21 Sage Green Bathroom Ideas You'll Love for Years to Come

sage bathrooms

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Anyone can agree that whether you own or rent your home, designing a bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing is key. After all, both you and guests will use this space, and given that the bathroom is a place in which you start and end every day, it's worth decorating it so that it reflects your style. If you're interested in committing to a color scheme but are overwhelmed by the number of options available, let us put sage green on your radar.

Sage is such a serene color, it's no wonder that it's a commonly used hue in the bathroom. Who doesn't want this space to feel nice and spa-like, after all? If you're considering adding some color to one of the bathrooms in your home but don't know where to begin, we're here to assist. The 21 sage bathrooms below will certainly inspire you, whether you're looking to get creative with tile or simply upgrade your to day accessories. Either way, get ready to embrace this calming color in your home ASAP!

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    Tile It

    sage bathroom

    lucyshyn.designs / Instagram

    Sage green shower tiles shine in this contemporary bathroom. The wall is also painted a very light sage, which serve as excellent inspiration for those hoping to go a more subtle route.

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    Go Matchy Matchy

    sage bathrooms

    johnna_designbuild / Instagram

    If you're already painting the walls a beautiful deep sage, why not opt to coat the cabinets in the same color? This sage really pops alongside gold accents like the mirror, sconces, and hardware present throughout the space. Taking down the medicine cabinet and replacing it with an oversized, stylish mirror that complements your aesthetic is also an excellent decision—here, a large brass mirror is the perfect finishing touch.

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    Try a Twist on Subway Tile

    sage bathrooms

    @nichola_barron / Instagram

    Sage subway tile stuns in this charming bathroom. Even if you opt to leave the walls in a room white, tile is a great way to experiment with vibrant hues and will instantly elevate any space.

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    Embrace Vintage Vibes

    sage bathrooms

    @glanrafoncottage / Instagram

    A very light sage adds charm to this bathroom—and would you look at the gorgeous clawfoot tub? If you're going for a vintage look, lighter sage is always a winning option.

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    Checker It

    sage bathrooms

    @sussexrents / Instagram

    Green looks lovely when paired with neutrals, and we're loving how much of a statement this sage green bathroom wall makes alongside black and white checkered flooring. How sophisticated!

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    Mix and Match Shades of Sage

    sage bathrooms

    @love_this_old_house / Instagram

    Try using different shades of sage together in this same space. This bathroom also features a dreamy clawfoot tub in a darker sage, while lighter sage is used on the cabinets. Talk about the best of both worlds.

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    Or Engage in Some Pattern Play

    sage bathroom

    @renovatingruckley / Instagram

    Mix and match patterns for a bit of an eclectic look. Opt for plain wall tiles but then choose printed flooring, for example. This setup shines in the loo shown here.

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    Install Board and Batten

    sage bathrooms

    @emmas_achilty_home / Instagram

    We often see board and batten in living and dining spaces, but it looks pretty fantastic in the bathroom, too. Rather than leaving yours plain white, why not paint it sage? This wall adds elegance to the bathroom and helps designate a mini seating zone.

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    Get a Little Rustic

    sage bathrooms

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    How cute is this rustic chic sage bathroom? Just add a small stool, some greenery, and a few candlesticks for an ultra charming setup that will really make you want to spend time indulging in some pampering.

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    Add Artful Floor Tiles

    sage bathrooms

    @_hilldecor / Instagram

    Board and batten looks beautiful once again in this sage bathroom. Patterned floor tiles add an artful touch to the space and really pop against the cheerful hue.

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    Try a Bit of Colorblocking

    sage bathrooms

    @atfollyhouse / Instagram

    Who doesn't love a bit of colorblock? If you can't quite imagine painting your entire wall sage, you can opt for a fun combo like this one. It's all about compromise!

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    Have Fun With Accessories

    sage bathrooms

    @itslittlelauren / Instagram

    Even if you're not able to do much to your existing bathroom, you can invoke touches of sage in the form of accessories. For example, switch out your bath towels and bathmat, display some sage green containers that you can use to store cosmetics and shower essentials, and hang some sage green wall art.

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    Pair Sage With Wood

    sage bathroom

    @number24roots / Instagram

    Sage tiles once again make a statement in this bathroom and look pretty darn good alongside the wood wall trim, if you ask us.

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    Make it Modern

    sage bathrooms

    @littlemethleymanor / Instagram

    This contemporary sage bathroom is nice and simple, proving just how versatile the color sage can be. Whether your style leans rustic, modern farmhouse, or somewhere in between, there's no reason not to use this beautiful shade of green.

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    Try Sage and Mushroom

    sage bathrooms

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Small sage green details make an appearance on this fun floor tile, which complements the mushroom vanity perfectly. Sage and mushroom make for a fantastic combo when designing a space rooted in earth tones.

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    Let a Petite Powder Room Sing

    sage bathroom

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    This pretty sage powder room is just darling and proves that one doesn't need a substantially sized bathroom to have fun with color.

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    Or Make a Loud Statement in the Primary Bath

    sage bathrooms

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Don't be afraid to pair sage with a color completely on the opposite end of the spectrum, like red. A bold red runner adds sophistication to this luxurious bathroom that features a statement-making sage wall.

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    Have Fun With Herringbone

    sage bathrooms

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Have fun with your tile patterns—and consider pairing tiles with wallpaper, if you wish! This light sage tile, arranged in a herringbone pattern, is so chic and adds drama to this stylish bathroom.

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    Try This Take on an Accent Wall

    sage bathrooms

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    If you love an accent wall, try this bathroom appropriate take on one in the form of an intricate tile design. As always, sage is a no-fail choice.

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    Let Your Tile Talk

    sage bathrooms

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Sweet sage steals the show in the form of another gorgeous herringbone design in this powder bath.

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    Go Bold

    sage bathrooms

    Leah O'Connell

    A dark sage in the shower complements a wooden vanity and overall contemporary looking setup in this airy bathroom. Once again, gold hardware shines in this green space.