Saint Patrick's Day Sentiments and Sayings

Finish St Patrick's Day Handmade Cards With Irish Themed Sentiments and Sayings

St Patrick's Day Sentiments
St Patrick's Day Sentiments. Kate Pullen

If you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day now's a great time to make a card to make the occasion and picking the right sentiment can make the card that little bit extra special.

There is a rich wealth of sentiments and sayings for adding to Saint Patrick's Day cards. These range from amusing proverbs through to ancient Celtic blessings. This wide selection means that there is bound to be a sentiment or saying for every style of Saint Patrick's Day card.


Choosing Sentiments for St Patrick's Day Cards

When choosing sentiments for St Patrick's Day cards it is useful to match the sentiment to the design of the card. An amusing sentiment, for instance, would work well with a cartoon leprechaun image whereas a more classic design would be effective teamed with a traditional Celtic blessing or saying.

Sometimes a sentiment or saying can act as inspiration for a St Patrick's Day card design. A Celtic cross would make a lovely design to accompany a Celtic blessing. The websites with Irish themed sentiments and sayings that are listed below could be a good source of ideas.

Finding Suitable Sentiments

There are many fantastic sources of suitable sentiments available online. There are many interesting websites that have a range of suitable sayings and sentiments for St Patrick's Day cards.


Quotations can be a good source of sentiments for handmade cards.

Many websites offer a selection of well known quotations.

  • Traditional blessings and quotes – this includes a range of suitable sentiments
  • Funny St Patrick's Day quotes – these are ideal for an amusing card
  • Drinking quotes – this page of quotes is ideal if you are looking for something a little different
  • Irish quotes – quotes that give an insight into Ireland and the Irish

Other Quotation Websites

Other websites include:

Write Your Own Gaelic Sentiments

If you fancy writing your own Gaelic sentiments or Celtic blessings, then how about using a free online translation system – Irish Gaelic Translator


Many famous singers and bands hail from Ireland. A few words or lyrics from an Irish band or singer can add a special touch to a card – particularly when it is for a fan. There are many traditional Irish folk songs and ballads and these can also be good for use in handmade St Patrick's Day cards. These range from traditional Irish drinking songs to gentle ballads.

Some places to look for inspiration include:

  • Ireland Information – lyrics for many traditional Irish songs
  • Eire First – lyrics to 391 Irish themed songs
  • The Balladeers – a wide range of Irish ballad lyrics

Writing Sentiments in Cards

Hand writing sentiments in cards gives a very personal finish to a card, however, there are very few people who really like their own handwriting!

When writing a sentiment in a handmade St Patrick's Day card, however, it is important to remember that the recipient won't be judging the neatness of the handwriting. It is the thought and words that matter, not perfectly scripted writing.

Here are some tips to help make the most of even the most scrawly handwriting:

  • Use a good quality pen! No handwriting will look good when written in a blotchy ball point pen. A pen that gives a smooth consistent flow will help to give a good finished effect.
  • Write slowly and evenly. Some people rush their writing and this can result in uneven letters. A slow writing rhythm will help to produce neat letters.
  • Write naturally! There are lovely fancy handwriting styles, from intricate script through to funky styles. Unless someone is keen on calligraphy, simply writing in your own natural style is likely to produce better results than trying something new in a card. If you want to try a new style, practice on scrap paper first.
  • Use a green pen to follow the Irish theme through the card.

A few hand written words will complement a hand stamped St Patrick's Day card and the recipient will be delighted to receive the card even if the handwriting isn't perfect!

Printing Sentiments

Printing is a quick and easy way to produce sentiments to go inside handmade cards. This is a great opportunity to stylize the words, perhaps by finding an unusual font or printing in colors that match the inks and style of the rubber stamped image. Green ink would follow the Irish theme and traditional fonts look great with classic sentiments.

The quotations can be used as an insert to the card or simply cut out and attached to the inside of the card. Make this blend into the overall design by drawing a border around the quote using a complementary colored pen. When printing a quotation, try to put several quotations onto a page to save on paper. See Printing Text to Use in Rubber Stamping Projects for more information about printing text to use in a handmade card.