Rustic Kitchen Islands You’ll Want to Try

White Retro Style Kitchen with Wood Floor and Island

Spaces Images / Getty Images

A kitchen island is one of the easiest ways to create a more functional and usable space in your kitchen. And while there are so many styles of kitchen islands to fit any space, there's just something warm and welcoming about a rustic one. A rustic kitchen island helps make your space cozy, inviting, and really just feel like home. Whether you already have a rustic-themed kitchen or you want to mix and match styles, there are countless rustic kitchen island ideas for every home. 

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    Farmhouse Chic

    A kitchen island made from a rustic cabinet

    Farmhouse on Boone

    This rustic option from Farmhouse on Boone is a little bit country, a little bit modern, and perfect for any kitchen that could use some extra counter space. Not only does it lend extra room for chopping and prepping, but the shelves and cabinet provide easy storage for pots, pans, and other necessities.

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    A Reclaimed Wood Island

    Kitchen with a rustic table as an island

    thelinenrabbit / Instagram

    If you have a lot of space, why not fill it up with a kitchen island as beautiful as this one from thelinenrabbit? Not only does this stunning island provide a lot of extra storage and counter area, but it also stands alone as an heirloom piece that helps set the vibe of the entire kitchen. A simple, yet beautiful wooden island like this one is the perfect piece for any modern farmhouse kitchen.

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    Add a Little Color

    Kitchen island with blue details

    its_a_meethsister_thing / Instagram

    While rustic tends to mean heavy, deep woods and solid construction, it doesn't have to mean colorless. This beautiful island from its_a_meethsister_thing is fun and unique, with bright teal planks that lend a pop of color to the otherwise neutral kitchen. We also love how it looks next to the patterned tiles—don't be afraid to mix and match styles when it comes to rustic decor.

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    Keep It Classic

    White kitchen with a wooden kitchen island

    Lizzie Marie

    There's just something about a shaker kitchen island that screams classic. This beautiful wooden kitchen island from Lizzie Marie is the perfect accent piece for an otherwise white kitchen. It adds a lot of warmth to a modern space that feels incredibly cozy and homey. This piece also features heavy details that add a lot of texture to the kitchen.

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    A Beautiful Weathered Look

    Rustic kitchen with a large wooden kitchen island

    countryline_farmhouse / Instagram

    This kitchen island from countryline_farmhouse looks like it's been in the family for decades, with a stunning weathered wood stain that gives it a rustic farmhouse feel. We love the wide wooden plank countertop and the beadboard siding that make it a unique and original focal point for the room. This is the perfect centerpiece for any farmhouse kitchen.

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    Modern and Rustic

    White kitchen with a black and wooden kitchen island
    Embracing the Chaos

    Rustic doesn't have to mean heavy, solid pieces that take up the whole kitchen. This island from Embracing the Chaos is the perfect versatile item that not only provides extra counter space but also creates a breakfast bar for drinking a cup of coffee or scanning the morning paper. When mixed with other deep woods, black can look rustic—plus, if you pick a chalkboard paint, you can use the space for grocery lists, notes, and appointments.  

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    Opt for Shiplap

    Kitchen with patterned tiles and white kitchen island
    Charlotte's Happy Home

    There's no denying that shiplap is one of the most popular modern, rustic materials out there today. Whether Joanna Gaines is to thank or the look is just so versatile that it's found its way into all types of homes, decorating with shiplap is a great way to add a rustic feel to any room. This lovely kitchen island from Charlotte's Happy Home maintains the same concrete countertop throughout the kitchen, but also incorporates white shiplap that adds texture to the space.

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    A Kitchen Island Centerpiece

    large kitchen with large island and wooden accents

    This rustic kitchen island from FoxBuilt is made to play alongside the rest of the kitchen, but uses a deeper brown wood than the cabinetry. The light marble countertops provide an interesting contrast from the deeper rustic wood base that keeps the space fresh and interesting.

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    A Rustic Cabin Island

    Rustic kitchen with wooden features

    Weddings by Nicola & Glen

    The entire kitchen in this rental home from Unique Homestays is so interesting, it feels like there's something new to look at each time you come in. The antiqued wood kitchen island fits the rest of the rustic cabin-like space perfectly and even features unique antique farm tools on the outside to give it an incredible vintage feel.

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    Work With Brick

    Kitchen island made from brick and wood

    our.nohai.home / Instagram

    Whether you use real brick or fake it with removable wallpaper, brick can look incredibly rustic and homey when used in a kitchen island. The contrast between the red brick and the deep wood countertop on this island from our.nohai.home creates visual interest and makes the rest of the kitchen feel cozy and complete.

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    Add Rustic Details

    Kitchen with wooden beams and wooden and white kitchen island

    @hausofhoneydo / Instagram

    If you already have a kitchen island and don't feel like investing in an entire renovation, take a cue from this well-designed space from hausofhoneydo and add a few rustic details to produce the look. The wooden trim on this white kitchen island lends a farmhouse-y feel and helps to create a cohesive style across the other wooden elements in the kitchen. This is an easy addition to nearly any kitchen island and adds the perfect amount of farmhouse chic.

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    Mix and Match Materials

    large kitchen island with rustic stools

    greybirchdesigns / Instagram

    It's already clear that rustic kitchen islands don't need to be all wood, and this oversized island from greybirchdesigns uses various materials and textures to create a country chic kitchen that is both updated and cozy. We also love the industrial-style architect bar stools alongside the weathered wood accents in this space.

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    An Island for Small Spaces

    Kitchen with a teal kitchen cart that doubles as an island

    @farm_decor_momma / Instagram

    Think that a smaller kitchen means you can't fit a rustic kitchen island? Think again. This adorable teal and wood kitchen cart from farm_decor_momma doubles as a small island that provides extra prep space and a shelf for storage. No matter the size of your kitchen, adding a rustic island can help center the space and create a focal point.

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    Keep It Simple

    Kitchen with a large white and wooden island

    nutch_design_co / Instagram

    This large kitchen island from nutch_design_co is minimalist, with the perfect amount of rustic thrown in. We love the simple white counters and shiplap siding paired with a touch of natural wood trim. Mixing and matching white and wooden elements in a kitchen is a great way to add a rustic feel while keeping the space modern and updated.

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    Pick Reclaimed Wood

    Kitchen with a large wooden island

    villalongamallorca / Instagram

    Using reclaimed or weathered wood is a great way to create a rustic feel in nearly any kitchen. This island from villalongamallorca is an eye-catching piece that looks instantly rustic, with wood planks stained in various shades of weathered grays and browns. The mismatched stain is a great way to produce a farmhouse-inspired rustic look that pairs well with nearly any cabinetry.

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    Choose a U-Shaped Rustic Island

    Kitchen with a large wrap around island

    @kindermade_ / Instagram

    This large U-shaped kitchen island from kindermade_ uses shiplap and a dark stained wooden countertop for a rustic-yet-modern look that ties the rest of the white kitchen together. A large kitchen island not only makes a statement, but it acts as a centerpiece to decorate around and helps guide the rest of your kitchen decor choices.