10 Rose Themed Cross Stitch Patterns

Round up of free and for purchase rose cross stitch patterns

Roses have been a flower of choice among poets, artists and tapestry workers for centuries. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. From traditional to contemporary, these free and for purchase cross stitch patterns celebrate the beloved rose.

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    Tale as Old as Time

    Pixels In Stitches

    The story of Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful tale of acceptance and love. The rose is the ultimate symbol of the story's theme. Pixels In Stitches celebrates the Disney version of this classic fairy tale with a pixel person cross stitch pattern. Every little princess will want this in her room. You can purchase this pattern for instant download on their online shop.

    Tale as Old as Time from Pixels In Stitches

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    Stop and Smell the Roses

    123 Cross Stitch

    Isn't it about time that you slowed down? Life can be hectic for so many of us out there. This whimsical pattern by Country Cottage is a perfect reminder to Stop and Smell the Roses. Hang this sampler by the front door. It will give you a smile as you head out on your daily adventure. 123 Cross Stitch has this pattern and the supplies you need for purchase on their website.

    Stop and Smell the Roses from 123 Cross Stitch

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    Cupcakes de Roses

    Ange's Blog

    Is there anything better than a cupcake? This free pattern from Ange's Blog is a fun mix of roses and sweet treats. If red and pink aren't your colors of preference, you can customize this pattern to fit your style and decor. Go a step further and personalize it with a special date or a name. This pattern would look great in a bakery or a kitchen. As with all free patterns, please be respectful of copyright requests.

    Cupcakes de Roses from Ange's Blog

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    La Vie En Rose

    Lana's Crespo

    Isn't it about time you looked at the world through rose colored glasses? Lana's Crespo mixes retro with a touch of modern in her pattern, La Vie En Rose. It is a great project for a make-and-take craft night. The pattern is simple for beginners but still fun for those more advanced stitchers. Stitch in hearts and roses and other small whimsies for added flair.

    La Vie En Rose from Lana's Crespo

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    Japanese Rose

    Cross Stitch The World

    Cross Stitch the World offers this free Rose and Butterfly pattern for you to stitch up. The contrast of the brightly colored rose against the green fabric gives this freebie a vintage feel to it. It would be beautiful stitched on a pillow or a handbag. This pattern would look equally as great against a black background for a more Victorian style.

    Japanese Rose from Cross Stitch the World

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    Song of Spring

    Free Patterns.com

    Decorating your kitchen just got a little bit easier with Free Patterns.com's Rose themed hand towel. This project offers up a lot of small details for you to stitch up. If the phrase in the middle doesn't suit your fancy–the winter is past, the flowers appear on the earth... you can stitch up your own. This makes an excellent Mother's Day, wedding or housewarming gift.

    Song of Spring from Free Patterns.com

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    Blue Roses


    Roses come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. This pattern by Digi Point showcases roses in shades of blue. It is a nod to Delftware, a type of blue and white pottery. This classic design is perfect for someone who like traditional style. It would look great stitched up on a throw pillow.

    Blue Roses from Digi Point

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    Rose Bell Pull


    Gvello Stitch offers this free pattern of a black, white and red rose bell pull. This pattern is wonderfully detailed. The design may seem very traditional, but the color scheme updates it to fit a more modern style. For an added touch, hang a small bell at the bottom of the finished project. This is another pattern that would work great on a pillow, and because of its modern and traditional elements, it would look good in almost any home.

    Rose Bell Pull from Gvello Stitch

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    Rose Kitty

    123 Cross Stitch

    Lena Lawson's Rose Cat is a spin on the average calico cat pattern. The stretched out kitty shows off her beautiful white flowers against black fur. The green leaves offer a nice bit of color to tie the pattern together. This is a great project for cat lovers.

    Rose Cat from 123 Cross Stitch

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    Yellow Rose

    Dragon Bear

    Yellow roses represent friendship, love and good health. This free Yellow Rose pattern is the perfect gift for your best friend. You can also stitch up several of these in pillow form for people in need at your local hospital (just make sure it is okay with the original creator). If yellow isn't your color, you can change it to one of your liking. It would be equally as beautiful in red or pink.

    Yellow Rose from Dragon Bear