21 Sage Green Kitchens That Are Trendy Yet Timeless

sage green kitchen

Murphy Maude Interiors 

Why not add some sage to your kitchen? No, not the spice—the color! Sage green is incredibly popular at the moment and is making its appearance on kitchen walls, cabinet doors, and beyond.

And designers are majorly loving the hue, too. "Shades of green, especially sage, are great to use in the kitchen, as they allow for creative expression that doesn't overpower the space," says designer Leslie Murphy, creative director and owner of Murphy Maude Interiors. "It's such a versatile color that can be used with either warm or cool tones to create totally different atmospheres depending on your style. I like to pair sage with wood and brown tones to create a light and airy space for a nature-inspired look that brings the outdoors in."

Below, we're showcasing 21 gorgeous sage green kitchens from across the internet; maybe you'll just be inspired to jump on the bandwagon and introduce the color into your space, too.

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    Paint the Island

    sage green island

    @burcharddesignco / Instagram

    If you have a wooden kitchen island, why not paint it for some extra flair? This green, while slightly different from the green used on the nearby cabinets, is ultra fresh and cheerful—exactly the mood we need when spending long hours meal prepping!

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    Take to the Paneling

    sage green kitchens

    @fiddlingwithfussy / Instagram

    Paneled walls are stunning on their own, but they look even more beautiful when painted. This kitchen organization station is nice and polished with a coat of sage green.

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    Pair Sage and Wood

    sage green kitchens

    @our_renovation_house / Instagram

    Sage green cabinets pair wonderfully with wooden countertops for a farmhouse inspired look in this kitchen.

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    Grab Green Appliances

    sage green kitchens

    @vintique_homeware / Instagram

    Love green? This kitchen features light sage walls, of course, but why not take things a step further by picking out appliances that bear the hue? They'll make your kitchen look even more cohesive, and plus, they may even make everyday routines feel a bit more fun.

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    Try This Sleek Setup

    sage green kitchens

    @hemma_interiors / Instagram

    Gone are the days of bulky, strangely colored appliances and in are sleek, ultra functional fridges and freezers in majorly on-trend hues. We love this sage green system that blends in with the kitchen cabinets perfectly.

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    Keep the Walls Bare

    sage green kitchens

    @the_johnson_residence / Instagram

    With walls as pretty as these sage green beauties, there's no need to hang art or decor if that's not your style. Minimalists may enjoy choosing a favorite paint color and letting it be—and we personally think sage is an unbeatable option.

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    Mix and Match With Bold Colors

    sage green kitchens

    @myterracebythesea / Instagram

    On the other hand, maximalists will love working all of the color and pattern into their cooking space! For a bold touch, why not add a sage green accent wall? This one really pops against the bold cabinetry.

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    Don't Neglect the Under-Island Area

    sage green kitchens

    @loves_leeds_homes / Instagram

    If you're repainting the kitchen, don't stop at just the cabinets—here, sage green paint under the island adds a special touch. It's all in the details!

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    Go Dramatic

    sage green kitchens

    @natasha.schue / Instagram

    Yes, you can love sage green and be majorly into more dramatic decor, too! Note how nicely sage green pairs with black seating. This combo is the best of both worlds.

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    Add Charming Cottage Flair

    sage green kitchen

    @simplypaintedwhite / Instagram

    Bring cozy cottage style to your kitchen with a dose of sage green as we see here. The color pairs wonderfully with simple whites and off-whites for a charming, country-inspired look.

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    Embrace the Best of Both Worlds

    sage green kitchens

    @kdrege / Instagram

    If you're not ready to go all in with sage, painting just the bottom cabinets in the kitchen can still make a major impact. Just make sure that the top cabinets are painted in a color that pairs nicely with the hue. White, as seen here is an excellent choice, as is gray or light blue, to name a few other picks.

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    Don't Forget a Wreath

    white wreath

    @athomewiththebarrs / Instagram

    A beautiful white wreath is the perfect accent piece for this lovely sage cabinet. Wreaths, regardless of the season, always make for simple yet cheerful pieces of kitchen decor.

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    Let the Sun Shine In

    sage green kitchen

    @jasmineathome / Instagram

    This sunny kitchen is painted a soft shade of sage green for an ultra calming, all natural touch.

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    Include Natural Elements

    sage green kitchens

    @lifestyleby_mari / Instagram

    While this kitchen design is nice and mod, wooden stools add a storied, vintage touch to the space. Plus, they bring in a touch of nature to this already green-filled space. If you're a woodworker, you could even DIY stools like these all on your own.

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    Try an Accent Wall

    sage green kitchens

    @j_j_firsthome / Instagram

    If you're unable to alter your kitchen cabinets, there are still plenty of ways to bring sage green into your cooking space. We love the idea of adding a sage green accent wall to the breakfast nook, for example.

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    Tile Time

    sage kitchens

    @mommylovesdecoart / Instagram

    This little kitchen nook is made even sweeter with the addition of a tiled wall behind it. The light browns of the tiles pair wonderfully with this soft sage.

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    Pretty Pattern

    sage kitchens

    @chelseaevansdesigns / Instagram

    If your cabinet doors feature a bit of pattern like the ones shown above, paint will only make them pop more. A simple sage green hue adds lots of oomph to this mod kitchen.

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    MCM Moment

    sage kitchens

    @chelsealincoln86 / Instagram

    Leather stools look nice and sleek pulled up underneath this sage green island. If you love midcentury modern style, leather or faux leather furniture (yes, even in the kitchen!) is always the answer.

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    Golden Glam

    sage kitchen with gold accents

    @orangehousereno / Instagram

    Illuminate your sage green kitchen with lighting that is way more exciting than your standard builder grade fixture. The gold in this contemporary chandelier looks excellent alongside the green hue. A simple upgrade like this can really make all the difference in a space.

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    Terrific Tiles

    sage tile kitchen walls

    @rittika_ariyonainterior / Instagram

    Sage tiles add a European touch to this kitchen and are extremely elegant. If you're a renter, you can always look for removable tiling to get the same sort of look for less.

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    Sage Seating

    sage kitchens

    @honesthavendesign / Instagram

    Paint a dining bench sage green to match your cabinets and pull it on over to your breakfast nook to add some color there, too. Whether you opt for a piece with storage or go for a plain wooden bench that you jazz up using your DIY skills, you can't go wrong!