Are There Safe Kids Wood Projects?

Real Construction Kids Tool Set
Jakks Pacific

Ever head to the arts and crafts and the kids beg you to buy a wooden birdhouse to paint? At the home improvement store they have several small wood projects to buy to build a coin bank or race car. To some parents, wood projects are scary. The idea of kids using real tools is frightening. There is no need to make up excuses any more. There are safe kids "wood" projects.

Kids just want to act like adults.

They grow up way to soon and part of their childhood is trying to imitate us any way they can. It is challenging to find a safe way for kids to explore hobbies and experiences like carpentry. Hammers, nails, screws, tools and sharp woods are not for everyone. Others prefer cooking or baking experiences or allowing him to take photos with a digital camera or smartphone. 

Thankfully, there are many toys and experiences now that are giving kids a way to explore these hobbies, safely, and without making a big mess.

Meet Real Construction. Aside from being a super-cute kids tool set, the Real Construction sets give kids a safe way to design, build and cut materials. Using a special tool that will not cut them, kids can safely "saw" or cut through sheets of thick foam that looks like wood. When cutting the pieces, it actually even sounds like as if they are cutting real wood! Using small plastic, re-usable nails and screws, along with a plastic hammer, kids can attach the pieces they cut together to assemble a project.

There are simple, black and white instructions included, but for kids who want to design their project they can make something from scratch. 

Aside from being a fun activity for kids, there are many benefits of Real Construction kits. 

1. They are cost effective. Aside from safety, money is the main reason that often drives parents to say "No." Especially if it costs a lot of money to buy all the tools, attachments or accessories the child wants for a new hobby.

What if he only wants to do it once, then never wants to use it again? 

For under $25, the deluxe set includes all of the tools and materials to make 8 different projects. A starter set, is the perfect birthday gift or rainy day activity.  At under $10 this toy gets kids sawing, building, hammering and creating at a price less than a babysitter will charge you per hour.  

2. Real Construction is innovative. For kids looking for more than building, who like gears and STEM activities, there are expansion sets with motorized pieces which allow kids a chance to build boats that they can actually drive in the bathtub or a backyard pool

3. There is no mess. Aside from scraps, which can be recycled and used for other projects, it will not ruin your furniture or take hours to clean up.

4. It really is safe. Kids and many adults do not have great safety awareness. No one has to feel guilty depriving a children from an activity that is dangerous because they are anxious or worried they might get hurt.

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