Safety Turtle Water and Pool Alarm for Baby

Safety Turtle Pool Alarm
2016, Safety Turtle.

Safety Turtle pool alarm system adds an extra safety measure for your baby when you're near a pool or lake. While nothing can replace good parental supervision, Safety Turtle sounds an alert instantly if baby enters the water, allowing adults the opportunity to react quickly. That means children are less likely to be seriously injured. This product is a good choice for families with pools, or those who spend a lot of time at the lake with baby, but to be effective, the turtle wristband must be used constantly.

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  • Sounds alarm immediately if baby enters the water.
  • Loud alarm tone is easy to hear throughout a house or pool deck.
  • Weather-proof carrying case allows use at lakes or on boats.
  • Additional wristbands are available to expand the alarm system for more children.
  • Can easily be moved to new locations, such as a neighbor's pool.


  • Safety Turtle base plus one wristband sells for $150 to $200.
  • Additional turtle wristbands cost more than $50 each.
  • Could malfunction in improperly balanced saltwater pools.
  • Not safe to use in sea water.
  • Could give parents a false sense of security.


  • Pool or lake water alarm system that alerts parents when baby enters the water.
  • Basic set includes Safety Turtle alarm base unit and one turtle wristband.
  • Each color wristband uses a different frequency, so two systems can operate in close proximity.
  • Turtle wristband design minimizes false alarms.
  • Easy to use, portable and dependable. Wristband battery should last at least 4 years with daily use.

    Safety Turtle pool alarm system takes a different approach from other pool alarms - sounding an alarm when the baby enters the water rather than when the pool surface is broken. The Safety Turtle alarm base comes with a wall plug, but also can run from a battery. The alarm base must be located within 100 feet of the water.

    The baby wears a locking wristband that features a small water-sensitive turtle. When the turtle is submerged in water, the alarm sounds.

    The Safety Turtle wristband is designed not to sound a false alarm if the turtle is just splashed or sprayed, so you don't have to worry that the alarm will go off during hand-washing or during some other mundane task.

    The wristband is easy to operate. It has a small key that is used to lock the band in place after it is correctly sized to baby's wrist.

    The submersion alarm is loud enough to be heard throughout most homes. When tested, the alarm did sound immediately upon submersion in a lake and in a swimming pool.

    Expansion units are available to cover wider areas, and additional turtle wristbands are available so that more than one child can use the same Safety Turtle base unit. The wristbands are available in six colors. Each color uses a different frequency, so it's important that you buy extra wristbands that match the color of the small turtle on the base unit or the wristbands will not work.

    The base unit and wristbands are portable and can easily be taken to other pools or lakes without special installation efforts.

    That makes it simple but effective part of your travel childproofing kit.

    It's important to note that no pool or water alarm takes the place of parental supervision. Babies and toddlers should NEVER be left alone near water. Please use this and other water safety devices to supplement, not replace, your existing safety provisions for your child. If you have a pool or other water near your home, then this type of precaution should be part of your childproofing plans.

    Note: This review was first written in 2005. The product has been improved and changed slightly since then, but is still a good option for protecting kids around water.

    A review unit was provided by the manufacturer.