Meaning and Uses of the Ruby in Feng Shui

Loose Ruby Stone

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Humans have been fascinated by rubies for centuries. They are mentioned in several ancient religious texts from around the world, and the Sanskrit name for ruby, ratnaraj, can be translated to “king of gemstones.” Ruby’s vibrant red hue and unique energetic qualities make it a powerful natural crystal to incorporate into your home’s feng shui.

What Is Ruby?

Ruby is a corundum, the same type of mineral as a sapphire. It has a rich red hue, and the word ruby actually comes from the Latin word for “red.” It’s often used for protection, and it encourages abundance, motivation, and passion.

Properties of Ruby

  • Color: Red
  • Chakra: Heart, Root
  • Number: Vibrates to 3
  • Planet: Mars
  • Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pig
  • Bagua areas: Fame (Li), Wealth (Xun)
  • Elements: Fire
  • Origin: Cambodia, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zimbabwe

Meaning and Uses of Ruby

Ruby’s fiery energy is connected to passion, vitality, and motivation. It can be used to create a protective shield around a property or a person. It’s connected to the heart chakra, and it can invite gentleness, love, and friendship.

Ruby encourages you to follow the things that bring you joy, and it is helpful in setting appropriate goals and bringing them into your reality. This beautiful red stone is also used to invite abundance and financial stability. 

a raw ruby on a white background


Uses in Feng Shui

There are many possible ways to work with ruby to enhance the qi, life force energy, in your home. Here are a few of our favorite applications.

Activate Li, the Fame Area

The Fame area of the feng shui bagua, called Li in Chinese, is connected to the color red and the fire element. This area has to do with how we are seen and recognized by others. You might want to activate Li if you are working on a project or a business that would benefit from more visibility, or if you are wanting more recognition or a promotion at work.

To activate Li, imagine you are standing in your front door facing in, and visualize a three-by-three grid laid over your whole home. Place your ruby in the area that is in the center of the wall furthest from you, while creating an intention for how you would like to work with this stone’s energy.  

Activate the Health Area

In feng shui, the center of your home is related to your health and overall well-being because the center is connected to all areas of your space. Making changes in the center of your home can create a ripple effect in all of these areas and more. To bring more vitality and passion to the Health area, try placing a ruby in the center of your home or bedroom.

Activate Xun, the Wealth Area 

One of the most popular areas of the feng shui bagua is the wealth corner, called Xun in Chinese. Xun has to do with how we receive and accumulate financial abundance, but it also has many other layers of meaning. Xun represents how abundant we feel and how we value ourselves, which actually impacts how much material abundance we experience as well.

Ruby has a strong connection to the energy of abundance, so placing it in Xun position of your home can be very beneficial. To find Xun, stand in the main entrance of your home looking in, and locate the far left corner. Try adding a ruby to this area of your home with the intention that it will help you feel more abundant and build wealth over time.

heart shaped ruby gemstones on a white background

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Activate Fire Energy

One of the tools that we work with in feng shui is the five elements system. Our goal is to create balance among all of the elements, so that they are each expressed in a healthy and appropriate way. To create more balance, we often add certain elements intentionally to a home.

The fire element is connected to passion, warmth, the heart, and emotional expression. If you’d like to cultivate more of these qualities in your life, bringing ruby in your home can be a beautiful way to express this intention and welcome more fire energy. You can even use heart shaped rubies to further enhance the heart connection.

Wear Ruby Jewelry

Feng shui practitioners also help people shift their personal qi, in addition to the flow of qi in homes and spaces. One way to influence and shift your personal qi is to intentionally wear symbolic jewelry.

If the energy of ruby is something you want to bring into your life, you might want to look for ruby jewelry so that you can carry this stone with you wherever you go. Set an intention for your ruby so that it can carry out the energy of this intention. Depending on what you need, you might ask to feel more abundant, protected, motivated, or inspired.