is filled with trash and useless items. An everyday drawer explains exactly what it is, a drawer you need to access frequently for daily actions. 

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    Organize Your Spices

    Organized spice drawer
    Christina Giaquinto

    It seems to always be a hassle to find which spice you need. If you opt instead for a titled drawer organizer, it allows you to have easy access to your spices and see the names of all of your spices at once. Now your food will never burn on the stove as you rummage through the cabinet to find a spice.

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    Construct a Grab and Go Cleaning Station

    Bottles of cleaners
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    Cleanliness and organization go hand in hand. Systems are key to keeping your home organized. By creating a grab and go cleaning station, you can keep your supplies simplified and organized in one confined unit.

    Store the cleaning supplies you use the most in a caddy, and any additional items you use less frequently can be stored underneath the sink adjacent to the caddy station. This creates an organized station so you do not have to go searching for things. 

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    Figure Out Over-the-Door Storage

    Over-the-door shoe storage
    Christina Giaquinto

    Taking advantage of doors is a great way to add space. Over-the-door storage units are often used for shoes, and they can fit anywhere from 12 to 24 extra pairs of shoes. Another way to utilize this organizer is to store beauty supplies such as: hairbrushes, curling iron and hair straightener, hairspray, and lotions.

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    Set Up a "Do Later" Box

    Organize Tonight, And Feel At Peace Tomorrow

    One of the most common used phrases is "I will do it later." This creates mental clutter which leads to stress and anxiety. Keep a box at the bottom of your stairs, or a place you will see at the end of the day and as you go through the day and say "I will put this away later," put it in this container or box. Before you go to bed, take five to 10 minutes and put all these items away so you can go to bed with peace of mind and start tomorrow knowing everything is organized.

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    Color Coordinate Your Closet

    ROYGBIV Closet
    Christina Giaquinto

    ROYGBIV is every professional organizers' favorite phrase. You can color coordinate your clothes, books, highlighters, and any category of items that has multiple colors. ROYGBIV stands for all the colors in the rainbow and can help you streamline your closet and make it visually appealing.

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    Organize Your Wallet

    Organize Your Wallet
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    Often times wallets become their own form of a junk drawer. Receipts, crumpled money, old coupons, and credit cards get lodged into our wallet only to have us fumbling at the check out counter. Keep your cash in order from largest to smallest, make sure all the bills are flat and unbent. Empty your receipts everyday when you get home, and organize your credit cards in order of how frequently you use them so the ones you use the most are easy to access. 

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    Frame Meaningful Letters

    Frame Meaningful Letters
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    Keepsakes are memories that should be enjoyed and shared with others, not cluttered in an old box in the attic. A great way to keep meaningful letters organized, preserved, and part of your household decor is to frame them. This keeps them out of the attic, and visible every day for you to remember that special person and message. 

    You can also create a keepsake binder in one of two ways:

    1. Put your letters in a protective sleeve. 
    2. Hole punch several pieces of card stock in the binder. Glue the back of each card on the card stock so the back is attached to the paper. This makes it easy to open the card and read the message. 
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    Add Drawer Dividers for Extra Space

    Drawer Dividers

    Maximize the size of your drawers with drawer dividers. One drawer divider instantly creates two separate categories for your space. This will allow you to categorize items within your drawer and fit more items. By adding one drawer divider, you can can double or even triple what you are able to fit.

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    Use Hooks To Maximize Wall Space

    Utilize Hooks To Organize
    Christina Giaquinto

    Using hooks is a great way to utilize wall space, especially if you live in a smaller home or apartment. There are a lot of categories that stay perfectly organized with hooks, whether that's book bags, hats, or necklaces. 

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    Go Through and Organize Your Nail Polish Collection

    Organize Your Nail Polish
    Christina Giaquinto

    Nail polish is a category that often never has its own home. The more systems created, the better organized your home will be. One creative way to organize your nail polish is to create a nail station on the wall, similar to the ones you see in salons. You can also make a portable nail polish station that holds files, nail polish, and nail polish remover so you can pick it up and move it to wherever you want to do your nails. 

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    Incorporate Shoe Boxes for Function and Aesthetic

    Organized Shoes
    Christina Giaquinto

    Shoe boxes are organizing tools that combines function and aesthetic. They keep your shoes from getting dusty and damaged by other shoes being thrown on top of them and they create a shelf to hold shoes that are not in a box. They also look fabulous! Its clear design allows you to easily see all your shoes at a glance, and it has an easy to open tab in the front making all your shoes very accessible.

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    Set Up Individual Hooks for Organizing Jewelry

    Organized necklaces on hooks
    Christina Giaquinto

    ​Necklaces tend to get tangled and damaged easily when they are not organized. Create your own necklace station by hanging a rod on the wall and then hanging individual hooks on the rod. This allows you to hang the exact amount of necklaces you have and space them accordingly, keeping them from getting tangled.

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    Make an Art Station On Wheels

    Organized art station for kids
    Christina Giaquinto

    If your children's crayons, coloring books, paper, and paint are all over the place, organize them into a portable art station. Purchase a unit with wheels so you can move this station anywhere you choose to. This also shows your child an organized system, which helps them know where to put everything away at clean up time.

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    Create An Electronic Closet For Bulky Items

    Organized electronics in a closet
    Christina Giaquinto

    Electronic cords tend to be bulky and easily cause clutter, so it can be helpful to turn that spare hallway closet or office closet into a dedicated space for electronics. Pick a container that is solid so you cannot see the cluttered cords. The containers in this photo are a solid white and have an easy pull out drawer. 

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    Create a Filing System

    Organized papers in a filing system
    Christina Giaquinto

    Although digital organization is much more prevalent in 2020, many people still love a good old filing system. There are a few options for a good filing system: 

    • Portable: Great for those who want a small filing station tucked away in the corner.
    • Accordion: These are great for those who use their system a lot and need to move it from space to space. 
    • Desk drawer filing system: If your desk happens to come with a filing system, then it is the perfect way to have easy access while you are working, and to hide it discretely.  
    • Filing system furniture piece (like see above): This unit is great when you don't want your filing system to be obvious. There are beautiful filing furniture pieces you would never know have files inside! 
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    Organize Your Denim and Pants

    Stacking One On Top Of The Other
    Stack Your Clothes. Christina Giaquinto

    One great way to organize your jeans is by stacking them. This encourages you to neatly fold them after each use so your stack stays nice and neat. It also makes it easier to see all your jeans at once when you're picking out a pair to wear for the day. 

    A second great way to organize your jeans is by hanging them on a hook. If your jeans typically end up on the floor, hanging them up might be the perfect option for you.

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    Organize Your Seasonal Clothes

    Organize Seasonal Clothing
    Christina Giaquinto

    Twice a year, spend a day packing away your seasonal clothes. This will keep your closet from getting too cluttered, and help you donate items you did not wear that season. If your closet has room in it, store your seasonal clothes on the top rack so it is easy to rotate. If you do not have room in your closet, pack away your clothes in an airtight container and store them in a room that will not be too hot or cold. 

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    Organize Your Hobbies

    Organize What Makes You Smile
    Christina Giaquinto

    Do you have a favorite hobby or activity? By organizing the items you need for your favorite hobby, you will feel motivated to do it more. For example in the photo above, an organized gardening station was created. It is simplified and not overly cluttered. It is evenly spread out to be able to see everything needed to garden—pots, a watering can, and utensils. Activities like working out, painting, and reading can also be organized.

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    File Your T-Shirts

    File Your T-Shirts
    Christina Giaquinto

    By folding your t-shirts in such a way that they file one behind the other, you can pull out one shirt without the others moving. It also allows you to see a birds eye view of all of them at once. 

    Steps for folding:

    • Lay the t-shirt face down with the arms spread out. 
    • Use your hands to spread it out flat with no wrinkles. 
    • Fold the left arm in.
    • Fold the right arm in. Now you should have a long rectangle. 
    • Fold the bottom of the shirt up. 
    • Turn it right side up now, and fold it one more time to create the perfect filed shirt. 
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    Categroize Extra Party Utensils and Decor

    Organize Extra Party Supplies
    Christina Giaquinto

    Plastic containers are a great way to store extra party utensils and materials for entertaining. Instead of dumping them all in one container labeled, "party utensils," divide them into categories. This allows you to find what you need quickly. 

    Some party categories:

    • Forks
    • Knives
    • Toothpicks
    • Decorative napkins
    • Decorations
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    Sort Your Pantry With A Stackable Rack Organizer

    Use A Stackable Rack Organizer For Cans
    Christina Giaquinto

    A stackable rack organizer is a great way to organize soda cans and soup cans. Every time you take one out, another one rolls down. This is a great way to organize when you have a lot of one item.

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    Label Containers for Pet Treats

    Organization For Your Pets
    Christina Giaquinto

    Don't forget to organize your pet items also. Dry pet food and treats tend to get a little messy, so a great way to keep things neat and organized is to empty the food into a plastic container. Dog food organizers often have options with wheels and a scooper inside. For treats, consider a cute option such as in the picture above. In this case, the dog bone acts as its own label so you know what its for. 

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    Organize Your Makeup Brushes With Beads

    Organize Your Makeup Brushes
    Christina Giaquinto

    Glass jars or cups are a great way to organize your makeup brushes. This makes it super easy to grab which brush you need. First, fill the glass jar with beads or coffee beans and then put the brushes into the beads or coffee beans. This method keeps brushes in place, but at the same time allows you to easily move them around.

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    Sort Small Purses and Bags

    Organize Your Small Purses and Wallets
    Christina Giaquinto

    Small purses and wallets fit great filed one in front of the other in a small open container or box that allows you to quickly select the one you would like to use.

    Tip: Make sure the box is not too deep. You want it to fit in such a way that the purses are  flush with the top height of the box.

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    Store Kids Toys in a Fun Bin

    Store Kids Toys In A Fun Bin
    Christina Giaquinto

    ​Colorful, playful, and youthful bins are a great way to organize your child's toys in one place. Larger items like stuffed animals, dolls, and sports balls tend to take up a lot of space and are harder to find a place to store. These bins make it easy to put away larger items quickly and hassle free.

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    Use Tilted Shelves for a Shoe Wall

    Organized shoes
    Christina Giaquinto

    Tilted shelves are a great way to organize your shoes. These shelves keep shoes neatly placed preventing them from slipping and sliding, all shoes are visible at once, and it makes it very easy to grab which pair you need. Tilted shelves can be installed in your closet, or if you are a shoe enthusiast create a shoe wall such as the one above.

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    Sort Through Gift Wrapping Supplies

    Gift wrapping supplies
    Christina Giaquinto

    An over the door gift bag organizer is a great way to keep your gift bags nice and neat. Categorize them by size and by celebration. Next time it is someone's birthday, you will know exactly where to find the birthday bag you need.

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    Color Code Your Holiday Decor

    Holiday decorations in bins
    Christina Giaquinto

    Colored paper, labels, or index cards are a great way to organize your holiday decor. It makes it very easy for your eye to see which bins belong to which holiday. For example, your Christmas bins would all have a red label background and all your fall and Halloween decor would have an orange background. 

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    Use A Track System For The Garage

    Organized Garage
    Grace Cary/Gettyimages

    Track systems come in different forms, but they all have a horizontal track with different ways to hold items vertically. They often have hooks or clips which allow you to effortlessly hang many items you need in a garage. Shovels, brooms, bikes, ladders, cords, and rakes are all products that can benefit from this system.

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    Frame Your Child's Art Work

    Organize Your Childs Art

    By framing your kids art work, it instantly transforms it into their own Picasso piece. This cuts down on clutter on the counters, fridges, and in boxes, but still allows you to display their masterpieces. 

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    Invest in a System

    Organized Closet System
    Christina Giaquinto

    Systems are key to staying organized. Investing in a system sets the foundation for your organized space. Although some are pricey, you don't have to spend a lot of money to design an organized closet. Some are as low as a few hundred dollars. With a system and a specific place to put things away, keeping your closet organized will be a breeze. 

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    Go Through Food Storage Containers

    Organize Tupperware

    One of the best hidden uses of a dish rack is to use it as a food storage lid organizer. They neatly stand in the slots and make it very easy to pull out which one you need without digging through an endless tupperware pile.

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    Set Up a Compact Car Organizer

    Car with a trunk open
    Daniel Grill / Getty Images

    Your car is part of your home too. A swing away compact car organizer sits over the headrest of your car and can swing over to the back of the seat if someone is sitting in the passenger side. This compact organizer is a great way to organize your car essentials. This can include: 

    • Coupons
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Spare change 
    • A light for emergencies
    • Tissues
    • A notebook 
    • A pen 
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    Create Extra Space by Utilizing the Inside of Doors

    Create more space to organize
    Christina Giaquinto

    The inside of your door is a hidden creative way to add more space. By adding a single track with baskets you can organize ribbon in a craft room, spices in a pantry, or bathroom items in a bathroom. It is a cheap and simple way to add lots of space! 

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    Make a Home for Everything

    An organized desk
    Christina Giaquinto

    Everything should have a home. When you can say every item has a designated spot to go, you can have confidence your home is organized. Like items go with like items. Pens, pencils, and markers are one category that tend to be all over the house in every drawer, space, nook and cranny. Use a drawer organizer, or a stand alone organizer with three slots to hold all your writing utensils in one spot. 

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    Test Out the Eight-Minute Rule

    A clean bedroom
    tulcarion / Getty Images

    The eight-minute rule was originally designed for the bedroom, but can be used for any space in your home. The bedroom should be a sanctuary and a place you can retreat to at the end of the day, relax, and have a great nights sleep. Set the timer on your phone for eight minutes, and every night put away as much as you can in those eight minutes.

    The intent is not to finish organizing your entire room, but instead by doing this every day to create a habit of keeping your spicy tidy. This prevents the clutter from completely taking over your entire space. Eventually, you will not need the timer and it will become a habit. You can get a lot  accomplished in eight minutes without it taking up a large part of your day. 

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    Label Everything

    Woman putting label on bin
    Christina Giaquinto

    An organized home is not complete without labels. Labels ensure everyone can follow your system and know where to put things away. You will know exactly what is in each container and it gives the space a unified look. There are many different types of labels: 

    • Chalk labels
    • Label maker labels
    • Hang-written 
    • Hanging tags