The Most Ravishing Rose Gold Engagement Rings on the Planet

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    28 Ravishing Rose Gold Engagement Rings

    Duchess Mid ring by Michelle Day Heritage. Michelle Day Heritage

    Pure gold is too soft and malleable on its own, so it must be mixed with one or two “base metals” for use in fine jewelry. The result is a harder, stronger alloy, one that can be fashioned into complex and intricate jewelry designs and better withstand everyday wear and tear.

    To achieve the tantalizingly blush-pink, sometimes apricot hue, of rose gold, yellow gold is blended with copper—the greater the copper content, the deeper and rosier the color. Like yellow and white gold, rose gold is offered in 14k and 18k variants—in general, you'll pay more for 18k gold because the alloy contains a higher percentage of gold (75 percent on average).

    As you’ll see in this slideshow, rose gold doesn’t automatically make for an over-the-top feminine look—on the contrary, rose gold actually has tons of modern cachet and lends itself well to engagement rings with clean, architectural lines. While an increasing number of jewelry designers now offer rose gold as an option, it continues to stand out as the ultimate alternative metal choice. That is, for the bride who says "none of the above" when faced with the usual white and yellow metals.

    But of course rose gold is always going to appeal to brides with a romantic sensibility, to say nothing of the metal's ability to flatter every skin tone.

    You’ll notice a similar effect when you start trying on wedding gowns. Those with slightly blush (or full-on pink) undertones tend to warm up your skin with a rosy glow. Instantly. 

    Rose gold also complements certain colored gemstones in remarkably striking ways, pink diamonds being the consummate example. But note, too, how rose gold enhances the beauty of, say, this Paraiba tourmaline, this stunning mauve Malaya garnet, this smoldering spinel or these rubies. And wait till you see the pale pink oval morganite by Maria Perry that we include in our edit (slide #2).

    Now that we have you properly thinking pink, it's time explore the possibilities, starting with the sunburst-like diamond engagement ring shown above...

    14k rose gold Duchess Mid ring with a .5-carat oval diamond center stone in a halo of diamonds totaling 2.2 carats surrounded by tapered baguettes and pear shaped diamonds, $7,200, Michelle Day Heritage

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    From Marisa Perry...

    Marisa Perry

    18k rose gold and diamond Victoria Rose engagement ring with a 2.36-carat morganite center stone, $16,500, Marisa Perry

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    From Rebecca Overmann...

    Rebecca Overmann

     14k rose gold Bead Set Hexagon Halo ring with .5115 carats of diamonds, $4,435, Rebecca Overmann

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    From Marli...


     18k rose gold and diamond Deco ring, $4,700, Marli

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    From Simon G. Jewelry...

    Simon G.

    18k rose and white gold engagement ring with 1.76 carats of baguettes and .20 carats of round pink diamonds, $12,980, (setting only), Simon G Jewelry

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    From Jack Kelége...

    Jack Kelege

    18k rose gold engagement ring with .60 carats of round brilliant diamonds, $3,770 (setting only), Jack Kelége

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    From Erica Courtney...

    Erica Courtney

    18k rose gold Grace engagement ring with .07 carats of diamonds and a .85-carat rose cut diamond center stone, $7,600, Erica Courtney

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    From Vivaan...


    18k rose gold Knot ring with a rose cut diamond center stone and inverted natural pink diamonds, $2,550, Vivaan

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    From evelynH...

    evelyn H

    18k rose gold Signature Halo engagement ring with 0.13 carats of diamonds an a 1.30-carat cushion cut diamond center stone, $3,200 (setting only), evelynH Jewelry

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    From Ayva Jewelry...

    Ayva Jewelry

     18k rose gold Alya band with diamonds and pink sapphires, $1,850, Ayva Jewelry

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    From Parade Design...

    Parade Design

    18k rose gold Reverie Bridal Collection engagement ring with a Lyria Signature Crown setting, .37 carats of white diamonds and .24 carats of fancy yellow diamonds, $3,950 (setting only), Parade Design

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    From Christopher Designs...

    Christopher Designs

    14k rose gold L’Amour Crisscut engagement ring with .84 carats of diamonds, $4,757, Christopher Designs

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    From Erika Winters...

    Erika Winters

    18k rose gold and diamond Iris Halo engagement ring with a one-carat cushion cut diamond center stone, available by special order (price upon request), Erika Winters

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    From Forevermark by Jade Trau...

    Forevermark by Jade Trau

    18k rose gold Clara Ring No. 2 with .22 carats of diamonds (setting only), price upon request, Forevermark

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    From Heidi Gibson...

    Heidi Gibson

    14k rose gold Leda engagement ring with an aquamarine center stone framed in a pavé diamond halo surrounded by round and slightly angled marquise diamonds, $4,400 Heidi Gibson

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    From Dana Bronfman...

    Dana Bronfman

    18k rose gold Oculus Bar stacking band with .12 carats of diamonds, $1,195, Dana Bronfman 

    See an equally cool engagement ring by this designer here.

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    From Roule & Co...

    Roule & Co.

    18k rose gold Three-Storey Hexagon Eternity Ring with 2.9 carats of umbalite garnet, $4,495, Roule & Co

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    From Golkonda...


    18k rose gold ring Gypsy ring with yellow diamond center stone surrounded by hexagonal-shaped diamonds, all totaling 2.68 carats, $27,000, Golkonda

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    From Scott Kay...

    Scott Kay

    18k rose gold Heaven's Gates engagement ring with .55 carats of diamonds, $3,425 (setting only), Scott Kay

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    From Ilana Ariel...

    Ilana Ariel

    18k rose gold Large Single Cap ring with .34 carats of diamonds and a white sapphire center stone, $2,920, Ilana Ariel

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    From Giacomelli...


    14k rose gold Trifecta ring with a .66-carat round diamond center stone, and three carats' worth of round diamond accents and tapered baguettes, $14,000, Giacomelli

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    From Melissa Kaye...

    Melissa Kaye

     18k rose gold Vanessa ring with .5 carats of pavé diamonds, $5,500, Melissa Kaye

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    From Xiao Wang...

    Xiao Wang

     18k rose gold Galaxy ring with natural colored and white diamonds, $13,160, Xiao Wang

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    From Ritani...


     18k rose gold French Set Halo engagement ring with .45 carats of diamonds, $1,990, Ritani

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    From S. Kind & Co...

    S. Kind & Co.

    14k recycled rose gold Lunaria engagement ring with Australian opal and reclaimed vintage diamonds, $3,515, S. Kind & Co.

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    From Wren...

    14k rose gold Wren Regard Ring set with rubies, emerald, garnet, amethyst and diamond (arranged so that the first letter of each stone spells out the word "regard"), $425, available at Iconery

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    From Forevermark by Rahaminov...

    Forevermark by Rahaminov

    18k rose gold The Center of My Universe oval diamond engagement ring set in a pave diamond halo, price upon request, Forevermark

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    From Tapp by Todd Pownell...

    Tapp by Todd Pownell...

    14k brushed rose gold band with center fissure set with inverted diamonds, $2,460, Tapp by Todd Pownell