12 Rustic Bathrooms You'll Adore

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    12 Rustic Bathrooms You'll Adore

    Wooden vanity in bathroom
    My Domaine via DavidMacDonald / Pinterest

    When we think of rustic decor, we think of rough surfaces, weathered patinas, and spaces that evoke a warm feeling of comfort, relaxation and even removal from the outside world. It's small wonder then that so many of us work to incorporate that feeling into our bathrooms. There's another added benefit as well. In bathrooms, which are often the smallest rooms in a home, rustic decor helps create a sense of personality with unique finishes. Sometimes one piece is all you need.

    For example, in this dreamy bathroom from My Domaine, the smoothness of the ultra-modern trough sink is perfectly offset by the rough look of the unfinished wood vanity. The contrast creates instant visual interest while still keeping the furnishings to just the things that every bathroom needs. Take a look at a few more examples of why bathrooms and rustic decor make for a winning combination.

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    Rustic Throwback Decor

    Spotlighting the beauty of natural materials gives the rustic decor a classic feel. The color of the wood in this vanity (shared by The Inspired Room) and mirror combination creates a soft, neutral atmosphere that's laid back and even a little nostalgic. Even this modern vessel sink takes on an old-fashioned pump-and-bowl look in this interior. A perfect space for taking it easy.

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    Playing With Natural Hues

    For a smaller bathroom with a rustic feel, stick with the basics. The wood paneling on the wall and the stone tile on the floor in this rustic room from Design Indulgence, create a naturalistic and serene color palette. For contrast, modern light fixtures and mirrors over the stainless steel faucets in the his-and-hers sinks help keep the space from feeling outdated.   

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    A Touch of Rustic

    If giving your bathroom the full log cabin treatment isn't quite your style, you can still enjoy a bit of rustic flavor in your powder room. In this sleek bathroom from Native Trails, the tile and streamlined, modern sink are beautifully juxtaposed with this simple wooden shelf, left unfinished for a reclaimed look. The wood takes center stage as the slate-gray tone of the sink and tile allow the natural wood tone to pop. 

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    Mixing in the Modern

    By keeping a strong color palette you can mix influences from different styles. A chocolate brown shade that complements the wood tones of the vanity and mirror allows this modern, inspirational art to fit right in this bathroom from Eric Olsen Design.

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    More Than Wood

    When it comes to bathrooms, there's more to rustic decor than just wood. If you haven't noticed them yet, vessel (or bowl) sinks are another staple of the style that you'll see again and again. These stylish pieces are available in several materials including granite and bronze, in keeping with the theme of natural elements or clean, sleek porcelain for a contrast. They fit in perfectly with this homey bathroom from The Space Between.

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    Caught in the Rain

    Rustic style is all about adding a sense of nature and rural living to your space, and what could be more natural than rain? This amazing shower fixture designed by Art Design Build lets you have the feeling of being caught in the rain every day no matter what the forecast may be. Paired with a natural stone wall and an earth-tone color palette, this shower may just be the perfect finishing touch for your escapist powder room decor. 

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    Mixing Influences

    Like any other style, creating a bathroom with rustic appeal never has to be an all or nothing proposition. Designing a unique and interesting space often means blending influences and elements in complementary ways. In this modern bathroom shared on Airows, rustic elements like the wood floor, vintage lighting, and old-fashioned cross-handle faucets are paired with the industrial look of the painted brick wall and tub for a very cool look.   

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    Bring In The Elements

    This stunning metal vessel sink is a beautiful complement to the stone walls and wood vanity of this powder room from Style Juicer. When decorating in rustic style remember to bring in all the elements. The mix of stone, wood, and metal in this bathroom, together with the plants, gives it a serene, temple-like feel. 

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    Keep Things Rolling

    Decor doesn't stop at the door. Rolling barn doors like the ones in this bathroom shared by Liz Marie Blog are the epitome of rustic style. They evoke a rural lifestyle that is a great space-saver no matter where you live. Use this type of door as an entryway to a powder room decorated to keep the rustic theme or hide a sleek modern bath behind its wooden facade.