Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer Review

From soiled sports apparel to frilly delicates—this machine delivers

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Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer

Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer

 The Spruce / Nathan Borchelt 

What We Like
  • Can clean absolutely anything

  • Logically organized pre-set cycles and a full range of manual controls

  • AddWash feature allows you to drop in additional laundry mid-cycle

  • Near-silent operation

  • Doesn’t rattle, shake, or move during spin cycle

What We Don't Like
  • Connecting the washer to home router is challenging

  • SmartHome app integration could use improvement

  • Expensive compared to other front-load models

Bottom Line

With high drum capacity, nearly silent and shake-free operation, and a host of presets, the Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer can tackle anything your hamper throws at it. If you’re most excited about the Wi-Fi integration, though, you can probably find a better option.


Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer

Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer

 The Spruce / Nathan Borchelt 

We purchased the Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer so our expert reviewer could put it to the test on his dirtiest clothing. Keep reading for our full product review.

You know you’re solidly on the path to adulthood when you get excited about dropping $1,000 on a washing machine. Even spendthrifts—those who may decide to air-dry everything rather than pay for a dryer—will agree that the appliance is a game-changer. We recently took Samsung’s WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer for a spin, and it delivered pretty much everything we could ever want or need—an approachable price point, a host of cycle presets, solid capacity for big loads, and even a pleasing design aesthetic. The only miss? Wi-Fi connectivity that’s so spotty, it nearly threw our dream of wireless home appliances out the window. 

Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer
The Spruce / Nathan Borchelt 

Setup Process: Mostly straightforward  

Free delivery and installation are typically included in the price of most appliances (as is removal of your old washer). Just be sure you walk the access point to assure that the machine can fit; at 27 inches wide, this machine is the same size as most conventional 4.5-cubic-foot washers. You’ll also want to make sure the location of your future washer has easy access to a grounded 110-volt three-prong outlet as well as your hot and cold water lines. FYI: You’ll need to buy a new hose set-up (sold separately) that’ll let the installers connect the unit to the water system. Most configurations run the water out of the machine into a utility or laundry sink through a gray coiled hose that’s zip-lined in place, save for those who also have a dedicated drain as part of the house’s water network.

All of these factors considered ahead of time, we had no problem when it came to installation. Our delivery guys unboxed the washer on the truck, walked it through our backyard, down our narrow basement steps, and had it set up in less than 20 minutes. After it was installed, we ran the calibration program which ensured accurate weight detection by the washer. Then, basic washing functionality was as simple as press and play.

The app insisted that it couldn’t find our router, even when we were holding our phone right next to it.

Of course, Samsung’s washer features Wi-Fi connectivity, so you’ll likely want to get that up and running as well. First, you’ll need to buy an additional accessory—the Samsung Smart Home Adaptor—and make sure it’s the one for appliances, not smart TVs. This dongle-like accessory gets placed into the adaptor port. Once it’s placed you can download the Samsung SmartHome app (available for iOS and Android). To date, customer reviews for both the dongle and app have been less than glowing, and after our experience, it was easy to see why. 

First, you need to create a Samsung account, which is surprisingly more involved than it should be. Then, once you’ve logged into the app, you add the device. If the tech gods smile upon you, this step will go over seamlessly. But, in our limited experience trying to get this to work, it was a fruitless exercise. The app insisted that it couldn’t find our router, even when we were holding our phone right next to it. A router extender might’ve been able to solve this issue, but tests of the Wi-Fi on our laptop and tablet—even when standing next to the washer in the basement—proved that the connection was plenty powerful. After troubleshooting a few times, we gave up. Syncing the machine to Wi-Fi never felt that essential to us, but if that’s the feature you’re really after, you may be better off looking for a machine that comes with reliable Wi-Fi connection right out of the box. 

Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer
The Spruce / Nathan Borchelt 

Performance: Dirt, grime, stains, and odors pull a vanishing act

In many ways, my wife and I were in the perfect position to test the Samsung Front-Load Washer this spring. We’d just purchased a three-story row house—a significant upgrade from our previous one-bedroom condo with its sad, small-capacity washing machine. Our new place wasn’t a full fixer-upper, but it did require long hours of applying and sanding plaster, yanking floor-to-ceiling mirrors off the walls, priming and painting rooms, repairing ducts in the basement, and so many other dirty jobs that we’ve blocked them out. Of course, at the same time, my wife and I had to pack up our old place. Long story short, we got our clothes really dirty, and we used practically every blanket, quilt, and towel we owned as padding for fragile items. The end result was the Everest of dirty laundry — and the Samsung handled it all. 

My first test for the Samsung was the pair of pants I wore during a day of packing, plastering, sanding, priming, painting, and crawling around in the dirt-covered crawl space under the back deck. The jeans bared so many signs of my home-owning horrors that I was ready to sacrifice them to the goddess of moving. But one load on Normal—washed with about a dozen cotton t-shirts that were in a similarly miserable state—and the garments were reborn. 

We got our clothes really dirty ... the end result was the Everest of dirty laundry—and the Samsung handled it all.

The Normal setting, designed for most fabrics including cotton and linen, is just one of 14 different presets on the Samsung. Along with Normal and Heavy Duty settings, the Samsung offers Bedding, Towels, Whites, Stain Away, Rinse+Spin, Sanitize (which heats water to 150ºF to kill bacteria), Allergen (fights irritants like dust mites), Quick Wash (just 36 minutes), and Perm Press (for synthetic fabrics). The unit also has a Deep Steam setting, which uses both steam and hot water to remove stains from heavily-soiled colorfast items.

After we got through the mountain of move-induced laundry, we also spent weeks using the washer to clean sweaty gym apparel and mine and my wife’s work clothes. We used the Rinse+Spin cycle to clean our shower curtain liner, and the Quick Wash setting for a speedy change of clothes before a dinner out because everything else was still packed away. Even with delicate items like bras and fragile fabrics like merino wool, the Samsung performed impeccably. 

The front-load washer’s 4.5-cubic-foot capacity is voluminous enough to handle three sets of queen-sized bed sheets (with room to spare), and it also boasts the AddWash door, which is a smaller circular door mounted onto the main door that allows you to add items without having to reset the cycle. This solves a common Achilles heel with front-load washers, which often requires you to cancel the cycle and let the system drain before opening the main door to add things.

Even with delicate items like bras and fragile fabrics like merino wool, the Samsung performed impeccably.

Front-load washers already win points for using less water, but this model is also Energy Star-certified (which you can use to reduce your annual tax via the energy tax credit). Given its energy efficiency, be sure to only use high-efficiency detergents, which contain suppressors that reduce or eliminate suds so that the load tumbles more efficiently to maximize cleaning. HE detergents often require just half the volume of regular detergents, so they’ll save you money, too. 

Samsung WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer
 The Spruce / Nathan Borchelt

Design: Looks like it’s from the future

The Samsung comes in white or fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel; the latter option really lends an almost futuristic, space-agey vibe to the appliance. The controls stretch across the top of the machine, broken into a wide dial control to toggle through different pre-settings along with a push-button panel to the right of the dial. The various settings are controlled below the blue LED read-out panel, while the start/stop and power button sits to the far right. On the left resides the detergent drawer, which glides out smoothly and lies flush against the rest of the machine. 

The main door opens easily, with an audible “click” when properly closed, while the AddWash door sits on the upper part of the main door. With the touch of a button, the AddWash door pops open like a clamshell, so you can drop in additional laundry. The access port for the Samsung Smart Home Adaptor also lies flush with the rest of the machine, just above the controls, and pops out with relative ease.

At 227 pounds, this washer is on the heavy side—but it doesn’t rattle or move, even during the high spin sequence.

The 4.5-cubic-foot drum is on par with other washers this size, and a diamond design treats fabrics more gently than traditional cylindered models. Some items may be hard to fish out of the drum, but you can also get a pedestal (sold separately) to make accessing the inside of the drum easier. At 227 pounds, this washer is on the heavy side—but it doesn’t rattle or move, even during the high spin sequence. 

Price: Justified for most

At roughly $1,200, the Samsung front-load washer is more expensive than basic models, but on par with other smart appliances. If you are obsessively organized when you do your laundry, the ability to add items mid-cycle may feel unnecessary. But for us mortals, it’s worth the extra coin, and the machine performs admirably in all things save for its “seamless” Wi-Fi connectivity.

Competition: A matter of capacity and smart tech

LG Signature 5.8-Cubic-Foot High-Efficiency Smart Front Load Washer: If you yearn for more space, this device ups the laundry capacity by more than a cubic foot. It also offers reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless engagement via the LG app. The only thing it’s missing—in comparison to the Samsung—is the convenience of being able to add laundry mid-cycle. Just keep your budget in mind before you invest in one as this model will run you $1,800. 

Samsung WF45N5300AV 4.5-Cubic-Foot Front-Load Washer: In many ways, the Samsung WF45N5300AV is the same machine as the WF45K6500AV—just without the extra door that allows you to add laundry mid-cycle. It also ditches the promise of Wi-Fi, which seems like a modest sacrifice given Samsung’s challenge finding routers. This model will run you just $600—just half the cost of its upgraded sibling—so if you’re not wooed by unnecessary extras and just want performance, it’ll more than suffice. 

Final Verdict

It’s a winner—but be prepared to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection.

This washer operates wonderfully and with nominal noise and no movement. It conquered the Everest of laundry piles and cleaned things that we thought were too dirty to be redeemed. If you can get the Wi-Fi to connect the device to your home network, it’ll perform exactly as promised. 


  • Product Name WF45K6500AV Front-Load Washer
  • Product Brand Samsung
  • SKU 1001788101
  • Price $1199.00
  • Weight 227 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 34 x 27 x 38.75 in.
  • Color Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless and White
  • Max Spin Cycle 1300 PRMs
  • Wash Cycles 14
  • What’s Included Front-load washing machine, hoses, power cord
  • Warranty 1-year parts and labor, 1-year control board, 3-year stainless steel drum, 10-year direct drive motor