Ryobi ONE Plus 18V Compact Drill Kit

Ryobi 18V Cordless Drill
Ryobi 18V Cordless Drill. Lee Wallender; Licensed to About.com

The Bottom Line

The Ryobi ONE Plus 18V Compact Drill is a nice way for homeowners to elevate their drill to near-pro levels.


  • Great 18V power for most DIY applications.
  • Balance feels right in hand.
  • Enough power even for augering.


  • Large battery charging docking station.


  • Ryobi ONE Plus 18V Compact Drill Kit.
  • 1/2-in single sleeve chuck.
  • 2 speeds.
  • 24-position clutch.
  • Includes 2 batteries.

Guide Review - Ryobi ONE Plus 18V Compact Drill Kit

You can't remodel or fix your house anymore without a cordless drill.

I believe there are records of ancient people using manual screwdrivers, but I sure don't remember this.

Luckily, the Ryobi ONE Plus 18V Compact Drill, like other cordless drills, is all about the battery. This battery is slim and light and locks authoritatively into the docking station. One note about that station: it's big.

Jason Swanson of TTI, parent of Ryobi, explained to me that empty space in the casing contributes to the size. The reason behind the empty space is to better dissipate heat that builds up during the charging process.

My test for cordless drills isn't drilling or driving; it's how fast and well they can auger a 3/8" or 1/2" hole in a stud--a common practice when running Romex electrical cable. Let it be said that the Ryobi ONE Plus 18V has no problem eating through wood.

How about driving a coarse-thread 1 5/8" drywall screw in a stud? Like butter.

This Ryobi isn't the cheapest cordless drill on the market.

It is definitely a measured choice to make if you want to upgrade from your current flimsy 12V or even 18V to a better model.

Update: 1 1/2 Years Later...

How good is a tool? You don't really know until you've used it for a long time. As with other tools, I like to come back a year or two later and let you know how it works.

Or even if it works.

The Ryobi ONE Plus 18V is still the cordless drill/driver that occupies the place in my tool belt. The batteries are still incredibly easy to slide in/out of both the tool and the charger. The batteries haven't failed yet, even though failure at this age isn't uncommon for batteries with other tools.