Rose Gold Jewelry: Still in Vogue?

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    Rose Gold That Will Win You Over

    Rose gold jewelry is anything but new. You may have noticed rose gold making many trending lists since 2014, but the blush colored metal has been around since the mid to late 19th century. 

    Today, rose gold has become the metal of choice for spring and summer jewelry. The trend has even come so far that rose gold fixtures and home decor are being DIYed and purchased with a fervor. 

    Learn more about how this precious metal is being used in jewelry today, how it was used in the past, and get ready...MORE to be inspired. This rose gold jewelry will have you racing to your jewelers to buy a piece for your collection. 

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    Rose Gold Stud Earrings with Moonstone

    Rose gold jewelry on Etsy
    Elfi Roose

    Adding more rose gold into your jewelry collection is simple. Find jewelry pieces in your style that will look good with your current silver and yellow gold jewelry. If you don't know this already, not being able to mix metals is a myth.

    These moonstone and rose gold stud earrings from Elfi Roose will layer nicely with other earrings, regardless of their metal or style. Why do we love these studs? The cabochon cut of the moonstone looks beautiful nestled in the rosey-hued thorn prongs. We...MORE recommend pairing them with a pair of white gold hoops or a rose gold earring climber. 


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    Braided Rose Gold Stacking Bands

    Rose gold jewelry: braided rose gold stacking bands
    Maya Mor

    Creating a personalized ring stack is fun and economical. Adding varying minimalist bands in different thicknesses and motifs can actually be less expensive than adding one statement ring with a larger gemstone. We love this rose gold braided band from Maya Mor. Wear it alone or stack it with whatever bands you have in your jewelry box currently. 

    How Rose Gold is Made

    Rose gold by itself does not exist in nature. Pure gold is always the same color and is able to change in jewelry due to alloys or...MORE other metals that are mixed with it.

    Rose gold gets its color by mixing pure gold with mostly copper alloys and a small amount of silver. The more copper in the mix, the redder the jewelry appears; the less copper, the pinker the jewelry appears. 

    A typical modern-day formula for 18k rose gold might look something like: 75% gold, 21% copper, 4% silver. Once the silver content starts getting closer to 5% or more, the gold starts to look very pink in appearance. 


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    Antique Rose Gold Wedding Band

    Antique rose gold cigar band
    Jean Jean Vintage

    Want to add some rose gold with character and history to your jewelry collection? No problem. We recommend picking up an antique rose gold cigar band like the one featured here from Jean Jean Vintage. These bands are thick and were crafted between 1880 - 1915. 

    Rose Gold Trends Throughout History 

    Rose gold first made its appearance in Russia when famed jeweler Carl Fabergé began incorporating the copper-infused metal in his designs in the late 1800's. 

    At first, this metal became known as...MORE Russian Gold and eventually was renamed Rose Gold when the metal took off elsewhere in the world. Victorian jewelry artisans in England and around the world quickly started replicating the metal into their designs in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Rose gold fell out of favor to luxurious platinum and white gold for decades around 1910. It wasn't until the 1940's and the beginning of WWII when rose gold became popular again.

    WWII played a heavy hand in the reemergence of rose gold because the war created heavy demand for platinum for other war applications, and the metal became expensive and scarce. 1940's and 50's rose gold jewelry designs were heavy and showy. They incorporated a lot of diamonds and rubies in asymmetrical designs in what is now known as the retro style. 

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    Rose Gold Diamond Leaf Studs

    Sometimes we don't have time to put on multiple pairs of earrings to create a comprehensive ear look before we head out the door. These rose gold diamond leaf studs from Luna Skye are simple enough to wear every day but also stylish enough to garner compliments from your friends and coworkers. 

    How to Clean Rose Gold Jewelry

    Copper is an alloy that ages over time. Due to the high copper content in rose gold, you might notice your jewelry getting darker and less rosy over time.

    If you're...MORE dealing with antique rose gold or Russian gold, be very careful during the cleaning process. The patina on these pieces has taken over 100 years to form in some cases. Polishing off the patina could actually devalue your antique rose gold jewelry.

    If you want to clean new rose gold jewelry, clean your jewelry as you would any other gold jewelry, then lightly buff with a polishing cloth. If your cloth becomes black, you'll know it's doing its job by removing unwanted tarnish. 

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    Rose Gold Reign Watch

    This watch may not track how many steps you take in a day, but it will help keep you on trend. Inspired by catwalks in England, this vintage inspired rose gold watch from Anthropologie can add a lot of coppery impact for not a lot of money. 

    Watch Styling Tip: Make sure the watch has been properly fitted so it sits just above the wrist bone and is never so loose that the watch face flips to your palm side. If you want to layer your watch, wear a bracelet closest to your hand and the watch placed...MORE above it.  

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    Rose Gold Laurier Leaf Bracelet

    Layering rose gold bracelets is tricky even for the most stylish jewelry lovers. But this rose gold leaf wrap bracelet from Majolie will add sophistication to any occasion. We recommend pairing thin bracelets like this one with two others: a simple tennis bracelet, and a slightly thicker bangle bracelet. Wear this wrap bracelet snugly in a position furthest away from the hand. 

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    Rose Gold Australian Opal Designer Ring

    While a lot of rose gold jewelry on the market today is done in the minimalist style, there are plenty of designers that are taking creative license with this hue of gold. Most soft pink and purple toned gemstones will look incredible with rose gold and will help bring out the glow in your skin. Look how this fire opal ring from Wesley Harris shines in rose gold. The design wouldn't be as crisp or sharp in any other metal. 

    Gemstones that Look Good with Rose Gold

    • Fire Opal
    • Amethyst
    • Morganite
    • Kunzi...MOREte
    • Diamond
    • Moonstone
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    Champagne and White Diamond Rose Gold Necklace

    On first glance, it looks like this rose gold pendant necklace from Emanuel Jewelry Design features black diamonds. They are actually natural champagne colored diamonds set within a black frame. Designers can create a black base on a solid gold surface by masking off an area with clear nail polish and add a black rhodium coating. 

    The contrast between the black metal and rose gold makes the rose gold color look even more intense. Add on a bark-like texture to the exterior setting, and you have a...MORE necklace that will turn heads. 


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    Antique Rose Gold Amethyst Butterfly Conversion Necklace

    Art Nouveau Rose Gold Jewelry
    The Eden Collective

    If you shop for a lot of antique jewelry, you may have already heard the term "conversion jewelry." This is when people take an existing piece of antique jewelry and turn it into something else entirely. It may be because the original piece is broken or it was an item that wouldn't be worn as often today, like a stickpin or a brooch.

    Rose gold was commonly used during the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras and amethyst was a stone of choice. This charming amethyst and rose gold butterfly...MORE pendant from The Eden Collective was originally a brooch but is now much more wearable as a ​bohemian style necklace.  

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    Rose Gold Zodiac Constellation Charm Necklace

    Personalized rose gold jewelry
    Nana Bijou

    Celebrities and style influencers have been wearing the personalized jewelry trend for years. Rose gold offers a beautiful and feminine canvas for many of these initial and engraved designs. 

    We fell in love with this cool way to wear not just your birthstone but your zodiac sign. These rose gold zodiac charm necklaces from Nana Bijou make a wonderful gift for astrology and astronomy lovers. Each star constellation is associated with a different zodiac sign. Unsure you would recognize your...MORE specific constellation? The corresponding zodiac is engraved on the back of every charm.