Rubbermaid Shed Review - Take Your Gardening Up a Notch

Giving Yourself The Space to Maximize the Garden

Garden shed review - The Roughneck Gable Garden Shed by Rubbermaid
It looks pretty all set up and ready for full-time use!. Angela England

There are some things you need to have a garden. Seeds. Dirt. That's about it. However, let me tell you, there are some things every gardener should have just to make life easier for them. A good shed space is one of them. We bought a very cheap shed once that was so lightweight it could not survive the Oklahoma weather. As in our neighbor called us one day to tell us our shed was blowing down the road.

(I wish I were kidding.)

Needless to say, that shed is now sheet-metal covering on the outside of the horribly ugly homemade shed we quickly built to have somewhere to stack the wood and store things. But I didn't have a dedicated space for my gardening things. This spring when I was starting heirloom seedlings on top of the freezer and the dog crate in the laundry room and the kids destroyed them once and the dog destroyed them a second time I said, "no more!" Clearly, I need a space. It doesn't have to be huge but it has to be mine. 

So I jumped at the chance to review the Rubbermaid Roughneck Gable Storage Shed as part of my upcoming series on Gardening Tools to Simplify Your Life series on Untrained Housewife. I wanted to see if a budget-friendly shed could be easy to set up AND sturdy enough to stand up to our weather and everyday use and what not. 

Basics About The Roughneck Gable Garden Shed

The Roughneck Gable Garden Shed is produced by Rubbermaid and available at Lowe's Home Improvement Stores.

It retails for $649 and is 7 ft wide by 7 ft long. It's listed as being leak, dent and weather resistant, having a back window to allow light into the shed, and coming with a dozen adapters that fit into the wall to allow you to add peg board, shelves, etc. 

How Does the Roughneck Gable Garden Shed Assemble?

The shed went up quite easily according to my husband.

He handled the majority of the construction efforts himself and got it almost completely assembled in a single day until we got rained out. But it did take two people to put on the roof top pieces because the top piece bends over the gable.

You really needed two people - one person up on the ladder holding the roof down in place, with a second person inside with the drill to secure it to the rafters inside. We had two ladders but if you didn't have a ladder and a step ladder you'd need someone tall enough to manage to drill inside without a ladder. We leveled the yard as best we could but I think the shed will need just a little more leveling now that it's fully assembled to take out the last little bit of stiffness in closing the doors. 

The shed, once assembled, feels very sturdy. The doors close tightly, which I really like. And the doors also have the ability to be locked and secured with a padlock (not included). The walls are rubber, so you can't nail anything to them but the adapters allow you to secure pegboard, plywood, or shelves to the walls for added storage. 

Overall Impressions of The Roughneck Gable Garden Shed

My overall impressions are very positive. The shed looks nice in the backyard and while I typically prefer wood sheds, this is much sturdier than I anticipated.

It's a great size, especially for being priced under a thousand dollars. I also REALLY liked that the shed was tall enough to stand inside. In fact, the peak inside is over 8 feet high. I HATE the little sheds you can't even walk inside. 

I am also pleased with the attractive look of it right out of the box. Unlike wood sheds, it won't rot, attract bugs, or need to be repainted on a regular basis. The one downside I see right now is that the window doesn't provide ventilation so it will probably get hot in the summer. I see this as a place to store tools, extra canning jars, all the stuff I access on a seasonal basis. I will also set up seed starting shelves and run some grow lights out there to start my seeds. Away from rambunctious dogs and insane seed-tipping-toddlers! 

And hopefully when I say, "Hey will someone go fetch the cultivator for me?" we will actually know where to find it!

Having a place to store my favorite gardening tools will be invaluable. This is a great upgrade from a shed-blowing-down-the-road without paying as much as a family vacation would cost us. I love the high-quality middle ground options and the Roughneck Gable Garden Shed definitely falls into that category. 

Disclosure - I was sent a shed to review the assembly process and durability. All opinions are my own. 

What is on your garden to-buy list beyond seeds and dirt this year?