How Thrift Store Shopping Can Save Money on Home Staging Costs

decorated loft home staging ideas
Look to colorful accessories at thrift stores. via Deposit Photos

 Did you know you can save money on home staging costs by frequenting your favorite thrift and furniture consignments stores?  The cost of staging a home can get expensive if you’re trying to furnish every room in your home with the latest and trendiest home decor. Remember, staging your home isn’t just about making your home look expensive, it’s more about making your home feel and look inviting which has nothing to do with a price tag. Instead of focusing on how expensive home staging costs...MORE could be, take a look at these clever ways that thrift store shopping could save you a lot of money and time and energy!

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    Look to an Online Thrift Store when Staging your Home

    thrift store shopping bedroom
    Save money on home staging costs at the thrift shop!. via Deposit Photos

    Instead of running out to your nearest high-end furniture store when you put your house on the market, look to “ hidden gems” in the online market space. Online thrift stores, discount and clearance area of online furniture stores websites and online consignment shops are becoming increasingly popular. Walk through your home and determine what rooms are necessary to show off the best amenities of your home. Usually, the master bedroom and bathroom, the living and family room, and at least 1...MORE smaller bedroom are the essentials. If you have a smaller home think of just doing the master bedroom and the living room and opt for a side chair and side table in another room to give an idea of how furniture could be placed. Online thrift stores often offer “ one of a kind” finds that you won’t find everywhere.

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    Save Money on Home Staging Costs with Colorful Accessories

    decorated loft home staging ideas
    Look to colorful accessories at thrift stores. via Deposit Photos

    While you may think that your home should only focus on furniture it’s often the small details like colorful accessories that make all the difference in a staged home. A bookcase that only contains upright books can be boring, but by adding a few colorful vases and unique statues and colorful paperweights can add personality to the bookcase instantly. Thrift shops are the perfect place to find accessories at a lower cost and you may avoid the mass-produced decorative items you often find in big...MORE box decor stores. The same is true if you’re trying to style a formal dining room table, wouldn’t it look much better with decorative plates and dinnerware? Thrift store shopping can land you some sweet deals on vintage and modern tableware finds.

    Make sure you don't make these thrift store mistakes when shopping.

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    Keep a DIY Mind when it Comes to Thrift Store Shopping

    thrift store shopping furniture store
    Don't run out to buy high-end furniture when staging. gyn9037 via Deposit Photos

    For those of you who love to do-it-yourself, a thrift store can be a goldmine of limitless possibilities for making a DIY project.  As you look through your home determine if outdated lighting fixtures, old metals that date your house like shiny brass lighting switch plates on the wall or tarnishing metal cabinet pulls could update your staged home. Thrift stores often are a melting pot of perfectly good decorative items that people give away because the color or style no longer matches their...MORE modern homes. Visit your local home improvement store and see the amazing selection of spray paint metal finishes and colorful stains you can use on wood furniture to give a new look to those furniture pieces you love at the thrift store, but know it needs a modern twist to! The same is true for old mirrors that have an outdated frame. Spray painting or using an old wood door frame and inserting a thrift store mirror in the middle can save money and can add light and dimension to a staged room. Mirrors help make a room look larger and brighter!

    Thrift stores and even furniture consignment shops can help you save money or make money in the case of a consignment store. Consider off-loading some of your unused furniture at a consignment store to see if they can sell it for you! This will help declutter your home, but you may also find a few pieces of furniture that may modernize your home in the process. Thrift store shopping can save money on home staging costs, you just have to get in the right mindset to find the deals and bring the treasures into your staged home.