12 Gorgeous Cottage Bedrooms That Are Just the Right Amount of Rustic

Cottage bedroom


There’s nothing quite as cozy as slipping into a cottage bedroom after a day spent in the countryside. The rustic and mismatched appeal combined with the warmth of a nearby fireplace and a familiar book on the nightstand has the power to instantly whisk away any lingering stress or anxiety that comes with modern living.

What is Cottage Decor Style?

Cottage decor is typically considered a combination of rustic and perfectly imperfect design aesthetics that most often include nature-inspired colors, lots of linens, and reclaimed and vintage wooden furniture with a focus on comfort and relaxation.

Looking for inspiration for your own cottage or country home? Here are some of our favorite cottage bedrooms that are just the right amount of rustic—and sure to make anyone fall in love with the charm of the countryside.

Meet the Expert

  • Andre Kazimierski is the CEO of Improovy, an on-demand home services company.
  • Juan Sandiego is an interior design coach and the founder of Boreal Abode.
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    Classic Shiplap

    Cottage bedroom


    Reclaimed wood or classic shiplap are some of the best alternatives to a simple drywall—especially at the cottage. Not only is it relatively cheap but it’ll give your bedroom that rustic appeal that few other materials can. This French country cottage achieves the charmingly rustic look through its creamy white coat but you can easily reclaim more rugged wood from old barns or fences as well.

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    Rattan and Wicker Details

    Cottage bedroom


    “Cottage inspired bedrooms are all about textures,” says Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy. “Distressed wood, wicker items, quilts, and iron furnishings are just some uniquely textured items that you can combine together to bring character and dimension into the room.” This cottage bedroom in particular plays into varying rattan and wicker textures while keeping the color scheme neutral rather than busy.

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    In the Reclaimed Woods

    Cottage bedroom


    Cottage bedrooms are crafted to foster a sense of comfort—so keeping that in mind when picking out furniture is key to achieving the right feel to the space. This modern cottage-inspired bedroom features a vintage wooden headboard but the added layers of linens and soft velvet pillows add to the cozy feeling of the room.

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    It’s in the Architectural Details

    Cottage bedroom


    Smaller cottage bedrooms or attic rooms can pose challenges in dealing with unique architectural details—and finding the right positioning and storage solutions is key. This modern cottage bedroom worked out a solution by placing the bed away from the center and balancing it out with a matching monochromatic chair.

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    Shades of Blue

    Cottage bedroom


    This coastal cottage offers just the right amount of whimsy through the deep blue shiplap walls and colorful nature-inspired bench. “When you’re decorating a bedroom in cottage style it’s easy to fall into the trap of going for an all-white or neutral look,” says Juan Sandiego, Founder of Boreal Abode. “Instead, adding a touch of vibrant color in unexpected places will bring joy to the bedroom without feeling overpowering.”

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    A Hint of Greenery

    southwestern cottage bedroom

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    One of the most important style tips for creating a cottage inspired bedroom is to keep colors light and soft like this cabin- and Southwest-inspired space. You want to stick to your whites, off-whites, and light browns but the addition of plants (whether real plants or flora-inspired photography) will add appropriate pops of natural color.

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    Beam Me Up

    Cottage bedroom


    Reclaimed wooden beams are one of the most obvious ways to pack a cottage-inspired punch—but there’s a reason the trend is so popular. Adding exposed beams to an otherwise contemporary space offers a subtle wink to a more rustic decor aesthetic without the need for plaid linens, a fireplace, or any other typical cottage decor statements.

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    Board and Batten

    Cottage bedroom


    Board and batten and other similar wall treatments can be a great way to add texture and visual interest to a cottage bedroom without going straight for more traditional shiplap. The wood molding is traditionally painted in warm neutrals and soft jewel tones for a more sophisticated take on the traditional wall treatment.

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    Southwest Nest

    Cottage bedroom


    This Southwest-inspired cottage bedroom might take cues from Georgia O’Keeffe and the New Mexico landscape but it’s just as warm and cozy thanks to the combination of cheery throw pillows, soft linens, and dimmed down statement lighting.

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    Nooks and Crannies

    Cottage bedroom


    This tiny cottage bedroom plays into the coziness aspect of country living thanks to the custom-built bed that can double as a reading nook during the day. The sumptuous structure wraps into the window allowing for unobstructed views of nature from under the covers.

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    Distressed Doors

    Cottage bedroom


    Distressed and reclaimed doors and windows are a simple and efficient way to foster a sense of rustic charm without eating too much into your budget. This charming country bedroom makes use of both doors and windows to add texture to the shiplap wall while framing out an oil painting for added visual interest.

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    By the Fire

    Cottage bedroom


    In terms of charming cottage bedrooms, nothing compares to a cozy built-in fireplace to warm the toes on a cool night. This rustic bedroom takes it one step further thanks to the original brick molding and retro-inspired wood stove.