How to Use the Rooster Symbol in Feng Shui

Golden Rooster Statue for Chinese New Year

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The words, feng shui translates to “wind” and “water” in Chinese. Feng is “wind” and “shui” is water. The phrase comes from a poem that speaks to the connection between humans and nature. As humans, we require harmony with the elements in nature to flourish. At the minimum, all living beings need fresh air and hydration to thrive. In addition, many cultures look to the animals in the natural world as symbols to guide. 

The rooster is one of the creatures that is revered in many cultures around the world. The rooster symbol represents confidence, good luck, and protection. Keep reading to learn the meaning of roosters and how you can use the rooster symbol in the feng shui of your home.

Rooster Symbolism and Meaning in Feng Shui

The rooster is considered an auspicious symbol of good luck and protection in feng shui. You can find colorful rooster imagery in many ancient Chinese art motifs. The rooster, even in modern times, is a reliable feature in life because it crows at the breaking of dawn to call in the sunlight. Therefore the rooster is also considered a symbol of protection. In the darkness of the night, the sound of the rooster invites sunlight to eradicate any evil spirits and dark energies. The rooster crows to scare away the dark and brings in clarity, light, and wisdom. The rooster emblem was also specifically showcased on front doors and gates in China to protect from fire.

The red crown or comb on top of the rooster's head also resembles the hats of the scholars and officials in historic China. Because of this, the rooster came to represent good luck, organization, and intelligence. The rooster is also included in the birds that are connected to the phoenix. The phoenix governs the direction of the fire element and the south direction, inviting in prosperous opportunities. In this case, the image of a rooster can be used in lieu of the phoenix. 

In feng shui, we overlay many different Chinese modalities such as astrology. The rooster is the only bird that is included in the twelve zodiac animals. As the tenth animal, the rooster is associated with yang (masculine) energy, the metal element, and the direction of the west. Those born with the Rooster in their natal chart are said to be talkative, attractive, and self- assured people. They love to strut their stuff and chat away with confidence and ease. Similarly, the image of the rooster can invite these qualities.

Rooster figure in mosaic art work.

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Using the Rooster Symbol in Your Home

If you love roosters, or are curious about their spiritual meanings, you can explore ways in which to place this auspicious symbol in your home. Here are some simple suggestions on how to use rooster imagery in your feng shui to bring in luck, protection, and clear communication into your life.

Front Door or Entry Gate

Traditionally, an image of a rooster was placed at the front door or entry gate of a home to provide protection. This is related to the rooster's way in which it guards the hen house. It’s also because the rooster is known for it’s morning “cockadoodledoo” just before the light breaks the darkness of the night. The rooster image at the front of our home can be placed with the intention to protect everyone in the home from intruders and other negative or difficult energies. The rooster at the entry is also a symbol of good luck as well as protection from fire.

Welcome Organization and Communication

The rooster is connected to the element of metal. Metal element is one of the five elements that are used in feng shui. Metal is specifically about organization, beauty, as well as precise communication. You can place an image of a rooster in a room in your home to encourage you to have more organization and clear communication. For instance, the placement of a rooster in an office space will bring this energy into your work. Another suggestion is using the rooster image for more organization to any storage space.

Rooster Weather Vane

In western homes, it’s not unusual to see a rooster image on a weather vane propped on the top of a roof. This can also be used to improve the qi (life force energy) of your home by bringing protection and lifting the energy in general.