Rum Jumbie Splash Flavored Rums

Rum Jumbie Coconut Splash Rum
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The Rum Jumbie brand specializes in flavored rums. The product line includes Rum Jumbie Liqueur, which comes in a fun bottle shaped like a bongo-playing islander and is a mix of tropical flavors, and the "Splash" line of four flavors. While reviews of the liqueur are mixed and I have not tasted that myself, I was able to sample the Pineapple, Coconut, Mango, and Vanilla Splash Rums. They are "naturally" flavored and overall have a nice, delicate taste.

If you do not enjoy the overly flavored and sweetened (syrupy) rums, these would be a good alternative.

Rum Jumbie Coconut Splash

Coconut-flavored rum is one of those spirits that has either too much coconut or too much of a syrupy taste. It is a flavor that is difficult to find with a nice balance. Rum Jumbie's Coconut Splash comes close to making the grade of a very good coconut rum. It is certainly not overtly sweet like many, but has a soft sweetness. The coconut is also not overbearing, in fact some reviews I've seen complain that there is not enough coconut. For me it's nicely "splashed" with coconut, which is the point of this flavor line; add a splash of flavor to a rum. In that context they did a great job, though the aroma of the coconut will make you think you are going to get more coconut than you do in the end.

Where would you use Rum Jumbie Coconut Splash? Like all of these flavors, this one is great for flavoring a Mojito for a twist on the original so that is my first suggestion for any of the Rum Jumbie line.

Then, you can go with rum cocktail that call specifically for coconut rum like the Red Ball, Rock Lobster, and Surfer on Acid. From there, play with other rum cocktails that have a touch of sweet already.

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Rum Jumbie Mango Splash

The mango-flavored rum is perhaps my favorite of this line because, again, it is just a splash of fruit flavor that adds a little twist to the light-bodied rum, though the mango taste itself seems more natural than the other rums.

The fragrance is mildly pleasant and the taste rather refreshing. It has a subtle tropical air to it that is really enjoyable and not common among other mango rums.

I see many options for cocktails that Rum Jumbie Mango Splash will work. Most notably are the truly tropical drinks like the Blue Hawaiian or the Mai Tai, using the mango in place of the light rum. Also, this could add a nice mango twist to a Daiquiri or a Pina Colada, and I highly recommend the Cuban Rose where the mango is highlighted by orange and pomegranate in a neat, very simple cocktail.

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Rum Jumbie Pineapple Splash

Pineapple is a flavor that I prefer to add to my cocktails on its own via juice. I have yet to be thoroughly impressed by a pineapple-flavored distilled spirit, whether it be rum or vodka, and Rum Jumbie is no exception. This one has a woody character to it and an odd vanilla undertone that just doesn't work for my taste, but I notice that in many pineapple spirits. It does, however, have a very wonderful fresh pineapple fragrance that is an instant reminder of the Caribbean.

Those unique elements in this rum lead me to believe that it is far better in a cocktail than it is on its own.

However, as is the rule with coconut rums, don't mix it in the obvious rum and pineapple drinks like the Pina Colada. Instead, go with something that compliments the fruit like the Immaculate where the rum is combined with the sweet nuttiness of amaretto, or the banana-induced Yellow Submarine. Mixing it in a tall glass of fruit punch is possibly the best option and one that Rum Jumbie named a Jumbie Sunset.

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Rum Jumbie Vanilla Splash

The odd thing about Rum Jumbie Vanilla Splash is that the vanilla tastes and smells like a dash rather than a splash. The flavor is almost transparent and I really like it. Many other vanilla rums are overly aromatic and have a pungent, perfumy vanilla taste that they need to be masked in drinks, but this one is rather pleasant and I enjoyed it most in my limited tasting on the rocks and topped with ginger ale.

Cocktails with this rum? There are quite a few possibilities including dessert drinks like the Parisian Blond in which the vanilla is amplified with vanilla extract, or in an Espresso Martini. It can also work nicely with certain fruits such as the passion fruit (vodka) of a Passion Pearl or the grapefruit of a Nevada Cocktail.

About Rum Jumbie Splash:

  • Barrel-aged, naturally flavored, clear, Carribean rum.
  • Imported by Van Gogh Imports
  • 24% alc/volume (48 proof)
  • Retail for around $16/750ml bottle
  • Visit Their Website

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.