12 Rustic Bathroom Ideas You Will Love

Farmhouse inspired barn door in bathroom

delightedwiththedetails / Instagram

When we think of rustic decor, we think of rough surfaces, weathered patinas, and spaces that evoke a welcoming feeling of comfort and relaxation. So it's no surprise that rustic design can transform a bathroom and take it from stark and basic to soothing and tranquil. Plus, in a small space such as a bathroom, rustic decor is strong enough to add personality without overwhelming the room and adding unnecessary clutter.

Read on for some of our favorite examples of beautiful rustic bathroom decor.

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    Go Rustic With Natural Wood

    Bathroom with wood walls

    littlefarmhouseontaylor / Instagram

    Few things say "rustic" like natural wood finishes. This lovely bathroom from littlefarmhouseontaylor features a wood beadboard that adds a lot of visual interest to the space. Beadboard is a traditional feature in the bathroom, but by keeping the natural wood coloring, this bathroom has an edgier, rustic feel.

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    Embrace the Natural Details

    Bathroom with brick wall

    mylittlekatecod / Instagram

    If you are lucky enough to have exposed brick in your bathroom, embrace it. We can't get enough of this cozy bathroom from mylittlekatecod that proves exposed brick works in literally any room in the house. If you don't have brick, consider adding wood paneling or even a brick wallpaper to give your space a little more grit and texture.

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    Mix Modern and Rustic

    Bathroom with rustic wood vanity

    gibeonphoto / Instagram 

    We love this modern bathroom from gibeonphoto. The natural wood vanity and black metal mirror give this space a farmhouse feel while still looking modern and updated. If you want to avoid a heavy cabin-like feel in your rustic bathroom, opt for lighter wood finishes and white tiles.

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    Upgrade Your Shabby Chic Look

    White shabby chic bathroom vanity

    220northdesigns / Instagram

    If you are hunting for a renovation idea that embraces a more vintage, traditional look, consider a shabby chic bathroom like this one from 220northdesigns. This distressed white vanity is the perfect way to add a rustic flair to your bathroom while still keeping it light and airy.

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    Add a Barn Door

    Farmhouse inspired barn door in bathroom

    delightedwiththedetails / Instagram

    We can't get enough of a well-placed barn door, and this one from delightedwiththedetails captures exactly why we love them so much. Not only are barn doors functional, but they are equally beautiful, adding style and interest to a space. A barn door is a great way to section your bathroom off from a primary suite or from a hidden linen closet.

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    Spinkle in Rustic Accessories

    Rustic bathroom design

    motherthyme / Instagram

    Not up for a full-on renovation? This lovely bathroom from motherthyme proves that with just a few small accessories, you can embrace the rustic look in any space. Between the black-and-white plaid shower curtain and the vintage decorative sign, you get a rustic feel without a big makeover.

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    Pull in Natural Materials

    Bathroom with natural stone sink

    kellynuttdesign / Instagram

    Rustic design means embracing rough textures, unfinished materials, and natural elements. This stunning sink designed by kellynuttdesign is one of the most creative ways to add a rustic flair to a bathroom we've ever seen. The natural limestone sink plays wonderfully with the unfinished wood vanity and the distressed brick walls.

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    Experiment With Shiplap

    Bathroom with shiplap on the walls

    homedecor_by_carrie / Instagram

    Embrace your inner Joanna Gaines and try shiplap in your bathroom for a rustic-yet-modern feel. This adorable bathroom from homedecor_by_carrie features a simple shiplap wall that adds visual interest and gives it a modern farmhouse vibe.

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    Add Rustic Wallpaper

    Bathroom with rustic details

    willowway.acres / Instagram

    Looking for a rustic bathroom idea that doesn't require a lot of commitment? We love this bathroom from willowway.acres that features a rustic chevron wallpaper and farmhouse shutters. This is a great idea for renters who want to upgrade their bathroom without altering fixtures or flooring.

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    Use Vintage Details

    rustic bathroom with lots of vintage mirrrors

    fleur_at_home / Instagram

    Next time you find yourself browsing your local thrift store or flea market, keep an eye out for vintage mirrors. As seen in this bathroom from fleur_at_home, a wall of vintage mirrors not only makes a room feel lighter and bigger, but it gives it a major rustic vibe. Add in a clawfoot tub, and voila!

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    Opt for a Rustic Vanity

    Rustic wood vanity

    thecraftycouple​ltd / Instagram

    Here's another idea for anyone who wants to sprinkle in some rustic vibes without going full-on country cabin. This natural wood vanity from thecraftycouple​ltd is rustic but still modern and perfect for any size bathroom.

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    A Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

    Modern farmhouse bathroom decor

    montgofarmhouse / Instagram

    If you have been hunting for inspiration for that perfect modern farmhouse look, check out this beautiful bathroom from montgofarmhouse. This space is large (but still homey), and feels welcoming and warm with its use of natural wood elements and industrial-inspired wall sconces.