Royall RG3000 Pellet Grill

Royall RG3000 Pellet Grill
Royall RG3000 Pellet Grill. Royall Grills

The Bottom Line

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Royall Grills got into the Pellet Grill (and Smoker) business to build an affordable, US manufactured unit that was solidly built and capable of doing some good grilling. While the Royall RG3000 Pellet Grill is all that, it is also rather simplistic. When these first hit the market, they came with the most primitive pellet controller money could buy. Recently these have been upgraded to the second most primitive controller.

While able to do the job, this is not a fancy or very modern pellet grill.


  • Heavy construction
  • Wide cooking range
  • Large capacity pellet hopper


  • Primitive 10-position dial pellet controller
  • Maximum temperature of 425 degrees F


  • 658 square inches of primary cooking area
  • 170 to 425 degrees F/75 to 220 degrees C temperature range
  • 34-pound capacity pellet hopper mounted on the side
  • Steel cooking grates
  • Simple 10-position electronic temperature control unit
  • powder coated steel construction
  • Made in the United States by Royall Grills

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Guide Review - Royall RG3000 Pellet Grill

The idea behind this pellet grill is that it is an inexpensive unit (though this model is not their least expensive) yet a competent grill/smoker. The construction quality on this grill is very good, but it lacks a lot of the modern features that the competition is capitalizing on, most notably the pellet controller.

Not to spend too much time on this, but a pellet grill is a pretty useless piece of equipment without a good controller. This is what regulates temperature by feeding pellets into the fire pot and regulating the fan that accelerates the fire to produce high temperatures. Long ago, the pellet controller was a simple dial unit that basically feed pellets at a controlled rate without being able to adjust for the actual internal temperature of the grill.

The Royall Pellet Grills are a bit better than that, with a simple, 10-position dial controller. There are not a lot of complex electronics here and it can be clumsy in how it handles temperature regulation.

This isn't necessarily a deal killer. This controller is basically the same (or more accurately exactly the same) as the controller on the ever popular Traeger Pellet Grills. It will hold temperatures in the range desired, but between 170 and 425 degrees F, there are only ten temperature options. Also, the temperature can fluctuate more than on the more modern controllers.

Aside from all this, the Royall RG3000 is a pretty solid, though basic pellet grill. It will do the job without a lot of extras and with the optional expansion racks, there can be a lot of space to work with here.

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