25 Sage Green Bedrooms That Are So Calming

Bedroom with sage green painted walls

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

We all understand the importance of designing a calming bedroom, but when it comes to selecting a specific paint color to add to your walls, there are so many options on the market that making a final decision can feel a bit daunting! However, we always keep coming back to shades of sage green when looking at calming hues. You likely know by now that many paint brands have named green the 2022 color of the year, so this shade is extra on-trend at the moment. But don't worry, it most certainly doesn't have an expiration date.

Take a look at the 25 sage green bedrooms below to get a better sense of just how versatile of a color this can be and how it can be incorporated into a wide mix of a spaces—those that lean vintage, boho style, modern, and beyond. It's time to stop putting off that bedroom makeover project once and for all.

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    Cool Contrast

    vintage green bedroom

    @theordinaryrenovators / Instagram

    If your bedroom features a white floor, painting the walls can be a great way to add some color into the space. Here, green adds a sweet touch to this vintage-inspired sleep space.

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    Nice and Simple

    sage green wall and sconce

    @our.vienna / Instagram

    A sage green accent wall makes a statement in this bedroom. Even small spaces can benefit from a bit of color! If you don't have enough space for a large nightstand, take a cue from this setup, which proves that a petite bedside table and a sconce is all you need.

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    Sage and White

    sage green and bold light fixture

    @insidesixtythree / Instagram

    Why not make a statement? A stunning white light fixture paired with a soothing green wall proves that it's always more than ok to think bold.

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    Color Blocked Cheer

    green color blocked wall

    @louellareese / Instagram

    Painting a wall partially right behind the bed can be a great way to fake a headboard if you don't have room for one or don't wish to make the splurge. In this room, a color blocked look also modernizes the space.

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    Tropical Flair

    green and pink bedroom

    @style_the_hawthorns / Instagram

    Sage green is often styled with moodier hues, but it looks fab with touches of pink, too. This bedroom has some tropical flair while still appearing nice and cozy.

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    Pop of Pizzazz

    sage green walls and bright accents

    @makemynewbuildpretty / Instagram

    And if you feel like incorporating even more color, that's ok, too! Here, a clever floating bookshelf and some artwork, along with bright bedding, and lots of pizzazz to this sage bedroom.

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    Warm and Cozy

    green board and batten wall

    @_thismustbethehouse_ / Instagram

    If your bedroom features board and batten (or if you decide to go the DIY route and install it yourself), you can always paint it a fun color for some extra pep. This sage green wall gives us all the warm and cozy vibes.

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    Welcoming Wall

    sage green and beams

    @becomingbeachbarn / Instagram

    Here's another example of a beautiful board and batten wall, only the sage green paint continues to envelope the entire space.

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    Soothing Staples

    cozy bedroom accents

    @rookie.renovators.2021 / Instagram

    Soften up a sage green room even further by adding all of the soothing accents—a soft pink throw blanket, petite bedside lamps, and a sheepskin throw.

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    Twice the Charm

    sage green kids room

    @our.1930s.semi / Instagram

    How adorable is this sage green bedroom for two? Yellows, oranges, and reds make for excellent complementary colors in a kid-friendly space.

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    Subtle Accessories

    sage green boho bedroom

    @lucys_hillside_house / Instagram

    This sage green primary bedroom features plenty of subtle boho-style touches in the form of rattan pendant lights, an oversized plant, and touches of cane.

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    Faux Built-Ins

    sage green cabinets

    @restoringlansdowne / Instagram

    If you love a color, why not use it wherever possible? This bedroom features painted cabinets that match the room's accent wall and thus appear built-in.

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    Small But Stunning

    sage green small room

    @number_nineteen_hanbury / Instagram

    Even the smallest of sleep spaces will look gorgeous with a pop of paint. Just because your bedroom lacks square footage doesn't mean that it isn't deserving of a stylish makeover.

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    Natural Elements

    nature themed bedroom

    @renovating_cartrefle / Instagram

    If you're looking to incorporate a bit of a nature theme into your bedroom, sage green is an excellent color to begin with. Here, plants and bird prints fit right in.

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    Bold Boho Bliss

    pink comforter and sage green walls

    @sandramade / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to go bold and choose a contrasting color when it comes to bedding. This pinkish-orange comforter pops and adds a boho touch to this simple yet charming bedroom.

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    Moody Hues

    gray and green and black bedroom

    @thehousewemarriedin / Instagram

    Experimenting with a mixture of black, gray, and green is also an excellent direction in which to go. By no means are darker shades off limits in the bedroom.

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    Textural Touches

    seagrass pillow and green walls

    @spotted_onwatlingstreet / Instagram

    Have fun with texture! A seagrass pillow adds just a bit of coastal flair to this bedroom and breaks up the green and white color scheme.

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    Rockin' Rust

    rust orange curtains and sage walls

    @kis.kis.flat / Instagram

    When it comes to choosing curtains, there's no reason to go the bland route. Continue to showcase your personality by selecting a hue that represents you. A rusty orange is always a stylish, bold choice.

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    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    round mirror above bed

    @itsjustahouse / Instagram

    Not sure what to hang above your bed? A mirror is always an excellent choice. A round piece will shine in a space filled with mostly rectangular furniture.

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    Peachy Picks

    rust pillows and sage walls

    @stowflat / Instagram

    Once again, we see peachy, rust-colored accents at play. They add such a richness to a mostly sage space!

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    Cabin Cozy

    cabin-like shaped bedroom

    @asharpefamilyhome / Instagram

    Make it cozy! Take advantage of a uniquely shaped bedroom and coat the walls—or at least some of them—with a pretty paint. This sleep nook looks gives us all the cabin-like vibes.

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    Antique Accents

    sage green with antique style

    @tay.reyn.interiors / Instagram

    Antique lovers, this one is for you. A comfy quilt and some charming accessories are all you need to bring your bedroom back to simpler times.

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    Navy and Gray

    sage green

    @ournorthernnest / Instagram

    A mix of navy and gray tones complement the sage green walls in this room wonderfully. To add intrigue, consider hanging a small pendant light to the side of the bed; this rattan fixture practically doubles as artwork.

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    Wonderful Wood Piece

    wooden furniture and green walls

    @thegranitecityhome / Instagram

    If you have a wooden vintage piece that you're looking to showcase, placing it against a sage green wall will really make it pop. This small but mighty nightstand looks absolutely fantastic in the bedroom shown here.

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    A Bit of Art

    sage green walls and art

    @foak_house / Instagram

    Let those walls really do the talking by leaning art against them rather than pounding in nail holes! A large framed piece will still add plenty of extravagance and drama.