22 Charmingly Rustic Nursery Rooms

Comfortable kid bedroom in bohemian interior style
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Dreaming of a warm and cozy retreat for your little one? You’re in luck! With rustic décor dominating the design scene, cozy is the new cool.

If you’re considering the rustic look, you already know that warm woods, natural textures, and a healthy dose of the great outdoors are a must, but there’s no need to go full cabin-in-the-woods if you don’t want to. Rustic accents lend themselves to a variety of different styles and themes from vintage style to country farmhouse. Even a contemporary nursery can benefit from a little rustic charm!

Need a little more cozy in your life? Grab a blanket and a cup of tea, and get comfy with these charmingly rustic nursery rooms!

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    Rustic Glam

    Shabby chic nursery with rustic wooden accent wall
    PB & J Babes

    If you crave all things Shabby Chic, you’ll love this nursery swoon-inducing space created by Amber of PB&J Babes. A dramatic, reclaimed-wood accent wall creates the perfect backdrop for this beautiful “French vintage” nursery room, making the space the very definition of rustic glam. 

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    Faux Farmhouse

    rustic nursery with wood print wallpaper accent wall

    Taryn Whiteaker

    Lacking the skill to create a beautiful, rustic paneled accent wall? The show-stopping wallpaper mural in this dreamy farmhouse-inspired nursery by Taryn Whiteaker may be exactly what you’re looking for!

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    Cozy Contemporary

    Contemporary nursery with rustic wood-print ceiling
    Design Dump

    Rich textiles and a ceiling dressed in rustic woodprint wallpaper bring a sense of coziness to this contemporary, gender-neutral nursery room from Design Dump, proving that it only takes a few well-placed elements to completely change the feel of a space.  

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    Simple and Sweet

    Sweet and simple rustic nursery with boho charm

    Lynzy and Co

    Love the farmhouse look? With its whitewashed wood panel walls, distressed vintage furnishings, and earthy accessories, this rustic all-white nursery room, created by Lynzy of Lynzy & Co, is the perfect combination of sweet and simple. 

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    A Room with a View

    Woodland nursery with chalkboard wall mountain mural

    Grey House Studio

    A one-of-a-kind, chalk-drawn mountain mural, featured on Grey House Studio, makes for a breathtaking focal point in this beautiful nursery space full of woodland-inspired charm.

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    Easy Mountain Mural

    Rustic lumberjack-themed nursery
    Rachel Smith/Pinterest

    Not much of an artist? If you can hold a paintbrush, you can recreate this gorgeous Ombre mountain accent wall spotted on Pinterest. Just follow this simple tutorial, and you’ll be getting on board with the mountain mural trend in no time!

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    Rustic Crib Canopy

    Kids room with rustic DIY canopy created from a tree branch.


    A large branch, suspended from the ceiling and draped with an austere linen fabric, makes for a wonderfully rustic, gender-neutral crib canopy in this simple nursery space from Frivole.

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    Barn Door Headboard

    Rustic barn door headboard in nursery
    Design Indulgence

    A set of antique barn doors mounted behind the crib gives this clean, contemporary space from Design Indulgence a rich, rustic feel suggestive of traditional wood paneling. Primitive textiles and organic accessories, like the sheepskin throw rug, add plenty of warmth and coziness.

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    Rustic Southwest Charm

    Rustic Southwestern nursery room

    art_z_fart_z / Instagram

    This Boho-chic nursery, space spotted on Instagram, boasts plenty of rustic charm, incorporating traditional Southwest accents with a bold geometric accent wall inspired by Aztec prints.

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    Rustic Boho

    Beautiful bohemian girl nursery with rustic charm

    Apartment Therapy

    Hard oak floors, wood paneled walls, distressed furnishings, and nature-inspired accessories combine with bohemian traditions to give this beautifully Boho Chic nursery room, featured by Apartment Therapy, a distinctly rustic flair.

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    Cozy Corner Accent

    Rustic nursery with wood panel corner accent
    View Along the Way

    The rustic wood-paneled corner in this rich, contemporary nursery space from The View Along the Way is the perfect place to curl up with a cozy blanket, a good book, and your favorite little cuddle buddy. 

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    Rustic Meets Modern

    Modern metallic twist on rustic wooden accent wall
    Project Nursery

    This modern nursery space featured on Project Nursery takes a fresh approach to the rustic nursery trend, punching up a wood paneled accent wall with metallic silver paint and rich navy accents. 

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    Beachy Meets Rustic

    Rustic nursery with coastal vibe

    Table and Hearth

    With its muted palette, distressed woods, and grey shiplap accent wall, this rustic beach-themed nursery room from Table and Hearth offers the perfect cozy, laidback coastal vibe.

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    Birchwood Beauty

    Contemporary nursery with rustic birchwood wallpaper
    Decor Pad

    This chic, gender-neutral nursery featured on DécorPad incorporates a subtle variety of rustic nursery trends, including natural textiles, industrial-inspired accents. The piece de résistance? A beautifully understated birch tree wallpaper accent wall. Gorgeous!

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    Whitewashed Farmhouse Nursery

    Rustic farmhouse nursery
    The Mountain View Cottage

    This rustic, farmhouse nursery, featured on The Mountain View Cottage, couldn’t be more bright and beautiful. From the whitewashed shiplap and framed quilt squares to the antique crystal chandelier, this sweet space is oh-so-country chic!

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    Modern Mountain Nursery

    Modern Lumberjack nursery
    Project Nursery

    This woodsy yet modern nursery space, featured on Project Nursery, is perfect for the little lumberjack in your life. The dramatic graphic print mural, antique wooden doors, and one-of-a kind farm-industrial light fixture make a rich, rustic statement in what would otherwise be a very clean and simple space. 

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    Bright and Airy

    Bright and airy nursery with rustic birchwood accent paper

    projectnursery / Instagram

    A rustic accent wall in beautiful white birch wood gives this bright and airy nursery space from Instagram instant farmhouse charm. The layered rugs and wicker baskets add textural appeal, making the design even richer without overwhelming the space.

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    Graphic Nursery with Rustic Charm

    Nordic nursery with rustic woodland theme
    Project Nursery

    This unique woodland-themed nursery room, featured on Project Nursery, is a perfect example of the popular Nordic nursery trend. It’s a simple, functional space with an emphasis on imaginative play. The mounted wall planks offer a subtle nod to rustic traditions without sacrificing the room’s contemporary aesthetic. 

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    Flower-Crowned Crib Canopy

    Flower-crowned crib canopy

    Bella Blue Boutique / Etsy

    Crowned with beautiful flowers and draped over an iron crib, this simple crib canopy, spotted on Etsy, would give any nursery a sweet, rustic, country-living feel.

    Want to make your own? Just follow the steps in this easy tutorial by Finding Silver Linings.

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    Outdoor Adventure Nursery

    Rustic hunting themed nursery
    Fawn Over Baby

    Renting your space? You can still create the rustic nursery of your dreams by recreating the gorgeous, reclaimed wood focal point featured in this adorable vintage hunting-themed nursery from Fawn Over Baby.   

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    Pink and White Farm House Nursery

    Pink and white farmhouse nursery

    Making Joy and Pretty Things

    Pretty pink accessories really pop off the rustic shiplap walls in this simple, all-white, farmhouse-inspired baby girl nursery from Making Joy and Pretty Things.

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    Lil’ Cowboy Nursery

    Rustic Western cowboy nursery

    Little Crown Interiors

    The level of detail in this rustic, Western-themed desert scape by Little Crown Interiors is enough to make any young cowpoke feel right at home. The oak paneled walls and rope monogram, the Ombre desert mountain mural and cowhide rug—it’s all just a day on the range for this baby buckaroo!

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