10 Good Sources for RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) Kitchen Cabinets

New Custom kitchen with white cabinets and solid surface island.
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RTA cabinets—as in "ready to assemble"—provide more than just a way to save money on kitchen cabinetry. RTA offers a way to get out of the sometimes-frustrating kitchen designer loop. While designers play a valuable role, there are times when a DIY homeowner feels confident enough to plan and install cabinets. In this case, why go through a middleman? 

Check out these online sources for great ready-to-assemble cabinets. The sample prices are offered to show the relative costs between sources; actual prices may vary.

When it comes to online retailers of RTA cabinets, a good deal of the product quality comes from the website ordering experience itself. Most of the following retailers offer solidly-constructed cabinets, although, with some, the diversity of available cabinets is far greater than with others. But the shopping experience varies widely from retailer to retailer. Choosing an online retailer for cabinets is therefore as much about the design of the website and accessibility of the information as it is about the cabinets themselves.

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    All Wood Cabinets

    All Wood Cabinets (AWC) is based in New Jersey, but it ships its RTA cabinets throughout the U.S. Their cabinets are made from 1/2-inch-thick Grade A furniture-quality plywood with veneers.

    AWC's website is somewhat difficult to use, requiring an account with log-in and password, or social media account log-in, even if you simply want to window-shop. This is one of the more frustrating online interfaces of all the RTA companies.

    • Sample price: A 36-inch Gramercy white base cabinet with double doors and a single drawer, $259
    • Sample shipping: If you order $3,000 or more of product, AWC will credit you $299 toward shipping.
    • Can I order online? Yes
    • Ship to home? Yes
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    The Cabinet Barn

    Recently, The Cabinet Barn website was extensively revamped, and now the site is much cleaner and easy to navigate. Online ordering is smooth, and shipping costs are easily estimated. Like most RTA cabinet retailers, the products themselves use standard 1/2-inch plywood construction. They offer 21 different styles for doors/drawers and face frames.

    • Sample price: 36-inch York antique white base cabinet with double doors, two drawers and one shelf, $370.73
    • Sample shipping for this item: $150 for this item, Liftgate shipping
    • Can I order online? Yes
    • Ship to home? Yes

    The Cabinet Barn offers free freight shipping to a business or freight terminal for orders $2,500 or more.

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    Glenn Rogers, Cabinet Broker

    The very basic website for this online retailer of RTA cabinets offers simple navigation for photos and pricing of cabinets in Shaker, raised panel, painted, contemporary, and arched door categories, as well as accessories, fixtures, and range hoods.

    Pricing is somewhat confusing, as there is a handling fee added to each order, and shipping costs are not provided until you execute an order. This is one of the clumsier ordering experiences for an online RTA cabinet retailer.

    • Sample price: 36-inch white painted Shaker base cabinet with drawer and cushion close, $398.18, plus $75 packaging and handling fee
    • Sample shipping for this item: Unknown
    • Can order online? Yes, but the website does not make this easy
    • Ship to home? Yes 
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    Modern style slab cabinets from this online store based in Las Vegas, NV. Rather than offering cabinets in distinct styles, customers hand-select various surface finishes and door/drawer styles. Customers enjoy a considerable amount of flexibility in determining features, but as a result, these are more expensive cabinets than many other RTA retailers.

    The 27estore website is not a user-friendly shopping experience, and the ala carte approach to adding costs for each individual feature makes for a confusing process. Shipping costs are difficult to obtain without going first providing complete ordering information.

    • Sample price: 36-inch base cabinet with one drawer and two doors in a white laminated finish, $525.32
    • Sample shipping for this item: $142
    • Can order online? Yes
    • Ship to home? Yes

    Free shipping is offered on all orders over $3,500.

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    While we cannot say much for IKEA's appliances or counters, IKEA's kitchen cabinets are another matter. Stylish and modern, these flat-packed cabinets really are cheaper than most other cabinets. The text-free, picture-only assembly instructions may drive you crazy, though. Shipping costs are rock-bottom cheap: $99 flat delivery cost for any number of cabinets ordered.

    • Sample price: SEKTION 36-inch base cabinet with two doors and three inner drawers, $479.
    • Sample shipping for this product: Varies, depending on proximity to store
    • Can I order online? Yes
    • Ship to home? Yes
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    In Stock Kitchens

    The retailer offers kitchen cabinets only—both RTA and assembled cabinets. The company notes that shipping is "$175 + 5% of your order."

    Navigating the In Stock Kitchens website is a somewhat frustrating affair, although the cabinets themselves use solid construction.

    • Sample price. 36-inch Hampton Base Cabinet with double doors and single drawer, $442.31
    • Sample shipping for this item. $88.46 (UPS Ground)
    • Can I order online? Yes
    • Ship to home? Yes; UPS Ground or Freight available
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    This RTA cabinet supplier, despite its antiquated, clunky website, has some of the most honest information about RTA that to be found. Real gems of information to be found here. Also, they understand that plywood is superior to particleboard construction. 

    • Sample price:  36-inch base cabinet with double doors and two drawers in a white Shaker style, $234
    • Sample shipping for this item: Not provided
    • Can I order online? No; must mail or fax in an order form
    • Ship to home? Yes  
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    RTA Cabinet Store

    This is a major RTA cabinet supplier, featuring an excellent website interface with big, bold photos of cabinets. There is also an online planner that produces a spec sheet for manual ordering. Downside: The spec sheet does not tie into the shopping cart. This means you need to transfer spec sheet items manually to the cart.

    • Sample price: 36-inch basic white Shaker with double doors and two drawers, $275.05
    • Sample shipping for this item. $170.22
    • Can I order online? Yes
    • Ship to home? Yes

    The RTA Cabinet Store does not offer free shipping on large orders, but flat fee rates apply for large orders ($365 for orders above about $3500, in our test orders).

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    RTA Store

    The RTA store offers a massive selection of finishes and door styles, as well as one of the easiest ordering systems available. This is perhaps the very best online retailer for RTA cabinets. Convenient menus allow you to easily narrow searches to the finishes, styles, and cabinet sizes you want, and shipping estimates are easy to obtain.

    • Sample price: 36-inch Providence White Shaker base cabinet with double doors and two drawers, $298.54
    • Sample shipping for this item: $59 (Ground)
    • Can I order online? Yes
    • Ship to home? Yes

    The RTA store offers a very easy to understand flat-fee shipping system:

    • Orders up to $99: Shipping costs $19
    • Orders $100 to $199: Shipping costs $39
    • Orders $200 to $699: Shipping costs $59
    • Orders $700 to $999: Shipping costs $169
    • Orders $1000 to $1599: Shipping costs $249
    • Orders $1600 to $1999: Shipping costs $299
    • Orders $2000 to $2499: Shipping costs $359
    • Orders $2500 and over: Free shipping
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    Kitchen Cabinet Kings

    Kitchen Cabinet Kings is another easy-to-shop online retailer, and like the RTA store, it provides one of the best shopping experiences. You can readily shop as a "visitor" without creating an account and providing detailed information, and shipping costs can be easily estimated before you order. For most product lines, the cabinet carcasses are solid 1/2-inch plywood and the door face frames are solid hardwood.

    • Sample price: 36-inch Lexington White double-door base cabinet with two drawers, $329.80
    • Sample shipping for this item: $270 for the above item alone; orders over $3,000 have free shipping if you stay within one door style
    • Can I order online? Yes
    • Ship to home? Yes