10 Things Every Sagittarius Needs To Know Before You Decorate Your Home

White bedroom with abstract art

SHOP SLO / Unsplash

Decorating your home can be an exciting experience, and is typically considered the most part of having a space to call your own! That being said, we all have our own preferences and styles that reflect who we are. While some signs are well-known to have strong decorating tastes, it can be a bit of a different experience for others: most notably the free-spirited, on the go Sagittarius. 

Maybe you have so many ideas in your head that you’re not sure where to start, or you just haven’t given too much thought on how to decorate your space at all. You might wonder how much decorating your home matters at the end of the day but you shouldn’t let your creative, unique style collect dust in the corner of your mind. Take a took at these 10 things that every Sagittarius should keep in mind as they decorate their home!

  1. Less is more.

    Let’s be honest; You are a hoarder. You want to keep everything and never take the time to figure out what you need. Before you start really decorating, go through all your possessions, including those boxes in your closet you haven’t touched in ages. Is there anything you’re holding onto that you could stand to lose? 

  2. Take a look at what you have and turn it into something decorative or useful!

    Speaking of less is more, why go out and buy a ton of decor when you might have something in front of you? You’re curious and creative, so it won’t be hard to sift through your unwanted items and make them into something new and refreshing!

  3. Give yourself plenty of space.

    You don’t like to feel boxed in. You want to feel free and open, and it makes perfect sense. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of room and arrange you home as such so that you don’t feel trapped. Try and keep the layout spacious and easy to navigate.

  4. Bring the outdoors in!

    As mentioned above, you like to feel open and free. The outdoors is where you thrive, so why not incorporate it into your home? Invest in some plants to keep around you home, but try and pick ones that don’t require a ton of attention. You know you have too much going on to really fixate your efforts there.

  5. Bring in some type of organization.

    Yes, I know the very idea makes you roll your eyes, but you need it, Sag. You tend to start a lot of projects you can’t finish, and take off on a moment’s notice. Investing in simple organizational areas will help keep you in line, at least a little. Even something as simple as grabbing decorative baskets and giving them specific storage purposes will go a long way.

  6. Pick things that are personal and represent your personality. 

    You’re one of a kind, and as such, your decor should reflect it. You aren’t one to go to a brand name store and buy a painting that you know will be in a thousand other homes. So why not buy something local or something abroad and build your aesthetic around that? It will get your creative energy going and really get you involved, rather than feeling like decorating is a chore.

  7. Don’t be afraid to experiment with warm colors.

    You have a bright personality, so don’t be afraid to let it shine! If anyone can pull off a brightly colored home, it’s going to be you. You don’t have to make every item in your home a neon shade, but there is no shame in adding bright colors to show off your sunny disposition. Plus, the warm shades can make a space feel larger than it is, which for you is only a bonus!

  8. Think about renting your place out to others, and use it to inspire your decor!

    Maybe trying to decorate is a bit overwhelming for you because you don’t know where to start. You’re a traveler by nature- so it wouldn’t be crazy for you rent out your space to other people while you’re gone. So use it as inspiration on how to decorate! Maybe you want to play around with styles or maybe you want to be a little eccentric; Go for it! People love to see a unique aesthetic created in the places they stay, and it can inspire you to really bring together all your crazy ideas into focus!

  9. Boho isn’t a bad way to go

    So maybe you’re having a little trouble with a given direction and want some help. If you can’t figure out a general theme you want to focus on, the bohemian style will likely reflect a ton of themes you see in yourself. You can play around with the idea and make it your own, but it doesn’t hurt to start somewhere!

  10. It’s okay to invest in things that help take care of themselves.

    You like to keep things simple, so investing in items that help make life easier isn’t a bad route to take. Whether you decide to pick out some smart devices or go a more old fashioned route, it can help you keep things in order even when you aren’t around.