Saje Introduces Cleaning Kits Powered By Essential Oils

Just in time for spring cleaning.

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Saje home cleaning kits in kitchen.

Courtesy of Saje

Spring cleaning season is upon us—it's the perfect time of year to start sprucing up our spaces and cleaning the nook and crannies that went unnoticed throughout the winter. But, if harsh or foul-scented cleaning products just don't get you excited to tidy your space, look no further. Natural wellness and essential oil brand Saje just launched a product that's the perfect solution: natural cleaning products powered by sweet-smelling essential oils.

Saje is offering several different cleaning kits, all of which feature 100% natural and plant-powered products, notably with better-for-the-planet refillable packaging. Saje notes that the cleaning line is structured to be better for the Earth, with biodegradable cleaning extracts and plant-powered ingredients that all have different cleaning and disinfecting properties.

Fun Fact

Nautral cleaning solutions have gained a ton of traction in the past few years as consumers look for gentler products to spread throughout their homes, free of harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, and artificial fragrance. Such ingredients can cause irritation of the eyes or throat, headaches, and other potential health problems.

There is a system specialized for different spaces of the home: one for multi-surface, one for the bathroom, and one for glass and mirror cleaning. Below, check out the properties of each cleaning kit, and finally snag a cleaning product that makes the chore a little less laborious.

Saje Multi-Surface Cleaning Kit

The Multi-Surface Cleaning Kit contains high-quality essential oils that boast cleaning and disinfecting properties, all encapsulated in an amber spray bottle chic enough to keep on your counter. It's also designed to be refillable, an eco-friendly setup that helps reduce waste.

There are two scents to choose from for the Multi-Surface Kit—Eucalyptus & Black Spruce and Lemon & Grapefruit—both of which will leave your home looking and smelling amazing.

Saje Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Saje notes that the Bathroom Cleaning Kit, which contains tea tree and lemon oils, is formulated to deep clean and disinfect with ease, removing dirt, grime, and soap scum. This solution works on all bathroom surfaces, from tubs and showers to toilets and countertops.

Saje Glass and Mirror Cleaning Kit

This essential oil formulation delivers a deep clean across multiple glass and mirrored surfaces in the home, as well as glass stovetops, stainless steel, and ceramic. The solution is powered by grapefruit and palmarosa oils, leaving glass streak-free and shining.

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