18 Kitchens With Sage Green Cabinets You'll Want to Copy

sage green lower kitchen cabinets

Tamara Flanagan Photography for Bees Knees Design

Whether you're designing a kitchen from scratch or are just looking to paint your cabinets a new color for a bit of a refresh, why not embrace sage green? This beautiful hue is having a major moment in kitchens across the globe, and it's easy to see why. The color is cheerful, welcoming, and plays nicely with a number of hardware styles and accents, after all! We're sharing 18 kitchens with sage green cabinets that we can't stop admiring, and we're sure that they'll capture your attention, too.

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    Two-Toned Delight

    two-toned cabinets

    @nish.edesign / Instagram

    Classic white plus sage green equals the best of both worlds! This two-toned setup is modern and eye-catching. A geometric backsplash adds even more oomph to this fabulous kitchen.

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    Serene Space

    sage green kitchen

    @stormbubbledesigns / Instagram

    A light sage pairs wonderfully with white accents in this charming yet subdued kitchen. Given how much time you spend prepping meals, cleaning, and performing general household tasks in the kitchen, it's certainly worthwhile to keep your space calming and serene.

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    Lower Level

    open shelving and sage cabinets

    @zoelou10 / Instagram

    This kitchen is free of upper cabinets, while the lower ones are coated in a lovely sage hue. Getting rid of upper cabinets in lieu of open shelving can be a great way to make a small kitchen feel more airy and spacious. Show off favorite coffee mugs, handmade pottery pieces, and more.

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    Quality Quartz

    sage green cabinets

    @mysagegreenkitchen / Instagram

    In this sage green kitchen, quartz countertops pair wonderfully with the muted green shade. By keeping countertop clutter to a minimum, you'll be able to really enjoy the beauty of this luxe finish.

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    Green Galore

    sage green kitchen

    @katie_at_the_cresent_ / Instagram

    Sage green cabinets aren't the only green thing in this sunny kitchen—there are vines, plants, and flowers galore, too. Use the color green as a starting point to introduce natural touches like these into your own space. If you go for fake plants instead, that's fine, too—there are many convincing faux bouquets on the market that are ideal for those who aren't home as often.

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    Rustic Touch

    sage green cabinets

    @spire.cottage / Instagram

    Wood countertops also look gorgeous paired with sage green cabinetry for a more rustic look. If you love farmhouse or cottage style, this may be the look for you.

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    Cool Contrast

    sage green cabinet

    @cassioart / Instagram

    A small section of cabinets in this kitchen makes for the ideal tea or coffee bar. Sage green once again shines in this space, and deep black hardware really pops against the muted shade. If your coffee equipment isn't as aesthetically pleasing, you could always place essentials inside small woven baskets for a more streamlined look.

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    Sleek Pulls

    sage green cabinets with gold pulls

    @paigeinproperty / Instagram

    Cabinet hardware may seem like a small detail, but it can really add so much personality to a kitchen. These contemporary gold pulls are sleek and sophisticated while still being large enough to easily grab while running around prepping meals.

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    Bit by Bit

    sage green cabinets

    @handgatheredhome / Instagram

    If you're just beginning to experiment with a new color and are unsure how much you'd like to introduce it into your kitchen, starting with just the upper or lower cabinetry can be an excellent place to begin. Here, the bottom cabinets in this kitchen are painted sage green, and they look ultra charming alongside the white upper cabinets.

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    Nice and Bright

    sage green kitchen

    @athomewiththebones / Instagram

    Sage green cabinets look right at home in this bright kitchen with massive skylights. Sage green is a great way to keep a space looking nice and fresh while still veering away from plain white, if you find that color to be too stark for your taste. Once again, opting out of upper cabinetry can also make a space feel more expansive.

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    Pretty Pairing

    sage green cabinets

    @makingahomeat101 / Instagram

    Green cabinets and a green wall make for a happy pair. Note that sage looks stunning with other colors within the green family, so don't be afraid to pair it with deeper shades in other parts of the kitchen, as this space exemplifies. Have fun introducing emerald, eucalyptus, seafoam... the list goes on.

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    A Little Camouflage

    all sage green kitchen

    @ourrubinyewdale / Instagram

    This kitchen features sage green from floor to ceiling. If your space is ultra mod and features a sleek fridge/freezer combo that is stored behind a cabinet-like front, you can even paint those doors for a fully uniform look. We bet most of your guests will be shocked that these doors are even hiding appliances to begin with.

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    Crafty Ideas

    sage green and wood cabinets

    @our_house_on_fox_lane / Instagram

    Get crafty with your open shelving; note that it doesn't have to be displayed in a straight line. These curved, L-shaped shelves offer even more storage and could even be painted in the same green hue as the cabinets for even more sage fun.

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    All the Way Up

    sage green cabinets with storage

    @cottageharborhomes / Instagram

    The tops of your cabinets provide valuable storage. If you're in a small space or just need a little more room for miscellaneous kitchen items that don't fit behind doors, don't be afraid to go this route. Bonus points if you display items that complement your sage green cabinetry.

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    Cute and Classic

    green and gold hardware

    @kathleenanndesign / Instagram

    Sometimes simple is best! Minimalistic brass knobs shine on these sage green kitchen cabinets. And it's no surprise: Green and gold is always a magical, fool proof combo, after all.

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    Keep the Party Going

    sage green hallway cabinets

    Tamara Flanagan Photography for Bees Knees Design

    If you love sage green in the kitchen, don't be afraid to use it again in an accompanying hallway, as we see here. The more of the hue, the merrier! (Plus, this is a great way to use up any extra paint).

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    Play Off Your Floor

    sage green and tile flooring

    @homeatnumberthree / Instagram

    If your kitchen floor has a fun geometric tiled pattern, choose a cabinet color that will play nicely with the existing hues down below.

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    Or Pick Complementary Wallpaper

    sage green and wallpaper

    @emilywunderdesign / Instagram

    These sage green cabinets look delightful paired with a peppy wallpaper print. Your kitchen should be a place you enjoy spending time in day in and day out, so if that means introducing some bold patterns that will be sure to make you smile, by all means, go for it! You can easily achieve this look in a rental by opting for removable, peel and stick wallpaper, if you wish.