Roses are one of the more popular flowers for gardens and there are several varieties to choose from. They need lots of sun and well-draining soil.
rose bush in a garden
15 Recommended Rose Varieties
white roses
Best Climbing Roses for Trellises, Arbors, Pergolas, Fences, and Walls
Climbing rose bush on wooden structure with white and light pink flowers
How to Train and Prune Climbing Roses
Rose bush with pink rose
Here's How to Protect Your Roses From Harsh Winter Weather
a rose stem ready to be cut
How to Grow Roses From Cuttings
planting roses
How to Plant Roses
Red and white splattered and pink roses being prepared in garden with hand-held shovel
The Best Garden Soil for Growing Roses
closeup of rose hips
Rose Hips: Edible Treats After the Rose Fades
rose among companion plants
Great Companion Plants for Roses
person pruning roses
How to Prune Roses
Roses with rainbow colored petals
Are Rainbow Roses Real? Learn How to Create Your Own
Summer Pergola with Climbing roses
How to Accent Your Landscape With Climbing Roses
Rose bush with pink flowers
7 Types of Roses That Are Easy to Grow
Orange-red roses growing in pot with white watering can pouring water on top
Tips for Growing Roses in Pots
Rose alchymist bush with climbing light pink flowers in garden
9 Vibrant Climbing Roses To Add To Your Garden
Red floribunda roses (Rosa) 'Impatient', June
Create a Rose Hedge Using Floribunda Roses
Knock Out Rose
How to Prune Shrub Roses and Knock Out Roses
Rose bushes with yellow rose clusters hanging over wall
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Roses
Rosa peace
The Best Hybrid Tea Roses to Grow
pink rose bush
10 Types of Fragrant Roses to Grow
rugosa roses
Learn How to Grow Rugged and Beautiful Rugosa Roses
Roses in flower box watered by white watering can
How to Care for Your Roses in Spring
roses in a vase
Smart Tips for Cutting and Arranging Your Roses
miniature rose bush
How to Grow Hardy Miniature Roses
hybrid tea rose
Grow the Best Hybrid Tea Roses With These Tips
spraying a rose bush
What's Wrong with My Roses? The Top 10 Usual Suspects
Yellow and orange tipped rose blooms surrounded by leaves closeup
How to Get More Blooms From Your Roses
Dead-heading a large-flowered bush rose, wearing protective gloves
The Best Method to Prune Your Hybrid Tea Roses
Close-Up Of Pink Lily
32 Ideal Companion Plants for Roses
Carolina rose with fuchsia-pink petals and yellow anthers on stem with surrounding leaves
How to Grow and Care for the Carolina Rose
Healthy pink roses
Best Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers for Roses
Rhapsody in blue flowers with purple petals and buds on edge of stem
Floribunda Roses Keep on Blooming
Pulling sucker away from the rootstock of a ​bush rose
How to Get Rid of Suckers on Roses
yellow roses
Learn Every Color Rose You Can Grow in Your Garden
Rose gardening
Great Companion Plants for Roses
Blue Salvia
These Plants Make Wonderful Rose Companions
Sir John Betjeman English rose with pink flowers closeup
14 Luxurious English Roses for Your Garden
Redleaf rose plant branch with blue-green leaves next to pink flower and buds
Will the Redleaf Rose Will Grow Well in Your Landscape?
Roses on a white wall
How To Train And Grow Climbing Roses For the Most Blooms
Candy oh rose bushes with large pink flowers on ends of tall stems
Candy Oh! a Summertime Treat for Lovers of Roses, Low Maintenance